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Trails around sydney?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by idontlikemondays, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. so are there any decent trail rides within an hour of sydney? hopefully ill be getting the XR next week and will be itching to try her out!!

  2. I find the best loop for easy to harder stuff is the Watagans/Ourimbah State forest.

    Get yourself a copy of Central Coast Forest Maps (got mine from Map World at Crows Nest) and it has all the major link roads. You'll see smaller tracks shooting off to the side if that's what you're after. One starting/meet up point is Ourimbah rest area (there is a servo somewhere there), but we now meet at Kulnura, @ Jerrys, for coffee and fuel.

    Thinking about a week day ride next week....from Kulnura over to Putty Rd (about 90kms mostly dirt) then via Putty Forest to Bulga (125kms) then road to Wollombi and finish up with a run through the Watagans back to Kulnura for fuel and home.
  3. mate if you are doing that monday or tuesday ill be there. fingers crossed ill win the auction tonight and pick her up on monday.
  4. Tuesday penciled in.

    All the best with the auction :cool:
  5. GOT THE XR!!!! and i ve only got 16 hours left on a 23l acerbis tank aswell!!
  6. Niiiice. Me ride it!? :eek:
  7. no worries jake, you might need a milk crate to get on it but!! i can bearly put my feet on the ground!
  8. Alright, sweet :grin: ...and :LOL: I know I slouch a lot, but I'm not that short :p
  9. :LOL:

    well me and a mate found a very nice little route today, about 10kms after jerrys heading out of kulnarra is a sign pointing to wisemans ferry, that sign points to a goat track. ah well we though give it a whirl. 500m later, gravel road next 34kms. i craked a woody in anticipation of what was to come, mind you this was the first time i had ridden properly on a trail, and thats what this road was, you would need a 4wd to get through. the first few kms had a shit load of loose soil dumped on it, made going in a straight line interesting, little lone a corner :shock: after that it panned out into more compacted soil, and i started feeling comfortable with the bike sliding around a bit, even cracking the odd power mono going over a rut, fcuk the 400 monos better than the thou :LOL:
    we got down to a little pie shop, at the end of the gravel section, chucked a uie and headed back, up till this point i had bearly been keeping up with my mate who has been riding trials for about 12 months now on his xr250, this time a left him for dead, i stopped every couple of minutes to wait for him to catch up. then about 1/3 of the way back, he wasnt there 2 minutes passed and i remembered a blind tight corner after a long straight stretch, and i myself had flown into it sure i was going to dump the bike but managed to keep it up right, i chucked a uie and headed back, found him a minute later coming the other way slowly, sure enough, he had dumped it on that corner, his foot peg was stuck up :LOL: a rock fixed that pretty quick :LOL: :LOL: my number plate was also falling off, harvesting some old fence wire nearby quickly fixed this. one point to note is that when ever you are riding, a leatherman is a lifesaver at times when you least expect to need it. anyway we kept heading back with no worries, i was pretty confident in the bike which i had only picked up 3 hours early from its previous owner. a hell of a way to get accompanied with it i thought. on the way home i also had a much greater appreciation of how much more fuel you use on the dirt. in town, 2.3 litres got me 57kms, when i filled up a berowra. after fillings up at kulnara, then the 70 kms of dirt, the tank was empty (10l) at 124kms, this happened to occur on the f3 on the way home. thankfully i was able to roll down to money money and pay a ridiculous price for the nice man to put 10 litres in out of a gerri can into my fuel tank.

    and now im writing this, way more than i thought i would, from work doing the night shift (see qoute in my sig) and waiting till tomorrow where ill be doing to exact same thign again, except for the running out of fuel part :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

    See ya next Wednesday