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Training Accidents

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by crinkelcut_chip, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone, today I went to do my license course at a training facility I'll not name.

    But during the full day P's course.. there were 2 "incidents"
    1 of which ended up in with the person having multiple broken ribs, the other got away with a sore shoulder and a bit shaken up... (which was amazing because he went down with such style)..

    So I'm just wondering what everyone else has experienced with there training.. is this type of accident ratio common.. 2 accidents with 10 students ?

    And this was not a L's course.. these people were already on the road...


    ps. I passed
  2. im assuming u saw what happened?
    would you like to explain what exactly occured?
    what were the conditions at the place? (rain, any gravel, personal bike or loan etc)

    i did my Ls & Ps with HART, not a single incident occured.

    good to hear you passed :)
  3. Jeez :shock: They're pretty bad odds. With q-ride I went with complete newbies who'd never ridden before and we were on the road by the end of the first day without incident....these people already had their license you say? Oh well...sounds like they were at the right place :p
  4. no super stakes on mine... just one girl who kept target fixating on the kerb and had ultra slow drops as she had trouble with the weight of the bike. This was an L's course, to make matters worse, her husband and all his friends road Harley's, and when the course was due to finish, i.e. when the practical tests were being done, they all rocked up and watched... poor girl only just passed as she was nervous as all hell.
  5. crikey

    doesnt sound good, must have been on the road ride cos i cant remember ever getting out of second on the P's course

    nothing like that for me although at my P's course we did have a laugh at the guy who turned up to do his L's in shorts and got sent packing by the instructor
  6. When i did my L's there were 5 others and only one drop at the end of a emergency stop.
  7. There were several accidents at my P's, mostly slow ride drops, one during the actual testing.

    Some other riders at my P's were, frankly, dangerous and imho should not be on the road (without further exp etc), although they passed the requirements of the test.

    I was surprised there were not more accidents, the Instructors put alot of faith in the widely varying skills of the people wandering in, there must be some really tough days for them.
  8. Damn. That's terrible!

    Then again, I just dropped my bike this weekend after 20 years of riding, so I should shut the f*#k up.

  9. Don't have to be going fast to get injured. At the doctors the other day there was a woman who'd had her foot slip while she was parking the bike, lost balance, dropped the bike and crushed her foot underneath it.

    Know someone who has a low speed fall coming out of a driveway and his pillion broke her arm.

    Had a teacher at school who was doing 5 km/h in pit lane when he lost balance, falling and shattering his arm.

    The actual damage of the initial impact with the ground when coming of a bike doesn't matter how fast you're travelling. You still fall the same distance with the same potential weight of the bike on top of you. The speed only matters in terms of abrasion from sliding along or if something else stops you suddenly.

    Although it didn't happen on my Ps test I could imagine people dropping their bike doing slow speed stuff, under a stressful situation. I saw the stress of the test make people stuff up things that they'd been doing right all day, like locking both wheels up and go sliding through all the lines on the emergency stop when they'd been stopping in half the required distance all day. Don't forget it's harder to ride a bike slow than fast, a bike at any reasonable speed will stay up on it's own, at Ps course speeds the rider has to keep it up.
  10. Ok, first of all the course was in VIC.. things are a little different in other states but here, you do a skills course in a closed range where you learn to control the bike, you do a written test and then you get your L's. This lets you ride on the road by yourself.

    Then you have to get your P's.. which is what today was for, the test is also done in a closed range.

    -Everyone was on loaned CBF250's.. we didn't have a choice they don't let you use your own bike at this place.

    -The surface was in good condition, no oil, it was still very slightly damp from the mornings drizzle.

    Yes I did see both accidents.. but you know how they are you aren't looking for them, it all happens very fast.

    1) They got us to do this rather odd (i thought so at least) task.. they put out a long plank of wood.. maybe 10 meters long.. about 20cm's wide and about 2cm's thick. It had a ramped edge at both ends. What we had to to was ride up one end ride along the plank without falling off and ride off... I think the idea of the exercise was to force us to look where we are going instead of on the ground. Once we mounted it we had to do the whole slow ride thing.... so we were only going very very slowly.

