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trailie or roadie?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Lobsta, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. hi there,

    been discussing my motorbike fantasy with my uncle (who has a road king), as i am keeping at a secret from my folks atm (their fault, not mine, i tried to broach the subject with them, and they just wouldnt speak about it).

    and have been talking about my options as far as first bike/s go. the motorbike thing came up in a convo between my dad and uncle and apparantly there would be less of an explosion from the parents if i came home on a trailie out of the blue than a roadie (dad half supports the idea of riding a trailie in the bush for a while).

    now i have never ridden bikes before q ride, and i did pretty well on the q ride days (my instructor called me a natural :grin: ). I dont really like the look of trailies as a commuter, and if i was to ride them, it would only be to develop skills (falling off, sliding, etc), not to commute. so what are people's thoughts on this?

    If i was so get a trailie just for general thrashing and falling off, is just some POS ~$1000 unit gonna be enough, then spend more money (~$4000) on my commuter? will a 150ish cc bike do it, or do i need to hit something higher? (i am 6'1" and around 85kg). i can see trailies on bikesales and bikepoint for a little over 1000 at around the 150cc mark...

    I like the look and feel of a nekkid road bike, and really wanna ride one as a commuter, but as i am still living at home (dont laugh, im 18), i am half afraid that if i rock up home out of the blue on a roadie, my parents will kill me to protect me from killing myself...


    wow, long post

  2. Buy a road bike and throw a set of knobbies on em ? :p
  3. aah, well its good to know that i can get a decent bit of advice from this forum...

    the main q i wanted answered was the CC of the trail bike question... how small is too small? can i get away with a 150 or is that too small for my intended purpose. i will be doing a bit of road riding, but not like in 100km zones, just to and from work, maybe to and from uni (max 80kph).

    i am gonna do the whole "buy a trail bike first to stop my parents from completely dismembering me". the decision came when i woke up this morning. advantages that i am quoting are the riding skills, the fact that i will feel more inclined to learn how to strip down and fix a POS, cheaper insurance, and the whole not getting disowned thing.

    Hope for some better answers

  4. Admittedly I don't know your parents, but be wary of coming home out of the blue on a trail bike - I know if I was your parent and that happened, I'd be reaching for the dismemberin' blades soon as I heard the motor. If you look a bit back in General Discussion, there's a thread about a guy who brought home a bike out of the blue (a road one though) and ended up getting his keys stolen and his tires slashed by the rest of his family.

    Have you tried talking to just your dad about the trail bike thing?

    Fraid I can't really answer your questions about the 150cc trailie thing - people seem to get around fine on 125cc road bikes though.
  5. :shock:

    That's just plain stupid! If my family did that to me I tell you what, they wouldn't want to leave their cars anywhere nearby! :evil:
  6. 250 traily would probably be best. There are plenty around, and they have enough power to do 80kmh all day. Being a 250, your insurance will be cheaper than a bigger bike. And they're light and don't cost a fortune to repair when you drop them. I've dropped my bike (old XT250) dozens of times, with only a few little dents and in the tank (this was off-road). Dad dropped his GPZ once, and he ended up cracking the fairing and needed a new paint job.

    Only thing with a trail bike, they'll need more frequent oil changes, as they can only hold a small amount of oil compared to a road bike. I try and change my oil at least every 1000km. Usually its more often than that, though. Usually 500-1000km.
  7. When I was a lad (Oh no, here he goes) the traillie was reckoned to be a 'better' bike to get by most of my mates because of the versatility. Some of them are more road oriented than others so check that out. Read road test reports. They are quite crash damage resistant and can often be fixed with universal accessory parts, bars, levers and the like.
  8. I'd go for a XT - I picked mine up for about $2,300 I think it was and not tooo many k's on it and is very Trusty and would fit your size I'd say. Did me well for my first 12 months.

    Not exactly sure what to call the tires - but they are combo Dirt/Road %'s and I can run around the suburb/commut on it no worries and less air when I go offroad to the forests, pretty good fun and as good as anything to start breaking your folks in to the idea of your riding destiny!

    I see alot running about here in Sydney so there must be some cons.

    Later when your 21 and have left home you can then buy the Nekid Bike and Mum and Dad won't have kittens.....

    Goodluck Lobsta

  9. yeah, i am probably gonna sit the father down after i get my licence (so it is locked in :p ) and lay it all out. what are some decent trailies that dont look too trailie, if that makes sense... like, possibly a dual purpose one. the q ride instructor showed me one at the team moto honda the other day. cant for the life of me remember the model...

    Thanks for the better replies

  10. Are you referring to motards? You know, exactly what two people have already mentioned (the first 3 replies) .... suggestions that you implied as being unhelpful?
  11. aah, si mr fawlty! i actually thought they were taking the piss, and with good cause too. do a google search for 'motard', and what it throws up are 3 pics as google images suggestions, one is a guy giving it to a naked chick while doing a stoppie, and 2 are pics of bikes that look (in the small pic) like they are missing engines or other parts, so i sorta figured that motard was some sorta piss take... (short for motorbike retard or something, i dunno). now that i do a more extensive search (i.e. motard 250) i realise that the motard is actually what a mate was recommending, in the xr250. looks good, and right up the alley of what i am after. is it possible to get these things REAL cheap? where, and etc. better yet, this is getting a lil off topic, so go answer this exact question in my "finding a POS" thread
  12. There's something a bit funny about those who consider off road bikes to be safer. Sure the perceived speed thing compared to a sportsbike makes sense, but the riders I know who sport the most injuries, from broken bones, compound fractures, cracked skulls, rebuilt bones and ligaments all come from the dirt.