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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dgmeister, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. "I just made my way home through the sea of incompetence"

    good phrase for traffic hey, just came up with it
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  2. I got home alive past a procession of steal coffins and their occupance....
  3. Good thread BTW......let's get some more going (y)
  4. when you look at the amount of cars on the road its a wonder there isn't more incompetence''

    speaking of Traffic " last month I was picking up equipment in Docklands so needed to take the ute
    left the city at 4pm for a 50k trip and arrived home at 6pm .... seriously 2 f**king hours

    The following Friday went on the the bike,, left at 4pm again traffic grid lock and home in 45 minutes .:)
  5. Dunno bout the incompetence bit, I filtered thru a shitload of switchboard, ok, mobile switchboard operators, business must be very busy cause not just while stopped at lights but on the move too, now thats smart technology, but you'd think they knock off when the leave the orifice..
  6. I made it home through a quivering mess of uncertainty
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    I like the word misery as the collective noun of slow moving cars.
    I carved through a misery of cars on the way home.

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  8. I stayed home so I didn't have to filter through a sea of dingle berry-like incompetence.
  9. I carved through the miasma of indifference
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    Although the misery of meh was vast and sluggish, I sliced through a sedentary of sedans, bifurcated a backup of hatchbacks and snuck past a stationary of station wagons.

  11. I moved to the country so I don't have to put up with this shit :cheeky:
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  12. dancing with dichheads on the way to coffee tonight
  13. Showing the way out to a confusion of cagers
  14. on the freeway these imbeciles sit in the right hand lane but they don't overtake, they just block anyone from getting past.

    Most cars are in the right lane, blocking it off. If they just stayed in the left lane, or overtook the left lane, it would be okay, but no, they have to block it off
  15. It has been explained to me in no incertain terms quite a few times that I am NOT king of the road. Bugger!

    I have learned to take a chill pill, and pass when I can, hold back when I cant.

    Traffic is one of the key challenges in the commuting 'game'
    Master them all!
  16. Meh, Me and my chosen transport, we are just the quickest ant to the anthill..... we know our own direction while all the bigger ants follow one by one....
  17. Sunday morning drivers out on Wednesday night
    talking on their iPhones stopped at green lights
    me I'm on my bike aiming to survive
    nothing for it
    flick the rain off the visor and ride...
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  18. I ride, therefore I am
    Fuck the rest
  19. You could always go with Mark Latham's ‘Conga line of suck-holes’
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    If I was driving anywhere art all yesterday afternoon I probably would have been on Facebook and Netrider too, with my lowest priority being competence. Walking would have been faster yesterday.