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Trail Bike Help

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Makybe05, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Hey,
    I'm looking at buying a used trail bike except I'm not sure which one I'm best suited to. I would ride it on my uncles farm and in National and State Parks (where I'm allowed). Therefore I'm assuming it has to be able to be road registered? I have done a bit of trail biking recently but on 250cc machine. I wouldn't need the trail bike for the road as i have a road bike already and also I'd like one with a bit of grunt so i don't find myself in the position where I'd like to upgrade in 6 or so months time. So what model bike do you recommend? I've been looking at the Wr's and a couple of Honda models but just need a bit more info.

    Much appreciated.

  2. WR's are great bikes, and yes they have to be road registered to ride in National Parks
  3. Ooops my mistake :)
  4. Yeh i think also a Yamaha WR250F, there seems to be a few cheap ones, good bike too, make sure you dont buy a YZ250F as YZ's qare dirt purpose only and cannot be registered unless you spend big dollars wiring up speedo, indicators, horn, break lights etc..
    Stick with the 250cc as any bigger wouldn't be worth it if you dont have much experience, and it will also be cheaper for rego and greenslip being under 300cc.
  5. There is also Rec Reg which will allow bikes like YZ's to be used in certain areas. A double plus, as the MX bikes can be picked up cheaper than those with ADR compliance.
  6. Not in all states though so double check with local authorities before buying :wink:
  7. Yep only Victoria has recreational rego for bikes, i've seen it before, but not in NSW. Best to be safe and get a road registered enduro, never know he might ride it to other places.
  8. So do you think a wr250f would do fine for the trails? does it still have plenty of power? What about the other brands, any competitors that come close?
  9. A mate of mine has a WR450 and it's his 3rd one. Great bikes to ride.
  10. The 250 is plenty of power for trails unless you're really going for it in the open stuff or lots of sand. Easier to throw around, and almost certainly quicker in tight single trails.

    I'm very partial to the KTM300EXC, but I don't think you could go wrong with the WR.
  11. Thanks everybody for the advice. When buying, is it just checking over the bike like a road bike or are there certain things i have to pay more attention to? Also should i be looking at a bike with very small km's, from what i can gather trail bikes and there parts seem to have a much shorter lifespan than even road bikes.
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  13. Pretty much, look for damage to the frame around the neck area where the forks bolt up to. Small klms would be better as it means everything else on the bike has had minimal use, suspension, bearings, tyres if they haven't already been replaced, and of course motor. However alot of trail bikes are rebuilt often but try to find the best example.

    Other 4-stroke examples you can look at are honda CRF250X or 450X's but they are more money, these are the best. Even you could pick up a cheap Kawasaki KLX250, these bikes were $6490 new so a couple year old second hand one are aroung $5000. Not an overly powerful, or as good suspension as the others, but cheap, effective and very reliable.
    Check em out.

  14. i havent ridden on of the newer models like the WRFs and CRFs, but on the older air cooled bikes the 250s are pretty gutless. the 400 for me is enough power, while still being light enough to get through the thick shit.

    one of my mates brought a brand new WRF250, 4 months in the rear shock shat itself, wasnt covered by the 3 months warrenty. i havent heard of any other problems from people that own them.

    just my 2 cents

    good luck, and welcome to the dark side (and no excuse not to go riding in the rain!)
  15. The new-gen 250's would generally have a few (but only a few) extra horses than your 400, and weight 10 or 20kg's less. Times have changed.

    But then a WR250 is a bike you probably won't be giving to your grandkids. The XR400 will still be going. :grin:
  16. and thats why i brought her mate! that and torque is the name of the game :grin:
  17. Also keep in mind the WRs have rediculously short service and REBUILD intervals. Awesomely fast bikes though, definately a good choice performance wise if you can afford to keep it going.

    If you would prefer a bike that performs well (but not as well as the hardcore enduros like the WR, EXC and others) and has longer service and rebuild intervals (thus cheaper to keep going) take a look at the drz400, ttr250, klx250/300, xr40 etc.

    All depends on your budget and how fast you want to go. If you're happy to spend the cash the wr250 or 450 are fantastic as is the ktm exc
  18. Ok, as a dirtnut that has ridden dirtbikes since before i started preschool time to clear things up.

    The Bikes you are looking for are hardcore Enduro bikes, not an XR400, DRZ400, Dual Purpose POS. A Modern 250F will crap all over those, I don't care what you say.

    And another thing, throw the motocrossers out the window, if you do buy one it will be cheaper (around 500$-1000$) but you will not be able to get it registered. They have no spark arrestor (a requirement in the state forests) and putting a light kit etc on would be uneconomical, and also still not make it road legal, and I know in SA that you cannot rec reg a bike, you can only get your Rec Licince.

    The Ridiculosly short maintenence time people are saying is bs.
    Yes you do have to change the oil frequently (around every 20+ hours of racing time - gearbox, engine(if 4T) and filter) but that is not hard, I can do mine in less than an hour. Yes you do have to clean the Air Filter, but you would have to do this no matter what dirt bike you buy, even the Bullet proof XRs. And along with your normal dirt bike care (bearings lubed and clean, chain lubed, chain properly tensioned, Spokes checked etc) the enduros will last as long as an XR, DRZ etc

    The short engine rebuilds.. hahaha.... I owned my Honda CRF250X 2006 model for two years, and I never had to touch it, adjusted the valves once. No one I have talked to at the track has had to rebuild their engines, (except for one idiot - not warming it up properly and cold seizing it) The only reason That manufacturers recommend such short times is that they need to cover their backside, they know that these machines are going to get a very rough life - so they put a short warranty on them - Except for Husqvarna - 24months parts and labour.

    The bikes you would be looking for would be some of these;
    All of these ARE road Registerable

    Honda CRF 250X - Takes after CRF mxer - I owned one
    CRF450X - Learner Legal

    Yamaha WR250F - will handle road a bit better than crf + Plusher
    WR450F - not sure if learner legal

    Kawasaki KLX450F - Just released in '07 meant to be good

    KTM Pretty much All of the EXC series is hard core enduro, supermachines but I would recommend;

    250EXC-F - I think this may be kickstart only, shouldnt be but not sure
    530EXC-R - The tractor.... 6spd gearbox

    200EXC - Two Stroke, meant to be a rocket, albeit hard to ride quick
    250EXC - Two Stroke, haven't heard much from these
    300EXC-E - Two Banger, E means eccy start, meant to have a nice torque and wide powerband.

    Could try a BMW G450X - Meant to have insanely long service intervals, something I don't think is possible, +10,000kms before an oil change, riiiight.

    Husaberg - insane european bikes - 12month Warranty - parts+labour
    450FE - meant to have enough torque to dislodge your arms at takeoff

    TM - The best of the best
    450EN - Assume four stroke
    530EN - Assume Four Stroke
    250EN - Two Stroke
    300EN - Two Stroke

    Husqvarna - All have 24 Month Warranty - Parts and Labour
    TE510 - 1st Big Bore Shoot out ADB April 07 - "A Torque Spewing powerhouse with a chassis equipped for speed"
    TE450 - 1st Enduro Class, "It hammered from go to whoa, impressing the hell out of all who rode it" - Dirt Action April '07
    WR250(Twostroke)- 1st 250 2T Enduro Shootout, "The WR250s powercurve is mimicked by the wheelstands it pulls under its own steam - long and tall." - ADB May '07

    Aprilia - Insane European Bikes
    RXV550 - wheelspin, in every gear on a dirt road......

    If you have the money to buy new, I would get an "exotic" make, ie, Husqvarna would be top on my list, then TM, then KTM, then the Honda.

    The european bikes' spare parts also cost more, ie a Husaberg Clutch lever is about 40$, and a Honda one is 15$ (you break em like twigs..)

    All of these bikes are good bikes, except for maybe the aprilia, which may still have some teething problems, however Aprilias road bikes are known for their quality so Im sure you would be happy.
    I think ive rambled on long enough, keep us posted on what you chose, why and what you think of it
  19. They are disgusting service intervals you put your crf through. 20+ hours racing before an oil change?

  20. I'm sure it says 20 hours, maybe it is 10. - Just going for memory
    But I think that is the easy part of maintenence, the air filter is a bastard, and has to be done properly and you have to do It no matter what bike you buy.

    My CRF250X oil got changed every 20 hours, and when I checked the barrel before I sold it, it was in good nick.