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Training Providers

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by deyago, May 13, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    I've got a couple of girly friends here at work who are keen to get their Ls. And me being me I'm encouraging the hell out of them :D .

    They asked me to suggest some training places and all I can think of is HART. Could those that have recently been through learner training please tell me where you went and what you thought of them?

    I'll pass on all info and see if they get up the courage to go. :wink:

  2. jake i am sure you could teach them about riding that is.
  3. HART (Tulla) - i did my L's there and also did the freebie 'Try-It' session before i did that. I'd highly suggest booking them all in for the Try-It session just to get them completely hooked.

    MTA (Dandy) - Did my P's test there and again can only said good things about them. To me MTA seemed alot more relaxed and down to earth about the whole matter... but maybe thats just the difference between a Hoondah Training centre and an 'Academy' ;)

    Also, im not sure which one Tones works with (is involved with) but i've only heard good things about them aswell.
  4. First lesson ladies, who's your Daddy? :LOL:

    What does MTA stand for Koma? Do you have their contact details?
  5. Have always heard good reports about hart BUT have also heard they dont let anything slide either . No room for any slight errors.
    Or u can send them to my place saturday mornings for a 9 am oral induction , then when they have mastered that will get to hands on .
  6. Motorcycle Training Academy (Dandenong)

    "10% off all training courses

    Motorcycle Training Academy

    29 - 31 Princes Hwy
    Doveton Vic 3177

    Phone: (03) 9706 9733
    http://www.motorcycletraining.com.au/ "

    So if you sign them up with Netrider they get the discount. ;)
    That was taken from the Netrider partners page.
    Oh and the one that Tones works with i think is RideTek... could be wrong though.
  7. This is were tones works or turns up any way

    http://www.ridetek.com.au/index.htm or call them on (03)9701 7304 or 0414 331 037
  8. I did my L's at Motorcycle Motion at Moorabbin, they were fine, and I know 2 mates who also did theirs there as well.

    I did my licence course at HART at Kilsyth, they were also fine.
  9. There's also Stay Upright in Hoppers Crossing. Never been there but Monty reckons they're pretty good.
  10. I did my 'L's with HART in Tulla.

    They were pretty good.
  11. I did my L's and P's at Armstrong Riding School.


    They are fantastic.......the admin staff very friendly.....and stern instructors, but yet, they didn't give me any feelings that just because I'm a girl, I am less capable....they treat me just like the boys.....maybe just a touch softer on the girls, I get to be pillion with the instructor to see exactly how to do it RIGHT....*shrug*
  12. Try to explain to them that Scooters are only 1/10th the fun of a real motorbike. If they still don't get it... try and paint the picture something along the lines of the Ducati advertisments; ie. poser-boys in leather pants... i've found that usually gets them drooling.

    On the other hand, if their the power trip type... encourage THEM to get some hawt leathers to make all the guys drool. That and a hawt sports bike gets most guys pulses racing even if they don't know bikes. :D :D :D

    edit: Then bring them along for a critique session with the Netrider NIPPLES.
  13. Oh, someone we know? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. LOL... well im sure thats in the back of her mind, but not who i was actually referring to in THIS instance. ;)
  15. hmmmm....You just wait Craigy....lol

    Yes I am involved with Ridetek. I would recommend to use any provider that supports Netrider (as per mouth's post). :D

  16. I've noticed some girls take a liking to the vibrations produced by V-twins, doubt you'll get a similar response on a scooter. :D
  17. Matt232 - sorta like "get something red, hot and throbbing between your legs.....ride a honda"......lmao
  18. im doing mine tomorrow at Armstrongs

    apparently it is the only place that teaches u counterteering on your L's and countersteering can save your life

    wish me luck :)