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Traffic police kept busy in dramatic night

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. There is no hope for the road toll with crap like this. Or the driver caught at 4 times over the limit intercepted in Laverton who was on his way to Apollo Bay to pick up a friend.

    It is a dangerous time on our roads, police are just about everywhere yet they still have total disregard for other road users.

    Man caught driving five times over the blood-alcohol limit

  2. 'The driver left the scene of the accident'


    because he was probably drunk, unlicensed, suspended or a combination of all three

    AN UNLICENSED driver has been caught driving

    If Vicroads/RTA was getting paid proper fees for EVERY driver on the road, both states would be out of debt and swimming in money. Honestly, it's terrifying every time you drive or ride when you think about how many illegal drivers may be around you.
  3. Thought that this one was worthy of a mention...

  4. I can just imagine it - The poor guy went to blow in the breathiliser but accidentally planted his foot on the accelerator and destruction ensued.
  5. More likely, some stupid officer stepped out in front of the driver to wave him in, when the driver wasn't expecting it.

    I've had about three officers do that to me, two stepping out in front of me as I was slowing and turning into a breath testing area, and one just stepping out in front of me as I was passing through a road works area, where his colleagues were directing traffic.

    Sometimes Police Officers are their own worst enemy.

    The poor young fellow was probably trying to work out where the entrance was to the breath testing station, because sometimes they are set up very poorly, and he got a fright when an officer stepped out in front of him, causing him to swerve into the vehicles already stopped there.

    But yes, people will keep doing stupid things while driving even during the holiday season when Police are out in force. Mind you, for all the speeding and other traffic offenses issued in this last year, aimed at reducing the road toll, it looks like the toll is going to be pretty much the same as last year. The idiots are still being idiots, but the road toll isn't being reduced by Policing them.
  6. Nah, cruise control got stuck...
  7. A Volvo driver driving erratically. Who woulda thunk it?
  8. I've just driven 5.5hours across the state. It is absolutely farked everywhere.

    Farking fark fark.



  9. Reading this thread makes me feel a bit better for parking my bike at lunchtime on the 23rd and, so far, it hasn't been started let alone ridden. Normally a daily commute plus ....but I prefer to (a) stay alive, and (b) keep my licence
  10. Breath testing combined with licence/rego check?
    Or have another pair of cops checking all regos that drive in/by the testing station?

    I thought if this sort of thing was even a minor problem (lapsed rego, unlicenced drivers) then there would need to be a definitive responce from the police/guvvmint to address it?
    For my sake.

    (converting speed cameras to check rego wont work as the fine will go to some deceased estate or something).
  11. Drove to Bendigo & back today (300km round trip) and saw;
    - Very obvious speed camera near Woodend.
    - Divvy van at T bone crash near Elpinstone.
    - Couple of units wandering around Bendigo.
    - Police bike heading towards Bendigo on my way home.

    Pretty good chance of being caught doing something on a major freeway out of Melbourne isn't there, not!!
  12. Well that's more than I saw on Boxing day when I rode to Bendigo and back. I saw one speed camera beside the road on the way there and one cop car with a radar gun on the way back. I had expected to see quite the police presence on the road, but, nope, not a sign of them.
  13. going to wagga on Wed last week i saw 1 camera car on the hume just past seymour, got off at milawa, and didn't see another till i came back on christmas day via beechworth, whitfield, mansfield(saw 2 in mansfield),yea, whittlesea and then none till the booze bus outside platinum.
  14. they have all been based at the cricket kicking out drunks:LOL:
  15. Went from Frankston to Flowerdale (basically Yea) and saw one cop car today... Haven't even seen any speed cameras on the Westernport since Xmas Eve (though I haven't used it every day).
  16. Hornet, there's unlicensed and then there's unlicensed.

    Someone caught going in a straight line at a license losing speed on a deserted road, or someone who has racked up demerit points hasn't demonstrated an incapacity to control a vehicle IMHO... just a disrespect for the road laws.

    Then there are those that have lost their right to drive due to alcohol abuse, repeat offenses, dangerous driving, real hooning behaviour (anti social drag racing stuff and similar), driving incompetence, etc etc...

    I know which ones make me feel more uncomfortable to be on the road.