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Traffic Question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rengel, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Is it legal to lane-split, and ride up to the front of the traffic, when cars are stationary at a set of traffic lights (when the lights are red obviously)?

    This is kind of a grey area, and has never been answered properly by anyone I know!

    Any Cops rider in this forum? (Or Lawyers... ;)

  2. Depends where your from, in SA your not supposed to, I've heard in another state you can if you pat your head and rub your belly at the same time..... Its been discussed time and time again through this forum... try searchin you'll find something...
  3. Victoria's supposedly legal if the cars are stopped and you are too the right of the vehicle but to the left of the white line. Not always possible since most cars seem to want to drive with their right wheel touching the white line - but then they're also breaking the law by failing to keep as far left in the lane as practical.
  4. I'm always amazed at how 99.99% of idiots driving cars can't do this...
  5. im sure this is on the forum somewhere there has been countless discussions on it.
  6. Yep, that's correct. We did a bit of research for a magazine article recently, and that was the conclusion that we came to.

    Well, put it this way, we couldn't find anything that said that you COULD NOT do it. Of course, if someone does come up with a law, regulation or whatever that specificly proscribes lane splitting, then we'll be wrong on that.

    Not sure of the legal relevance here. Suffice it to say, one person breaking the law doesn't mitigate another's transgression.

    Anyway, what about riding ON the white line? What does the law say about that? Remember, you can cross unbroken white lines, just not when there are two of them, or that the solid line is between you and the broken line....
  7. Probably not illegal to ride on the white line, just not advisable in the wet (also most cars I see usually have their right wheel on it). I'd also like to think that if you did cross the line because someone was too far to the right that the cops would leave you alone (and hopefully book the driver instead) provided you're not doing anything stupid.
  8. It'd be nice, but I wouldn't bet on it. A moving bike attracts more attention than a stationary car at lights. Chances are that the copper would see you, the two or three neurons that he has would arc up: "Duh, motorcyclist, lane splitting, must book the motorcyclist. Must book the motorcyclist......"
  9. you would be very unlucky to get booked i think. As long as the cars are stationary and you are being cautious in your manouver then i cant really see there being a problem. Why should we have to sit behind the cars and worry about which moron is going to run into us, when we can get to the front and get away from them. :D
  10. a m/c cop came out from a street this morning and he was turning onto springvail from maroondahhighway (east people) anyway i didnt do the old come up the main road and turn into turning lane in front of all the cars trick and just stayed behind him.

    anyway i was coming down on springvail and noticed the copper stationary behind 3 cars, springvail road for all you non melb/easterners is very wide and easy to split in my mind, tossing up between morals i decided to split down a very wide path on springvail road (3 or 4 cars) then i noticed the copper catching up to me at fast pace (hear we go)

    he was riding beside me and then lifted his viser up and shook is head and moved his hand in a *insert lane splitting action here* movement and then took off onto the highway..

    then he was weaving in and out of traffic on the highway, blardy hell!

    i know he was probably just letting me know its dangerous/whatever but i dont want to be seen doing it again by him and have him pull me over and be macho, i hate when they do that :|
  11. It's one of those laws you take your chances with. Don't blatently do it in front of bike cops or TOG. Do it at a relatively slow speed. You should get away with it 999 times out of 1000. Splitting saves a heap of time, fuel costs, etc. If you do get fined one day so be it, you are probably still way ahead.
  12. Not to mention the bike (and yourself for that matter) getting hot quite quickly...

    Well said ashes
  13. Yep, this topic is an old hoary chestnut.

    The consensus is that it's legal in Vic for the reasons already mentioned... I think illegal in all other states, or near enough all states.

    Sometimes splitting has other risks.

    I recently split to the front of a queue of cars and the base ball capped P plater racer boy in a hotted up something or rather took great umbrage and honked his horn at me. I had to laugh. He must have had some pyschological issues about the size of his manhood or some such... somehow I offended him.

    So the light's go green and he plants it, beating me off the lights and zooming off into the future... thing is, I let him "win". As if I was going to get infront of some d!ckhead with attitude and zero skills... live to ride another day!


  14. Police Officers are human (yes I know it's hard to believe) but so long as you take off with both wheels attached to the road and just keep ahead of the cars and not take off like a bullet you should be alright, in other words don't stand out as you take off.

    Then again, that's my opinion and I'm not a member of the force or a lawyer so my opinion isn't worth the bytes it's made out of.
  15. I have on numerous occasions split a lane and made it to the front. I find that with my asthmatic little single i have to pick the slowest looking car to take off in front of as there have been too many instances where dickheads will try to drag you..."congrats mate, you just beat a wheezy single 240cc...bet that feels great!" It's a good idea just to back off and don't make eye contact with those types (until I get a bigger bike of course, THEN it will be a different story) :twisted: