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Trail bikes

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by rat man407, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. so i was planing on buying a dt175 but the guy sold it out from under me so what other bike are there out that that i will be able to pick up second hand for around $1000 that would be able to do everything the d175 could do ?

    Cheers Ratman

  2. Why not look at bikes sales.com , fleabay, maybe even a bit of googling.
    Probably get better info plus a chance to buy
  3. yeah have been but other then the DT and Suzuki DR what other trail bikes are there
  4. you could get an early 90s jap 125 2 stroke for that much, cr125, kx125, rm125 etc. Or even a 250 if you feel you're up to it
  5. yeah the only problem with them is there can't be resisted can there?
  6. There are plenty out there. In that $$$ bracket, it's usually off one of your mates or mates of mates though.
    For a grand a stranger got it going long enough to sell it too you usually.