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Trail Bike - what is a good buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by LPCIII, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. A couple of mates and I are all keen riders and love to get out on the road. Although recently we have decided to have a look into each purchasing a trail bike. Now I have no two wheel off road experience, except for that time i low sided, so I was wonder what is out there that id good bang for your bucks?

    We were thinking of Yamaha or Honda 250 4 strokes. Still I would love any suggestions.

  2. The registered trail bike range is dwidling in Oz.
    But here are a few you can buy new or used.
    Unless you are a good off road rider steer clear of 600cc bikes, they are big and heavy in the bush.

    DT 175 Yami..cheap and cheerful, goes anywhere, good for weekend trips once you hit the dirt, will sit on 90 to a 100 K on the road.
    2 stroke but a bulletproof motor. This is the last year it will be sold in Oz, I am buying one before Xmas myself.

    Below the 4 strokes.
    XR 250 Honda.
    XT 225 Yami.
    TTR 250 yami
    KLR 250 Kawa.
    Dr 250 Suzuki.
    XL 250 Honda. Older model Honda's.
    XLR 350 Honda.
    DRZ 400 Suzi. A good choice before the 600cc series.

    My choice of the above would be the KLR 250 or the DRZ 400.

    Cheers: Jaq.
  3. Yep, thats a pretty good list for a 2 stroke, throw in the RMX250.

    realy depends a lot on your budget
  4. WR250F
  5. What sort of work do you want to do?

    Mucking around over jumps or getting away for the weekend?

    Does it need to be road registered?
  6. My only suggestion is to try and get an electric start - adds a bit of weight, but will be priceless a few times
  7. Those are two of the better 4 strokes, along with the two Jaq picked.
  8. I am thinking about getting a dirt bike and saw the DT175 and for the money sounds good. How ever I am worried that it may be a little too "lightly" built. Havent done much off road before but I know I will eventually start pushing what I see are the limits of the DT.

    Is the DT just suited to off-road riding or will it handle doing some small jumps etc too?
  9. Im no trail expert, quite the opposite. But on my rare occasions taking to the trail, I have taken a DT, maybe its my weight (Between 80 and 90Kg :p ), but I doubt your going to get it very far off the ground. I struggled getting the front wheel off the ground to clear puddles.

    Ill let you all know how the KTM goes offroad when I get a chance, for now, its perfect for the streets of Melbourne. (Theres no problem in getting that off the ground... :grin: However definately not a beginners bike).


  10. KX500

    nuff said
  11. If you got to register it stick with the 250's cheaper and still easy to have fun with and get sideways on the dirt my preferences and I have owned both would be a ttr250 Yammie loved that blue bike or a Xr 250 was a strong bullet proof bike but the ttr had electric start and kick start which was greeeat XR only had kick, have owned a brand new xt250 as well it was a god bike but not nearly as rugged or good handling as the TTR expect a low km's one of these for 4000 to 6000 well worth the money and like 200 bucks to register Ride a honda now but would own a TTR again in a flash and park it next to the Honda ... hmmm there's is an idea wheres the trading post?