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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pragnasty, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. gday
    just wondering if any one owns or uses a motorbike trailer....?
    that is a trailer that you can attach to your bike

    i dont wana own a car and plan on doing a few house renos in the future,
    and i can be bothered with 2 regos (car / bike)
    ive got on to a mob in yandina which manufactures them, but im interested in hearing what therye like to tow,
    eg; handling and performance.

    cheers in advance
  2. I use a normal trailer (so you can move rubbish or a house)

    and a 'bike buddy'
    so i can also trailer a bike on a normal trailer

    best of both worlds....

  3. I think he means a trailer that he can put his tools in and tow behind the motorbike.
  4. I have one, home made metal, (Ibought it) , behind my GTR it was great, carried a shit load of gear , main points are ,
    1) Takes longer to brake, but you can get trailers with electric brakes
    2) they tend to push when going around corners , so a good run through the twisties shouldn't be on your agenda. Two up with the trailer , I hardly noticed it, once moving
    Just need to change your riding style slightly to account for the above main points.
  5. sweet...

    yeah no i wouldnt be tempted to go through the twisties with it :LOL:
    trailers can be a rude shock when you forget them.

    interesting to know the ones im looking at have only got a load capacity of 80kgs which is ample, and id be mainly doing highway riding.
    they seem to be small in width too, only a metre....so lanesplitting might be tempting...... :shock:

    interested to know how much you payed proboscus? ballpark figure?

    thanks for your input
  6. Paid $1300 for mine, have seen them cheaper and dearer,

    Just make sure it pulls straight and has a little suspension, I prefer the rubber blocks, others like the springs. If your gonna be carrying tools etc and no pillion , I might suggest looking for one with brakes,
  7. cheers mate...
    yeah definately opting for brakes as well.....
    dont wana jack knife. :!: