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Trail Bike for road use

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by henry, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. I want to get a trail bike for my first bike. I would use it mainly for the road though and would want to do it up for mainly road use. I was thinking maybe a 350 or 400cc. does anyone have any ideas?

  2. What about a transalp 600? Great older bike, good range of road and dirt tyres available, although you'd be surprised how hard you can thrash them on semi knobbies on tar.

    I'm only mentioning it because mine is up for sale, an '87 model, well sorted with lots of extras, including Ohlins shock on rear.
  3. How much do you want to spend? How much road to trail ratio use? Suzuki DRZ 400. Both trail & motard versions available around the 10 grand mark new.
    For a bit more performance at a higher price you can't go past the KTM 625 SXC (dirt) or SMC (motard) with a 12 month parts & labour warranty.
    The new 610 Husky's are getting good write ups also.
    Older stuff would have to include the Yamaha TT/XT 600 series. Honda XR 400/600. Lots to choose from really. Personally I would go for the bigger 600cc trailies if you are contemplating doing much road work.
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  5. Depends how quick you want to go I had a current XR400 it was great off road but just didnt quite cut the mustard on the tar she would only pull about 120kph with a midrange sproket but they can get out of s#@t easier than a road bike
  6. There were a couple of different versions of the XR600, one was more tar orientated.

    One of those would make a decent dual purpose bike.

    But honestly for mostly road riding and gentle off road use it's hard to go past the much more affordable Suzuki DR650. More go on the road than a 400 and a much more comfortable seat. Sure it gives away something off road, but if as you say you're mainly going to be riding onroad then you should be getting a trail bike which is good at oneroad use.
  7. Get an electric start model. The best tuned bikes can sometimes be a real b!tch to start.

    And no substitute for CC's on the highway

    Good luck in your search
  8. If you will be mainly riding on the road you don't want a TT model or an XR model, they are made more for dirt than highway.

    As it is your first bike and you want a trail model I would recommend the KLR 250 Kawasaki.
    It's quick off the lights, it's comfortable for longer trips, it does the legal speed limit, it's a proven reliable bike, been around for years and is still sold brand new.
    It will go anywhere off road that any other trail bike can go. It carries a ton of camping gear.
    It's cheap to buy brand new and there are some good second models around if you keep looking.
    Registration is also cheap.

    I have owned many trail and enduro bikes, these days I see little point in buying any trail bike over 250cc if you are a new rider.
    Sure some of the other bikes will be bigger, heavier, faster, both on and off road.
    But that's not really what you want as a beginner on the road or in the bush.
  9. The Tricker is not a trail bike Olly mate, it's a mini stunt bike.
    Very slow, very small.
    The tiniest petrol tank in the world.
    I had a go on one in the USA, it's hard to imagine anyone will consider it for either road or off road use here.
    I predict it's going to be a bit of a dud for Yamaha in Oz.
    Skateboarders and BMX riders will probably like it.
    Be great fun at the local skate park.
  10. Ok thanks mate.....looks like a no no
    Just an idea lol

    Well it looked like a high seat, quick, and cheap $$ - Looks like it failed 2 of the 3 lol!!!!

    Back to the drawing board

    EVERYONE must watch the "Chaser" tonight (fri) on ABC @ 10:15!!!
    It is really funny!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. It's possible they have modified the design from the one I rode in the USA, perhaps tried to make it more "usable" for the road.
  12. I havent seen it sold in Aus yet, i saw an overseas website
    Your right though, it does have a small fuel capacity.

    Meh, nevermind....wont be getting it anyway
  13. What's the seat height mate?
    The one I doodled around on was about the same seat as a TW 200.
    And as fast...LOL.
  14. Get a bike for the dirt and one for the road. ;)
  15. The seat height for the tricker is 790mm

    The KTM - Seat Height 945mm
    Gs500f - Seat Height: 790 mm

    Is the TW 200 a road bike? - i just saw a photo of it - road tires? and dirt bike style design?
  16. Those Dr400 super motards look pretty trick.
    And if you want to learn power sliding skills just ride it on the dirt with the motard tyres that should build your skills up quickly.LOL
  17. LOL - they are nearly as thick as the waterbikes!
  18. They've raised the seat of the Tricker I think, sure the one I rode was much lower than a GS500 seat.

    Now the TW200 is a funny kinda bike.
    It's very small and has a little motor.
    Barely does a 100kph on the highway.
    Having said that it's great fun to ride on beaches and forest tracks, will go anywhere, albeit slowly.
    In the USA a lot of hunters, remote area walkers and wildlife photographers use them, as well as some Park Rangers. I think they're popular with farmers here also.
    They are kind of a go anywhere explorer bike for people who want to putt about and enjoy the scenery in the bush.
    They are great for teaching complete beginners on because they are so stable and predictable.
    I have been toying with the idea of buying two of them, chuck them on the back of a ute, head out into the bush for long weekends with a mate and just do leisurely exploring down all those little tracks that meander around the countryside.
    You can buy a purpose built rack for them and it carries a ton of gear.
    I may yet buy a couple towards next summer, I think they are only about $5000 brand new.
    Oh and those big tires are actually a slight off road pattern, they grip on dirt and sand really well.