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Tragic death in Canberra

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fireroundabout565, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Hi All

    There was recently a motorcycle death in Canberra (http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200411/s1243174.htm).

    The ACT MRA has launched a community appeal to raise funds for the family. This crash has left Peter in hospital for some time to come with a broken leg and neck injuries (hopefully recoverable ones), suffering the loss of his partner and wife to be Naomi, with his three childen under five years to raise solo. Naomi was also 4 months pregnant at the time of the crash and she and Peter had wedding plans for a few months time. Not to be.

    The MRA have opened an account at CPS Credit Union so members of the community so inclined can make donations, tax deductible for amounts over $2.00. Account is in the name MRA Warne Norris Family Appeal, A/c No 350 346. Donations will be accepted at any branch of Community CPS Credit Union.

    Please think about a donation yourselves, but circulate to as many people as you know.

    Safe Motorcycling.

    Robyn Major


    ps. i am not Robyn, just copied this from somewhere else
  2. i have passed it on to the mra here in vic, hopefully they can get something rolling too.
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  4. Welcome to the forum roundabout bummer about the circumstances though. Condolences to the family. As a single parent myself I'll chip in as I know how tough it can be!
  5. thanks bg, have been lurking for awhile, thought this needed to be posted although i have nothing to do with the family or the organistion of the donation request
  6. I don't suppose the BSB number is available as well as the Account number?

    Doing an internet bank transfer is not possible without the BSB number, and there isn't a credit union near here...
  7. I contacted CPS Credit union in A.C.T
    They are aware of the the appeal , the staff new what i was talking about straight away.
    There is 2 ways .
    mail cheque to :
    Community CPS A.C.T
    Locked bag 1000
    mawson ACT

    or electronically :
    BSB 801-003
    Acct 350346
    Acct Name : motorcycle (space) riders(spacer) association
    now this will not all fit in the box , but put as much in as possible

    if you require a reciept
    fax community CPS on
    02 62860691 and they will arrane one for tax

  8. thanks glen, i had just copied the notice from my work bulletin board so didn't have any other details (actually i didn't even check with the bank that it was for real so thanks for that).

    the banks website if anyone wants it is http://www.cpsact.com.au/
  9. OK, I transferred $20. Thanks for the extra bank account details.

    Not a lot I know... but we've got 4 kids to feed.

    I hate to think how difficult I would find it if I was in a similar position :-/
  10. Wouldnt MRAA PETER FUND be a better option?
  11. I put Motorcycle Riders Ass ACT...

    *swipes credit card and wanders off* :p