    The person that crashed came off the plank.. and I assume (couldn't tell you for sure unless we had video replay) she has over corrected her self to balance and her wheel has gone back into the side of the plank... then all I saw was front wheel turned.. back wheel in the air.. she goes over the bars lands on her shoulder/back... so how she broke ribs has got me stuck.. maybe she landed with her side on the plank ? I dont know.

    2) In the test.. e-brake it was one of those light things where it will either flash left for left swerve middle for e-brake. or right for right swerve. And you dont no what it will be until it lights up.. I think he must have been anticipating a left swerve because his bars were twisted.. maybe at 20k's hes seen the red e-brake light.. he's grabbed the front brake and also gone over the bars.
    ... should be worth noting by the time of this accident the ground was well and truly dry and in good condition.. he wasn't on the marking paint at the time.

    Well I guess it reinforces for me that accidents can happen anywhere and at any speed.. it was a good reality check for me. I mean going maybe 5-10km's an hour in first gear and breaking ribs... who would have thought.

    Should also mention there was a few bike drops (without people flying) a couple of people running wide onto grass and a few people (including myself) taking out the odd witches hat)


  11. Two over the handlebars!? Was this a clown school?
  12. I think I know where you did your test, I did mine there too, out of maybe 15 or so people only 1 in my group failed, nobody fell off.

    I really like the way they did the testing, it mixed up the day and made it somewhat fun...also because it was a p plater test it doesn't mean those people had been riding much if at all.
  13. Well I think some of Victorians know where you did your Ps now:)....I did mine at the same place.

    Gee people running off into the grass is a worry though....wow :shock: .....i'd maybe expect that of the Ls but not at the Ps.

    For the record, I think the instructors there do an excellent job, especially when considering the wide range of skills (of the participants) involved.

    I would say they very rarely have accidents causing broken bones, and if so it would be bad luck as much as anything else, hell when i was there, there was an individual who dropped their bike at least 3 or 4 times during the slow ride with no injuries.

    The biggest issues are when people don't listen to the instructors, don't follow instructions or ride (very) erratically in the group and potentially cause bike pile ups or ride across the someone else's path.

    Congratulations on passing your Ps by the way :)
  14. id far rather be crashing someone elses bike than my own ;)

    i did an intermediate course recently and this guy almost crashed when he accidentally gave his duke a bike much out of a corner and mono-ed

    id much rather people crash finding their limits on a track/course than on the road ;)
  15. yeah just cause it's a P test doesn't mean people actually have any experience riding a bike.

    I'm in SA, and during the r-date test i went to, there was a lady who had done NO riding whatsoever between getting her L's 3 months earlier & trying to get her P's that day.

    She failed.
  16. I did my L's test at DECA in Shep and no one had any accidents there... mind you we only had 4 people being tested. Hopefully when I go for my P's on 4th Dec it's just as small a session
  17. They make you walk the plank! That's a new one! Surely the amount that would disconcert someone would far outweight just doing it on flat ground and having the assessor decide whether they kept it in a straight line or not.
  18. Nothing like the plank in nsw most test, we had 6 i think and a incident free day mixing road rides and skills at low speed on the range, Range work 1st in the morning so the instructor can see people are safe for the road etc, apart from that swerves, e braking etc sounds similar we all had a choice of our own bike or a hired 1 but so familiarity with our bikes was a plus, 1 guy even used a scooter, guess no matter how good the instructor they have no control over who is in the class and there skill level so will have days like that and then incident free days they can just try and identify and minimise danger to lower skilled riders
  19. the palnk would nto have played part of the Ps test in Vic, simply an exercise i think. a slow ride exercise, trying to keep a straight line?

    i dont know why they couldnt simply chalk or paint the lines though.
    and the girl who crashed, she got the rear of the bike in the air? sounds like a fair effort :?