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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rider, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Last year in South Australia A young rider was tragically killed while he was stationary on his Scooter waiting to turn right by a courier driver who ran into him from behind .
    All Riders whether Bike or Scooter should stick together and push for a greater focus of driver awareness .

  2. Good thanks, you?
  3. #3 Davo, Jan 10, 2007
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    You have a wonderful way with words Vic :LOL:

    Here I was thinking after reading the 1st post, ..... and ?
  4. That is so unlucky :( really - how much can you really do for awareness education in people with no depth-perception?

    & Will I get in trouble for typing One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying, Purple Scooter Hitter ?
    ... too soon?
    I don't mean to be horrible, it just popped into my twisted little mind :)
  5. I dont understand your reply Vic ?
  6. It was your first post. Maybe a better way was ....

    Hello my name is Jo-bob and I live near Bugswannaville in NSW and ride a KSF1800 rolly fast. I don't know if anyone knows about this but .......

    Imagine you just walked up to us at the pub and blurted out what yuou posted :cool: what reaction would you get.
  7. Who are you?
    where did you get your information from?
    Have you got any links to the alleged incident or have you got an agenda?
    What vic was asking was for you to introduce yourself and qualify what you are asking not just pop in with a story without any facts or evidence.
    Pretty simple isn't it?
  8. Oh come on guys.

    Be excellent to each other

    Not everyone gets everything right the first time.
  9. Here's another perspective: My father-in-law lost an eye many years ago (in a motorcycle accident, BTW - BSA Gold Star). He then worked for many years as a brick truck driver. You know the ones - rigid chassis plus a trailer behind that. Not the easiest vehicle on the road to drive or reverse.
    He's never had a single accident (since the bike). It's possible for the brain to retrain in depth perception using a single eye, just requires more concentration. Legally, you are only required to have adequate vision in one eye to hold a licence.
    I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that the eye issue was the cause of the accident. could have been any number of other factors. I would rather be on the road with my wife's ol' man than most other drivers.
    Very tragic occurence, just the same.
  10. to quote Dave "Imagine you just walked up to us at the pub and blurted out what yuou posted Cool what reaction would you get."

    I think that says it all.
    Read the rules folks it aint rocket science.
  11. Until we know if this incident actually happened I don't see the point of us speculating unless we are playing hypotheticals.
  12. speaking of rear ends... accidents.

    I was riding home from work and approaching the lights. A car is trying to pull out from the side street so i slow down and let him out and all of a sudden i hear this errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I look in the mirror to see a wif of white smoke and see this lady swearing her head off, i turned around and see her winding her windows up, i think she thought i was going to get off and cause some trouble. The certainly entertained that idea.
  13. Agreed. :) But anyway... :LOL:

    No-one has any depth perception beyond about 10 feet, so the principal effect of having a single eye would be to reduce the width of your field of view.
  14. I am Sorry if I offended anyone in my first post .

    I am new to Netrider and should have been more direct in my intro .
    I am from South Australia and I am very close to the young lad lost his life .

    I believe the safety officer of the MRA in South Australia is familiar with this accident and I have been told it will be raised in a Safety Forum .
  15. Thats a tragic story...fingers crossed the police investigation will result in the at the very least some peace of mind for the family and friends of the young guy
  16. your are all being over the top (not ktulu)..... so what if he didnt introduce himself its not a dating site.
  17. Greetings from an SA scooter rider who's been here a little while.

    Yes the accident was real - and horrible. The only scooter fatality in SA last year.

    I'm so sorry, Rider, that you were close to this person and must have felt a lot of pain.

    People in here are friendly. Just say g'day as you walk in the door.
  18. Rider: You didn't offend anyone, but 'rider down' and 'rider dead' threads are more common than you think around here, and hearing about a not-so-recent one isn't the usual trend, so people kinda think "er, ok?"

    We read about 'em all too often.

    I love you all.
  19. Only having one eye wouldn't have made any difference. The driver may not have seen the rider, but depth perception or lack of it couldn't have been the problem. My ex has no depth perception (nearly blind in one eye) and she is an excellent driver. She has no trouble seeing something in front of her and simply drives around them. I feel quite safe knowing she's on the road.

    Clearly this is a tragic incident (and of a type that happens regularly on australian roads) and my thoughts are with the rider's family and friends. However, I think it's unwise to start blaming the driver due to a disability which was irrelevent to the accident. The problem is that bikes are simply hard to see.

    People with two eyes fail to see riders too. :)
  20. Can't we all just be friends? :LOL:
    Geez- what's up with all the nasty shit on here? We are a community are we not?