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training H.A.R.T and some other questions:P

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by lobo, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. hello

    lil noob here:)

    just wondering if anyone has got there learners from H.A.R.T(Honda Australian Rider training) ?

    also buying a bike is hell, i'm in melb and i swear i'm having no luck at all.
    well a lil i guess i went to sumoto with cash but pretty much everything was sold out.
    There website is rubbish, i had to go there when i saw it http://sumotoworldof250s.bikepoint....otoworldof250sAU/tabID__0/DesktopDefault.aspx
    guess they don't update it
    (dunno how to hotlink)

    Been up and down Elizibeth st in the CBD too many times and havn't found much.
    Theres a place in lilydale called"recycled motor cycles" that i might check out,anyone been there?
    its a long way away from were i live. I'm about to give up and go trading post/just bikes/bikesale with my very limited knowledge of bikes doh

    looking for CBR
  2. Welcome oh noob :)

    First Q.

    What is your budget?

    Second Q. see first Q.
  3. 6k on bike and another 1k-1.5k for gear.
  4. Have a look at your "Private message" box
  5. thanks for the info John
    can't message until i got 5 posts
  6. no probs you've got 2 more to go:)
  7. I did both Ls and Ps at HART, in Sydney. They were great!

    If you could stretch your budget just a tiny bit further (or skimp on the gear, but I fear to even suggest such a thing) you could almost afford a brand-new bike...
  8. i did my l's through HART in tulla.. they were very good.. professional, and they take their time to help you out where you need it.. instructors seem friendly enough except for one tall guy.. but it was sunday afternoon so im guessing he was hungover and pissed off about being there.. i know i was.. they were great.. but if you go to the tulla one, take food with you.. they provide coffee, but thats about it and the only place with food close by is a 7/11.

    oh yeah.. stay clear of sumoto.. they are crap. have a couple of bad news stories.. i actually think there is a thread in here somewhere dedicated to them about how shyte they are..

    i got the accross through the trading post.. seems to be a great seasion for buying 250's here in melb.. cause every time i went to look at one it was sold.. keep looking man.. one will come up.
  9. Hart in tulla is awesome. I would never recommend anybody else. I had never riden a bike before i went there, and now look at me.. Hmmm love my 12.. And as for sumoto, would not be high on my shopping list. Get on bikepoint, bikesales and trading post, you will be sure to find a great bike with your budget. And if you need someone to go with you, i am sure anyone of us would be more than willing to help you out.. also have you considered one of these??http://www.hyosungmotors.com.au/GT250.html
  10. You can respond to PM's received, just not originate new PM's until you have 5 posts.
  11. Defenatly recomend HART tulla for learners, the guys that i had were really nice and made everyone feel more confident just because of their positive attitudes.

    There are heaps of threads you can search for about sumoto, i really suggest you read some of them before you buy a bike they helped me from making a big mistake when i was looking for mine.

    Also if you want a discount on your learners course you could become a member here and get it at MTA where they offer a discount for netrider members (I did me pre-learners there and the lady who took us was a really good instructor too)
  12. Good report here for HART at Tulla. Don't know about other places but they do (or did) give a discount on the licence course if you did your L's there.

    Good luck

  13. unless you were born with a silver spoo, y waste $6k
    on a bike that youre going to get rid of later?
  14. ive got no idea how sumoto stay in business. i guess they just rope in 1st timers with no prior bike experience. i think its worthwhile for noobs should get involved in the community 1st then get a bike rather the other way around.
  15. Correct. The ones who know no better.
  16. i guess not everyone have the advantage of knowing about a place like this.. i went in there looking before i saw this place (and another bike forum i wont spam) both turned me away from the place.. otherwise, they offer a great service on the face of it.. every bike is legal for you to ride, you can choose your colour, and they now give you $700 package.. which includes a free helmet and glove or something like.. exactly what i was looking for when i was just starting out..
    it looked too good to be true.. and it was. i got a mate who brought a CBR from there and they screwed him 6 ways from sunday.
  17. i'm back hehe
    the ER 5 isn't really what i'm lookin for,jubuntu i can only get the picture of the speedo to load:/

    cool i proberly need the extra help :) the training is at the tullamarine one,its a gift certificate so i can't go anyplace else.

    last time i was on a bike was awhile ago now(6-7 years ago) age 16 was up in deniliquin on a 125cc dirt tried to jump a irrigation channel but ended up collecting the fence with my back wheel,bike was ontop of me for agood 2 hours before help came.

    anyway thx for all the help