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Training Books/DVD's?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wilson, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Keith Code's Training Books/DVD's?

    Hi Guys,

    After doing some research, reading and practice on proper cornering technique I have decided to seek more information and knowledge on this issue. I have just watched Keith Code's a twist of the wrist 2 dvd and was able to pull some decent information out of the junk and have decided to buy the book.

    I have also seen some of his newer books, Soft Science of Road Racing Motor Cycles http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Soft-Science-Road-Racing-Motor-Keith-Code-NEW-BOOK-/260768378816?pt=AU_Non_Fiction_Books_2&hash=item3cb701afc0 and Performance Riding Techniques: The MotoGP Manual of Track Riding Skills http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Performance-Riding-Techniques-Mo-Code-Keith-New-/300544141916?pt=UK_Books_maps_GL&hash=item45f9d3aa5c, this one being more focused on racing though.

    Has anyone got or had experience with these books, thoughts?

    Also is there any other dvds based on training in these areas?

  2. the one with Andy Ibbott is a ripper. very race focused but a lot of good stuff in it.

    other one I like are

    (might be a bit basic for some)

    (very good)

    (good but I think he's the guy keith code developed the no bs bike to shut up.)

    if you are a student of riding

    (like being back at school. hard to read and not for everyone. but if you can follow it ....)
  3. I've got 'Ride like a Pro' and about to get 'Ride like a Pro V', they are good

    Also, A twist of the wrist I and II, but they are kinda textbook things
  4. DVD of twist of the wrist 2... Awesome stuff :)
  5. Thanks Guys,

    Those books twistngo posted seem good and exactly what I'm looking for, just downloaded ride like a pro V and had a flick through but seems a bit cruiser orientated and a little basic, but I'll have a decent look though later.