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Train vs Truck. My pictures from Springvale road crash

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by disk_1, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Was on my way home last night and came across a train vs truck crash over springvale road near whitehorse road. It made getting home a royal pain the bum hole!!!

    Here are a few pics. I think the truck driver is in a spot of trouble.

    Who is the bird from channel 7 ???




    ***All images are owned by me, do not steal them ***
  2. Guess he thought he could beat the train and forgot about that thing behind him.
  3. That crossing has got a red light camera there too, to try to stop people doing exactly what he did.

    On the radio yesterday they said a train collided with a truck. Me thinks 'truckie parked on railway lines' would be more correct.

    Anyhow, feel sorry for the bloke, he's up for a big fine, damage costs and if he's not an owner driver maybe loss of job too. The good thing about that station is that ALL trains have to stop for the station, there is no express through there. Still, they come in from Blackburn at a fair old clip.
  4. He also held up what seemed like then the entire population of Australia. It took me an extra 1 hour on top of my 35 minutes travel time to get home.

    I hope no one was hurt too bad. I didnt see anything on the news which was wierd
  5. Feel sorry for him? Why? For being a fcukwit?
    There's supposed to be a reason it's much harder to get a truck licence than a car licence. You are supposed to know where your truck is on teh road, not obstruct intersections etc.
    Far as I am concerned, take his licence. No excuse for blocking a level crossing, even a breakdown wouldn;t put you there.

    Regards, Andrerw.

    How do you think he felt, knowing that he was about to hit the back of that truck. He or She, are highly skilled enough to know that they could not pull up in time to avoid the collision.
  7. FCOL!!!!! I said I felt sorry for him as he was about to lose his job, his licence, a huge fine. He's a dick.

    Fark. I think I've had it.
  9. You don't feel sorry for him? Okay, maybe if there was absolutely NOTHING else that could have happened to him that day / week / month / year.

    When I'm on the road, and some frikking idiot does something insanely stupid, my first though is W%^KER, but then, second though is "Shit.. They could have just had their mum die, they could have just lost their house. They could be mentally unstable / have a gun in the car. They could have just been raped, they could have had this that or whatever else"

    Yes, they might have done something stupid, but I do not encourage road rage, as I think about what might have happened to them just recently. Okay, and think about this - if you had just been raped or your mum had just died, maybe you'd lost your house, or had your sister killed, and for whatever reason, you had a gun in the car... Wouldn't you want to kill the f^&ker that was yelling at you when you're so unstable?

    Yeah, think about it.

    I know that when I've been driving / riding when unstable or had tears in my eyes or whatever, the last thing I think I could have dealt with is some arrogant prick yelling at me.

  10. If that's the case you shouldn't be on the road. If you can't concentrate enough get off. Plain and simple.
  11. So he got caught on the train line.. what if he had enough room to get across and a car cut in to his space which caused him to have stop on the tracks. :?

    Lets see, anyone have a truck licence here, any one know what its like to drive one, let alone have some fcuk wit in a car, or on a bike do something totally stupid in front of you. :evil:

    You know, to hell with idiot train drivers. If you had a green light and someone was stuck in the intersection, would you just ram them.. Seems to be the norm for a train or tram driver :roll:
  12. Guess it depends on how fast the train is moving and whether it can stop without running the risk of derailing.
  13. s crash you say?? thats just a love tap!

    agree with blue14 too, everyone is so fcuken quick to judge and hang these people in a kangaroo court with their extremist arrogant views. "Instant Experts" :roll:
  14. People really do need to just sit in the passenger seat of a truck for a day. My family business is an earthmoving business and that involes a lot of trucks. The amount of people who cut you off, dont let you in and are just be downright pricks is absolutely unbelieveable.

    Its not overly hard to get a truck licence. As long as you can drive at least a 9 speed direct (which is pritty bloody easy, just takes a little practice) your fine. On the note of knowing where your truck is though, that good and fine and so they should have an idea of where there vehicle is at all times, but realise this. The vision out of a truck is very limited, especially with a tralier on (or in this case a dog trailer, even worse). You have no rear vision mirrors and the best you can do is see down the sides of your vehicle and out the front. I realise this is no 'excuse' but a lot of people just dont know what its like.

    He made a mistake but that doesnt give reason to crusify the bloke. A lot of these truck drivers get enough $h!t as it is.