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training does work

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by twistngo, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. last weekend I went on the instructed ride in the yarra ranges. one of the flaws they pointed out was my entry wasn't wide enough and I wasn't turning hard enough on right handers. today I went out to practice. first blind right hander. out wide. kick it in. there's a great f&^*ing truck with a bulldozer on a trailer taking up most of the road including my usual line. cause I was wide and done most of the turning I could stand it up and get past. bit further along. another right hander. bunch of bicycles coming the other way. out wide. kick it in. there's not one but two f%$^ing 4 wheel drives coming around the bunch of bikes taking up a fair whack of my side of the road. again cause I done most of the turning I could stand it up and get past. thanks carl!

  2. Well Done !
    Great hearing stories where training comes in to practical use, especially when a potential disaster is averted. :wink:
  3. Good to hear. The obsession newbies have with apices is fraught with danger.