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Trailer requirements (braked or not)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by RRdevil, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. I've been looking at vicroads website but can't find the info I require. Coming over for a 2 day track day and need to know if my standard (light) trailer 750kg capacity requires brakes to be legal in Victoria.

  2. nope
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  3. Link: Vicroads Vehicle Standards Information

    Maximum weight without brakes is 750kg.

    Link: ADR 38/02

  4. That reminds me; a couple of weeks ago, I was told that if you were carrying a registered vehicle (eg. motorbike) on a trailer, then the trailer must be registered, regardless of whether it fell inside the rules re weight/length/width re Victorian trailer registration not required.
    Anybody know anything definitely either yes or no about this? @Justus@Justus perhaps?
    I have tried to search the road rules regarding this, but stuffed if I can find anything.
  5. Trailers specifically built to carry a boat (not a motorbike) must be registered.

    Check Vicroads trailer types and registration exemptions

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  6. Trailer doesnt need to be registered in Vic if its less than 3 metres long including load.. So no 4 metre long bits of wood on your 3 metre trailer..
  7. Or bike hanging out the back, don't give them an excuse to ping ya (y) Most 6x4 trailers are pretty close to 3m on their own, half a rear wheel hanging out the back is enough to make it over 3m. See it all the time here in the Yarra Valley with people heading up the bush
  8. Thanks for the reply @Justus@Justus ,
    I'm well aware of the exemption criteria, and my trailer falls within the guidelines.

    However it doesn't answer my specific question, that is, does the act of carrying a registered motorbike on an exempt trailer constitute any offence under Victorian road regulations?

    Or indeed, if I was to travel into another state while towing this arrangement, commit an infringement in that state?

    I cannot find any clarification on the Vicroads website, and have been given vague and inconsistent answers via phone enquiries, hence asking here if anyone else had some hard evidence.

  9. The original Q was does the trailer need to be registered if it is carrying a registered motorcycle. The clear answer to this Q from information provided in the previous post is 'No'.

    A light trailer does not need to be registered to be allowed on public roads in Victoria if it (a) weighs less (tare mass) than 200kg unladen, (b) is not wider than the towing vehicle as produced by the manufacturer, (c) is 3 metres or less in length, including the draw-bar and any load, (d) is not built specifically to carry a boat, or (e) is not used for business purposes.

    In such circumstances, the exempt trailers needs to display the same registration number as the towing vehicle.

    Refer to Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009

    13 - Exemptions from registration

    For the purposes of section 7(1) of the Act, the following motor vehicles or trailers are exempt from registration under Part 2 of the Act—

    (a) a motor vehicle being towed;

    (b) a trailer that is used exclusively—
    (i) as an agricultural implement; or (ii) for transporting the combs of a grain header;

    (c) a trailer that is a bulk bin used exclusively for holding grain;
    (d) a trailer that is constructed and used exclusively for the carriage of bulk fruit bins;
    (e) a trailer towed by an agricultural machine operating as an agricultural machine;
    (f) a trailer under tow by a tow truck;

    (g) a trailer (other than a trailer specifically constructed to carry a boat) that is not used in the course of trade and that—

    (i) weighs less than 200 kilograms unladen; and (ii) does not exceed in width the width of its towing vehicle as produced by the manufacturer; and (iii) is not more than 3·0 metres long including its drawbar and any load.

    If you intend to travel interstate, the best course of action is to register the trailer in Victoria beforehand. In other states such as NSW, all trailers need to be registered.

  10. Hi Ross, In Victoria I think Justus has given the answer, not carrying a boat, less that 200k and not being used for commercial purposes you are OK.

    Other states don't know?

    :) Snap Justus beat me to it, he's a quick gun on the KB. ;)
  11. Muchas Gracias @Justus@Justus and @cjvfr@cjvfr :D

    Seems I would have been better off focusing on what is not specifically required, rather than a specific offence! Or indeed a specific requirement that doesn't exist, and therefore can't be found!:wideyed:

    And I can now go back to the source of this misinformation and slap him around the head a little.:cool::cool:

    Thanks again,