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trail bike for 14 yo son

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kezza01, May 2, 2007.

  1. i've given up believing that my ex will carry through on his promise to buy my son a trail bike.

    and i know how much he was looking forward to having one. the last bike his dad bought for him was a peewee 80 which got 'stolen' (yeah, sorry but i have my doubts bout that story).

    it is soon to be his 14th birthday. and rather than buy him computer gear, xbox games, playstation games, clothes (good grief mum!!!!), etc etc i was thinking maybe i could get him a trail bike.

    but of course, i have absolutely NO idea how to go about doing this. there are all sorts of questions:

    • what sort
      what size
      where to get it from
      what cost
      yada yada yada

    and of course he can't ride it on the road (but i could :shock: :LOL: ) which means a towball and trailer for my car.....

    another thought i'd had (mother-son bonding thing) was to maybe get a crapped out one that he and i can spend weekends working on to get it going.....and i'm kinda leaning to that actually. - but of course, i'm a no-nothing mechanically inept type of mum :wink:

    so, gimme some advice please people.....
  2. All i can offer is dont buy a cheap china dirt bike from china unless you want to spend more time maintaining it than riding it.

    maybe look for a second hand yz80, cr80 or rm80 2smoke.

    Maybe a 125 depending on how big he is, but the power of a 2smoke 80cc should be fine if he hasnt ridden before.

    Ohh and buy him gear too.
  3. What is your budget? How aggressive a rider was he when he rode the Pee Wee? Does he have any mates that also ride?

    You can get one of these that sit on your towball, so no need to buy a trailer and much easier to store.

  4. hehehehehe you mentioning china is funny - cause that is where my ex supposedly ordered the bike from....

    my son is about 5ft 6 and maybe 70kgs?

    he has ridden before - had the pw80 for about 12 months before it was 'stolen', and he will have gear most definitely - the only thing he doesn't have is a decent helmet. we just have to get his stuff from his dad's place
  5. my budget is probly not really big - but i don't have any idea what sort of prices i might be thinkin of....

    i don't know how aggressively he rides, but i was kinda thinkin of a 125?

    and i like the look of the car attachment - still will need to get a towball but it won't hurt anyway....
  6. Yamaha have recently discontinued the good old DT175 after many years. The last ones went for $4,500 brand new, so used ones should be a good deal. The DT175 is a stroker, and can embarrass many a 250 if you know how to ride it. It's simple and virtually bullet-proof, it is lighter than the 4 strokes, it requires minimal maintenance, and it is just plain fun....
  7. in the words of an infamous qld pollie...."please explain" stroker????
  8. Where is he going to ride? You said that you could ride it on the road? Why do you want to ride it on the road when you need to get it registered? Is he going to be riding it on the road? You can only ride on private property if it is not registered.

    First things first, how much are you willing to pay, because there is no use telling to you buy this and that when you are not prepared to pay for it. You might in fact be force to buy a Chinese bike which is not a bad thing. They are good value for money you have have to make sure you get the right brand.

    What about an ex Australia Post CT110? They are like $1000 at auctions. You can get a pretty decent 125cc Chinese trail bike for around $1000 but it all depends on the brand. Some factorys in China are shocking, some are very good and you have to do your homework in that respect.
  9. It is a 2-stroke, meaning it has no valves and fires every second stroke, not every fourth as in 4-stroke. A 2-stoke has an oil tank as well as a fuel tank, and a pump which mixes the two, so it consumes oil as well as petrol. 2-strokes are much simpler mechanically than 4-strokes, and the DT is a very under-stressed motor, making it very reliable. A 175cc 'stroker' will produce almost as much power as a 250cc 4-stroke.
  10. The big question is how much can a DT175 be had second hand?
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  12. If you can find one, XR 200, RC or RD models (mid 80's), absolutley bullet proof, piss easy to maintain and fix.

    These were a full size (for a 200) trail bike, not like the 3/4 size 200's of today
  13. ok.....answers:

    why possibly registered? so that i can ride it too - you know the excuse - 'well, i don't have a trailer on the car so i'll ride it to.....and you can ride your pushy there....i'll meet you there' :cool: (that way i get more riding.....)

    available funds? at the risk of sounding like a complete nong, i was hoping to pay no more than maybe $750???? which was why i suggested the option of getting one that needed some working on - a mother-son project bike....that way he can teach me stuff bout bikes that he already knows which i don't.... :oops:

    i know that means more time before it's ready to ride but we can have some messy fun in the meantime.....(better than housework that's for sure!)

    two-stroke/mixing - does that mean i have to work out how much fuel/oil to put in? (see - i'm a real mechanical newb...)
  14. Nope, just fill the tank and the pump does all the mixing for you......
  15. *whew*


    (geez i feel like such an idiot asking dumb q's like that - but be prepared for even more if i do get one for him.....)
  16. thanx woodsy.....
  17. Nothing dumb about any question Kezza, and I'm always happy to help where I can. If you are going to be buying a really really cheap bike, then that is all the more reason to buy a stroker, there is simply much less to go wrong, and when they do go wrong its pretty obvious. I bought DT175's for my sons, and my stepdaughter has a 2001 model in a revolting violet and lime green...
  18. what's revolting bout that colour combination? can't you see my son on something similar????????


    (yep, that's right - he'd KILL me.....!)
  19. Unless you are going to be taking him to motor cross tracks or riding parks then I'd try and avoid 2 stroke ex motor cross bikes CR, YZ or RM (something like the DT175 would be fine though) as they are loud and will annoy people for a lot further than a trail bike.

    The XR200 mentioned earlier or DT200/DT230 would be ok too.

    It really depends upon your budget and making a recommendation without knowing that is hard.

    We got our 14 year old a rather rough looking but completely reliable XT250 for $1000 without too much trouble (but with a careful looking over by people who knew what to look for).
  20. DT175 Yamaha and PE175 Suzuki are my recommendations for a road legal option. Both pretty tough old beasts and simple to work on.

    I think there's a huge amount of "mine is japanese so it's better" secondhand price protection bullsh1t goes on about the chinese and korean options. It's just people trying to protect their resale value of their bikes and pretend they have one up on their neighbors.

    Not suggesting that those cheapo mini thumpsters you see on ebay are that good, but a 20 year old design newly manufactured bike is better than a 20 year old design, flogged to death for 20 years bike. Even if it's made by a blind eskimo.

    And as for honda reliability, sheesh. You know how many XR (especially 250cc) heads crack between the valves? XT yamaha oil leaks etc?

    Any old dunger you buy (other than the much loved DT175 which you couldnt kill with an axe AND a 12 gauge) is going to cost you far more than a brand new chinese copy. And a rebuild kit on any 4 stroke will cost you way more than another chinese copy. And the labour will cost you enough for a third. And the tools to do the job will cost you enough for a 4th.

    If you have to buy a second hand japanese two stroke, DT/IT/PE/TS/ER in 175 to 200cc are the go.

    Ahhh, the old Trail Snail TS185 Suzuki. Tough as nails and exciting as a wet leaf of lettuce.....