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Trail bike riding - learning - where - how much?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OC1, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. I would not mind trying out some trail bike riding (after last doing it when I was 12!)

    Are there places that hold beginners type lessons and rides?? I think there is one waaay out around Mansfield (I think they competed at the moto x / enduro at the expo today)???

    I don't own a trail bike - and $250+ for weekend hire is damn steep - so would I be relegated to a postie-bike with dirt tyres or could I hire a bike more cheaply out in the bush???

    I've been horse riding, and for $250 it gets you a damn tempremental horse, over night trial ride, real decnet food etc etc! Of course I want to make a bit more noise!!!
  2. Hey OC these guys are out in Gembrook. They'll drop you out at Bunyip state forest with the bike then come pick you up again when you're done.

    Prices start from $120 for four hours on a DRZ250 up to $220 for a full day on a DRZ450. That price includes all gear including helmet, body armour, gloves, goggles, boots, knee pads, pants & gurnsey.

  3. well me and my partner ride out on the west (wombat state forest) its a cheap hobby,however its expensive @ the start because u need a bike plus gear plus trailer.

    try to start savin mate for a bike first,i recommend an electric start cos its hard kickin it over wen ur on a steep hill.

    gear,well dont spend to much u will get away with jeans and a top @ the start make sure u get a good helmet and chest protecter with gloves.
  4. Thanks for the link Two Pot Screamer. I might give them a go. I have only been riding at Frankston Track on a minibike but I have always wanted to do something like that before I go out and spend a lot of money on something that I may not get into. But I certainly feel that I might just really love it :D
  5. Yep seems to be on proper dirt roads, which would be more suitable for a beginner.......
  6. Thats cool Pink.. There's plenty of variety out at Bunyip and Jim is well armed with maps and whatever to point you in the right direction depending on your skill levels.
  7. Hey Two pot, Ripsnorter looks really good :D particularly given my bikes getting fixed at the moment.

    I've wondered about hiring a dirt bike for a while, looks like so much fun but like Pink I probably wouldn't buy one. I can't find enough time to ride the RS, let alone anything else.
  8. Hey Two Pot, thanks for posting this. Looks like a great concept. No need to trailer the bike a great distance. :D
  9. I was going to get a "beat up" postie bike, wack dirt tyres on it, and do the grampians one weekend (taking it easy - no 30 degree inclines!)

    My concerns as a beginner was always hiring a bike and damaging it, ending up with a huge excess bill. Hiring a trailer (I have heaps of tie-downs) is not much of an issue.. I'm more concerned I'll get hooked and soon after souring the trading post for a 250!
  10. hey OC1, you're sending some mixed signals; here "as a beginner" and in another thread "I remember in my day kids were...."
    What's the story, are you an old guy just getting into bikes, or are you a young guy looking back 5 minutes into the past?
    Just asking, you understand.........
  11. Or Hornet, it might be that he rode a dirt bike as a kid and now rides a road bike. That's how I progessed, I doubt I'm the only one.

    :D When I think of all those bikes I thrashed (and trashed) as a kid, I can't help but smile for all the fun I had. :D It was great being able to drop a bike and not get hurt.
  12. Old(ish) just got my road license but it all started on the farm back when just on 10 years old.........

    I too think "what the hell took me so long........." I think drinking 5 nights a week and running amock probably blacked out most of my weekends up 'till now.......
  13. Know the feeling mate. I took ages to get around to getting licenced for the road too. Good to see more country folk on the site.

    City folk are great too, but it's just nice that's all. :D
  14. OK all explained, thanks. Not to harp on a pet beef, but when people don't put very much (or no) info in their profile, it doesn't give us much to go in in terms of how some things are discussed.

    I never had any contact with bikes till I was 35, then I went out and bought a brand new Yamaha 250, in 1974!! No telling how the bug bites, eh?
  15. Well, it has been decided, we are going to give this a go in the next few weeks, I will get back to you with a report on how it went. :D