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Trailer hire Melb - western suburbs?!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cptnrickstar, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. all,
    I am finally going to Broadford for a track day.=D>
    Thing is I don't have a bike trailer.
    I have seen only kennards hire that offer this, but the only location that has the trailer facility is thomastown. I live in Keilor!
    IS there any companies offering rentals for a bike trailer to hold 2 bikes?
    I would purchase a trailer but I don't have the storage as I live in a unit.

    Last thing I want to be doing is riding up with my leathers and sweating like a beast!8-[

    Thanks all.
  2. Try Keilor Hire.... You can see them off the Calder just after you go over the ring road.
  3. Kennards Hire have motorbike trailers what will take 2 road bikes.

    FWIW - If you use Kennards, and book a trailer, see if you can get the newer galv' motorbike trailers. They have wider wheel tracks to suit road bikes, etc. I know the Frankston branch has such a trailer (i use to work there), and I know they will transfer stock from one branch to another if required.

    Hope this helps
  4. Most big servos have them.
  5. a 6x4 will hold a road bike no worries. i've used mine plenty of times. they're cheaper to hire too!
  6. thanks Sheppo. Do you use a piece of wood as a ramp? I am just a little worried as I will have 2 bikes on the trailer and my weighs 270kilos!
  7. You'll be right, mate
  8. mate, any Bunnings store will hire you a trailer, if you go and buy shit they will lend it to you for nout..
  9. Yeah but only for a couple of hours, they wouldn't like their trailer wandering up the Hume for the day.
  10. Tell them you live in Broadford and need ONE timber beam (also used as a ramp) because you're missing just one more beam for house reno...:p
  11. There is a trailer place on Williamstown rd in Yarraville.

    a bike trailer with a ramp will cost you $30 and you have it for 24hrs.
  12. Bluerex. thanks I'll phone these guys up tomorrow. Right around the corner! cheers mate
  13. LOL!! Good call. "Bunnings warehouse - free trailer hire is just the beginning"
  14. Your a legend! I have booked it in. $30 for 24 hours. Doesn't get better than that =D>=D> Track day here we come. This is the only place I found in the whole of the western suburbs! Case solved. 8-[