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Trail Motorbike Suggestions? (and Gear)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Inserenity, Jan 18, 2016.

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    So I have been looking into buying a trail bike (can ride on the streets legally and also can go off-road) for about the past 6 months and have really wanted one. However I am not able to buy one until about mid-2017. The bike would mostly be used for on-road things, but I would like to be able to take it off-road as well. So I want to be able to ride it 15 minutes down the road to work and then ride it to some tracks on the weekend.

    I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions of decent ones I could buy. It would have to be second hand as my budget will only be about $2500-$3000. I would like to get a 250 cc, not a 125 because I want this thing to have some power but not a 450 as I will just be a beginner. I am not sure if I want a 2 or 4-stroke though, as I hear 2 is easier to fix yourself but 4 is easier to learn on. I am definitely more interested in a 4-stroke as my dad also has mechanic experience and so did his father, so it will be great to learn how to fix it all myself.

    I am currently 145lb (~65kg) at 5'10" but by the time I am able to buy this bike I would say I will be about 155lb (70+kg) and possibly 6ft.

    I have never owned a bike before, but have had a little go on a 125 before and have been on the back of my dad's Honda CBR 600 a lot.

    Gear will also be needed, but just the essentials (Helmet, gloves, possibly a jacket) so if someone could recommend some of those also that would be great!

    Hopefully that is enough information and someone can give me some decent recommendations, thanks!
  2. G'day InserenityInserenity, best bet would be one of the jap 4 trail bikes, might struggle to find a 2 stroke these days, I rode one for years in the 80's 4 strokes are better on fuel, maintenance, and general upkeep and reliability, 250 cc minimum, make sure you can touch the ground as they tend to be fairly tall these days
  3. I was looking at some bikes like the Yamaha TT-R 250 and stuff, they look awesome and are within my price range. Do you think one of these would go alright?
  4. You would not go wrong at all with the TTR 250 if you can find a decent one at the right price. Reliable as a stone axe, properly maintained they are almost indestructible, unfortunately that means they are holding their value second-hand. Lots of tips n help available on the web, they have a bit of a cult following.

    Have a look at this page; Used Yamaha TT-R 250 (TT250R) Motorcycles for Sale in Australia - bikesales.com.au some nice ones for sale although most are more than your budget.

    For more info go here; YAMAHA TTR250 TRAIL and OFFROAD MOTORCYCLE FAQ
  5. I could bump it up to $4000 if I really needed too.
    Saw a super nice 2008 WR250R with only 800km on it for $4000. I won't be buying a bike for at least another 18 months but I have a general idea of what I want now :)
  6. The WR's are fairly highly strung and they recommend a lot of regular maintenance. A DRZ400e would be a bit easier on the pocket, and sit on 100kph easier than a ttr250.
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  7. Drz400

    Xr400 can be had cheap because of the kick.
  8. Given your short commute, a Yam DT175 should fit the bill. A good beginner's bike but still a very capable off-roader by the standards off its day (which was, admittedly, the 1970s). Dead simple and with all the inherent fun of a 2-stroke single. They only stopped making them a few years back so you should be able to find a nice one that's had gentle commuting use by some old boy.

    Another to consider would be a Suzuki TS185. Less common than the Yam, but I saw one in a dealers in Queanbeyan a year or so back, in as-new condition, for less than $3k which I thought was pretty good value for an effectively new bike.
  9. Ts185 sold for $999 back in day though.

    I had one. For about three weeks befkre it got stolen.
  10. Yep, can't go wrong with Yamaha, will take a caning and come back for more, can't kill em with a stick, helps if you have a dealer close by for parts and you dad might help with maintenance, sounds like
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    Would a DRZ400 or XR400 be too much for a learner though? I have never ridden a bike before (although I know exactly how it works, all the parts, how to actually ride, etc) but I mean as in will the power of a 400 be too much? Also I am not sure if NSW laws permit learner's to have a 400cc bike, but I may be wrong. Saw a 2008 DRZ 250 for sale for just $2200 today.

    I believe I am actually able to get almost any CC bike I please as a learner, in terms of actual power though would a WR450F be too much? There are some great, affordable ones for sale in my area.
  12. A 250 would suit you fine, back in the dark ages in Vic, L's and P's were only allowed a maximum of 250cc and we got around no problems, also be a bit lighter to pick up when you drop it, if you don't drop your bike off road your not trying hard enough
  13. Only thing is; I won't be able to upgrade my bike for a LONG time after I buy it, so I can't just buy a 250 and use it until I get my full licence, I will be stuck with it for a fair amount of time. So that is why I ask if it is worthwhile to just get a 400/450 for basically the same price (repair will be more expensive, etc) and have that to last me for the foreseeable future?
  14. Most riders can't use the full potential of a 450, did most of my riding in the bush on a 200 2 stroke, went everywhere the 450's went no probs, and 250 have mkre power these days than 30 hears ago, better to have something you can wring the neck of than something you are scared of, son has a 450, really cant use all that power, feel better going hard on a smaller bike - maybe I'm just a sook
  15. As I said though I'll be using it for road use like 75% of the time so I won't really be beating a 250 OR 450 to shit. I just thought a 450 would be more stable and able to keep up more on a highway than say a 250. Plus what I said before about not being able to upgrade for a good amount of years after I get this first bike.
  16. WR450f from 2003 had around 52hp stock, the DRZ400e around mid 40s from memory. The DRZ is also heavier. The wr450 has recommended only 1000km between oil changes, and you probably should halve that for trail riding. DRZ recommends 5000km oil changes. So yeah a lot more servicing required for the wr450 so probably not well suited to being a daily ride.
  17. And WR250Rs are expensive as shit so I am kind of stuck now.
    It is looking like either the TT-R250 or the DRZ400, what would you say?
  18. Both are learner approved in Victoria.
  19. I think the TTR is going to win me over, it is about a grand cheaper and it will be more simplistic for me, I think.
    I just hope it is gutsy enough to keep up on the highway.
  20. for me its the 400 all the way if your gonna venture onto the highway. Only have ridden a ttr250 up and down a residential street without a helmet so I cant comment with any accuracy on its top speed. Wouldn't be much over 100 though and would take a fair time to get there. DRZ 400 will do 140ish. You can always buy the 250 if its a bargain and close to you. See how you go, and if its underpowered for the sort of riding your doing sell it and buy something bigger.