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Train track undertake

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by 1600Nomad, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Well this is a new one for me, in over a decade of riding this hadnt happened til now.

    I was sitting a train boom gate and the train went passed, doing the right thing I waited even thou the gates had gone up as the lights were still flashing, anyway a cage undertook me (WAY to close, not the end of it, I got ahead of the cage and they sat about 2 inches from my rear which infuriated me even more, the lights changed to quick for me to have words about how dangerous they were.

    BUT the kicker for me is about 400m down the road the cage undertook me on a single lane road (slight bike path they used) and tried to nudge me into the other lane, I sat my ground and they sped up to get in front of me, I had my partner on the back and I was absolutely enraged by the stupidity, I lane position well and this psycho will no doubt kill someone oneday.

    As enraged as i was I knew taken maters into my own hands would not be good for anyone so I let it be and spoke with the police, they spoke with the cage driver and she said it was tit for tat, I DID NOTHING WRONG OR Illegal, just making my way home.

    So not satisfied with the outcome, I went and brought a GOPRO which I use all the time, have heard since that is not admissible in court but i am not sure if that is true or not, surely if something like this happens and I submitted a copy to the police something would be done???

    Sorry for the long winded rant

  2. As much as you'd like to do something, it wouldn't change a thing. The driver is obviously not right in the head. I'm sure your partner was happy that you didn't do anything. Bikes and riders work a whole lot better when in one piece and not damaged (y)
  3. Yes it would have made matters much worse, yes she was pleased and in a way proud i was mature enough to walk away so to speak
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  4. Yes, sort of.

    Video by itself doesn't count for anything. What counts is you getting on the stand and testifying under oath, 'he ran me off the road'. The video helps by corroborating your evidence when the cager tells a different story and it becomes your word vs his.
  5. Just a question. When the cager was undertaking you, did you hold your speed, speed up or slow down?

    If it'd been me with a pillion on board I would have slowed and let them in and kept them in front of me where I could keep an eye on them. Without a pillion, I may have taken very different measures.
  6. I had to hold my speed cause the other cager behind them was as bad, pulling up my backside as the other idiot undertook, usually i would have slowed down but had 2 idiots to contend with
  7. That's what I'd call being between a rock and a hard place.
  8. yes sadly boxed in totally, for what its worth i was glad i was on a big heavy bike and confident enough to stand my ground otherwise I would have gone into oncoming traffic
  9. With a bike that large, they couldn't say they didn't see you.

    Just out of interest, this will sound strange, but what were you and your partner wearing.

    It's been my experience that cagers tend to take a wider birth when I'm wearing black with a black (or dark) helmet with a dark visor (I also ride a black bike), than when I'm wearing lighter coloured clothes and red/black textile jacket.
  10. No the nomad is huge especially with panniers and givi top box (which has red lenses as well) we were wearing black leather jackets and the vance and hines give a harley like note, they simply didnt care, I hear what your saying when i had my virago(s) I would get less abused with leather than when i wore the blue gortex jacket
  11. +1 When I rode the Z1000 I got more grief from drivers than I get riding my M109 with dark colours and matte helmet. Nothing else has changed - my route, time of riding, style of riding etc are all the same.
    Social engineering has its benefits.
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  12. social engineering, theres words most folk dont use ;) Im impressed
  13. It seems our combined experiences fly in the face of the safetycrats. Black menacing leather is safer than friendly fluoro.
  14. think if we wear hivis its as good as a target on our backs :eek:
  15. I've always thought that. In fact I figure that by making us stand out to much could lead to 'target fixation'. Although that could be a bit of a stretch.
  16. dont let the conspiracies die, there could be some truth in it :(
  17. I don't think that's a stretch at all, I tend to focus on one of my riding mates when he wears the hi-viz mining jacket (extra bright). Normally I look "through" him to the road ahead and around him.
  18. sure studies have been done on the psychology of orange to the human eye
  19. Can you give us a summary of the studies.
  20. green - go
    orange - run over
    red go faster