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Trailtech, Acewell, Koso Speedos

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by D4SPADA, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Old story- speedo is busted and don't want to spend $800- $1000
    on a new stock one or $400 bucks on a second hand. So spend the $400 on a brand new digital one. The main ones i've found, through NR, are the

    Trailtech Vapor-


    and Koso-

    I know there has been a bit of discussion about these speedos but i wanted to see if anyone has actually fitted any of these units onto a street bike with clip ons and feels like showing off some photos. The Trailteck mob said that it wont work on a my setup but i think it could probably would with a bit of stuffing around.

  2. I had a trailtech vapor.
    Great unit for the price. Went with the trailtech because of apparent better customer service than acewell. It also has easier to follow instructions than acewell.
  3. Search for "handbag streetfighter" - I stuck an Acewell on my missus's bike. Seems to work well, she's happy, although you have to angle the screen a certain way or else you can't see the numbers at night.
  4. i had a trailtec and it was shit. i had the panoroma

    i have also had an acewell and i loved it. the angle was an issue at first till i built a better bracket then it was perfect.

    the top of the line acewells are the bomb and can be had for ~300-400AUD from overseas
  5. thanks for the replies,

    ended up getting the trailtech vapor. So far so good. fitting the actual unit was really easy, spent more time fitting the light surrounding bracket. That was a process of wading through a sea of coloured wires in the headlight.

    -trying to find a km check thing to calibrate, ended up using google maps and a 5 km stretch of burwood hwy :grin:

    -rpm still pulses because i'm lazy and haven't taken the tank off to uncoil a loop of wire...sad i know.

    -air temp registers a higher temp because of heat from the bike (just a little niggle i wanted to winge about lol)

    Will put up some photos when i make a more permanent bracket and tidy up wires and what not

    oh and the unit is easy to see in day and especially easy at night. all in all, really happy