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Trailering the bike ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Valkrider, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. After a dismal UK summer which consisted of work, poor health, and crap weather I haven't been out on my bike much at all.
    We were supposed to ride down to Austria in August but an impending house move put paid to that.

    My wife has developed osteoarthritis from head to toe and this year was going to be our last "long" trip on the bike, but due to the house move was a no go.
    She can still manage a 150km ride on a good day but when we go abroad we have to do about 600km days to get to our destination.

    I'm pretty peeved about missing out on Austria and have started considering a trailer to haul the bike to our destination which will allow us still to ride in stunning locations.
    I wouldn't want an open trailer where the bike is visible because if you tow it in wet weather the bike gets covered in road crap and muck because it's so close to the car. Not only that, if it's out of sight, nobody can tamper with it.
    So if I go down this route I'll either buy a fully enclosed trailer or build one myself.

    If you were in my position, what would you do.

    The only other option I have is to ditch the wife, ride off into the sunset and live the dream.:whistle:
  2. We have just that: a covered trailer with a storage area in the front which takes SWMBO golf bats and the wine cellar, towed behind the motorhome which she drives. The bike only gets a ride when the weather is too bad to ride and the Nullarbor too long to contemplate for the umpteenth time!

    We built to a self design, but the builder could have followed the plans a bit better. Essentials: double axle (stable for loading/unloading), lifting roof on gas struts, drop down tailgate to ride up, weld mesh around the walls to hook on 'stuff', jerrycan holders, Bikegrab to hold the front wheel when you get off and tie the bike down, good tiedown points, front access door to storage area, spare wheel for the trailer, spare tyres strapped to the weld mesh (rather than a three day wait and freight costs when the tyre goes in the middle of nowhere), and good weatherproofing.

    It works for us!
  3. What's the cost of that HeliHeli ? Just ball park out of interest if you don't mind.

    I've seen some crackers on ebay - nicely termed toy haulers, even have bunk beds etc. I don't actually need one.......... but can't help thinking if i bought it'd come in handy. I'm angling getting it past Mrs Lionz under the 'investment' tag.

    All the best ValkriderValkrider I hope you get something that exceeds your expectations whatever your decision.

    Although option (c) is always at the back of the mind ;)
  4. Go option B, surely you could pick up a pillion at Octoberfest :)
    Get/build/buy/steal a trailer if your happy towing, life is short, find a solution to the problem
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  5. About $7k custom built. No doubt a bigger company in town could do it cheaper, but we wanted to support a rural outfit.
  6. Cool, doesn't sound too steep for double axle and all the bits. Good of you to keep it local.