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Trail/Bush Riding in Victoria - Where?

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by CHUUBZ, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Wondering if there's any old threads or links or knowlege of people on the forum that have details on trail/bush riding tracks around Victoria.

    Been riding up heaps at Toolangi and bit over riding the same tracks, either that or I don't know where any other good tracks are in Toolangi. I heard of going places like Nooji, Wombat State Forest etc but to be honest I have no idea where to find the tracks once I get there....
    I've been riding up at Goff's Bay (near Eildon) and he knew the area inside out which was great with some awsome tracks but I'm looking at the most non-flat tracks out there!

    Is it just a case of looking for yourself (if you don't know anybody who knows the area) or is there somewhere on the net with map/directions of how to get to different tracks throughout Victoria.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Maciek :shock:
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  4. there are a lot of group rides to get to know areas and people on the Dirt Bike World site.. how ever, wombat forest is very cool, lots of other users as is most places, not so steep as the pines of Goffs bay or the like but good, the maps are all good, Mt Dissapintment is good, tends to be harder rding, and some of the tracks are one way only...
    cheers al
  5. Go to your nearest DSE office and get some maps.
    I'm assuming your licensed and rec reg at least then you can ride any open track in state forrest/national park but put your bloody camp fire out before you leave :)
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  7. We use the Rooftop maps and just have a look as we're going. There are HEAPS of great roads out there just waiting to be discovered by any intrepid traveller :wink:
  8. If your up in Toolangi all the time, have you ever seen a green08 KLR flying around........?

    Lil and I live opposite the toolangi forest.
    I know some gnarly tracks in there, and some not listed.
    If your on the gravel then you have not explored enough..... :shock:

    Gimme a shout next time your heading up this way and I can take you on a bit of a guided tour to my back garden......

    What bike are you on ? :grin:
  9. Do you ever wonder why bikes are slowly being banned from our bush?
    Do you ever wonder why VicPol, DSE & PV have active dirt bike squads?
    If you have rec reg and a license you are legal on the gravel.