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Trail Ride Gone Wrong

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by grange, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Ooops....

  2. Bugger. Sounds like he has no teef
  3. BWAHAHAHAHA! he sounds like a southpark cartman character!
  4. I don't think he actually even went down. I mean it looks like he came off and landed on his feet. It's going to be fun getting the bike back up out of there but.
  5. Holy CRAP! It could have gone so much, er.. wronger!
    You think his teeth went over with the bike?
  6. Ist posted on Cafe Husky,US Husqvarna site.They got the bike out a day or 2 later with surprisingly not much damage.Some vids I have seen of single track cross the hill,really narrow with massive drops make me quezzy
  7. Any idea where it was? (Looks a little like the White Rim Trail, but it could be anywhere.)
  8. Dont know but maybe Moab,there version of trailriding is either desert or pine forest,both seem boring to me.There was a big thread on Cafe Husky on this,riding off cliffs with film got lots of attention.