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Traffic Lights - Will I have a good enough argument?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by screwball, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Hey there Ladies and Gents,

    I have a situation around my area that is increasingly annoying and eventually going to get me into trouble with the law.

    I ride a CBR250RR and I find that no sets of traffic lights will register my presence be it 9pm Saturday night, or 6:30am on a tuesday. I usually ride up pretty quickly, and brake heavily to try and hit whatever pressureplate or sensor that triggers the lights, and usually end up backing up, retrying, backing up etc.

    Now EVERY TIME this happens, I end up having to run the red light. I have run no less than 50 since I got my bike a month ago, purely for the fact that I almost fall asleep waiting for them to change, and eventually I gather that they're not going to (at 6:30am there is only so long you can wait with NO TRAFFIC as far as the eye can see before you get sick of it) and just ride on through when it's safe.

    So if I get busted by a red light camera, will I have an argument? What alternative do I have? Can I write to someone?
  2. try putting your sidestand down DIRECTLY over one of the sensor wires.
  3. when you get to the lights, put it in neutral, put you sidestand down, and then get off the bike and run to the pedestrian crossing and push the button, and then run back to your bike
  4. You could try stopping and restarting your engine. Some people claim this triggers the wired loop sensor...
  5. stamp your foot!

    ask council to carry out assesment. they're getting old by the sound of it.
  6. go with GOOSH :wink:. If you run a red, whatever the reason, the law is black and white about it (groan, sorry) :LOL:.
  7. Look around the intersection, there is a control box with a number on it.
    Phone your local roads authority and report the fact that the inuction loop fails to pick you up when on the bike.

    They are obliged to fix it
  8. vic, can you describe where they are and what they look like?
  9. the box is a greyish kind of coloured box. on the side of it it says the number to call when there is a fault. they arent that hard to find
  10. Is there a way to know where these sensor wires are located??
  11. Like vic said. Report it because it is clearly faulty. But keep a record of all correspondence so that if you get booked, you should be able to make a case as it will prove you have tried to do the right thing and those responsible for maintenance are at fault.
  12. Just look closely at the ground. You should see some rectangular cuts in the pavement each about 1 metre long by 1/2 a metre wide right where a car would have pulled up. I always try to pull up right over to one side of it so 1. I am in a wheel track and not on an oil patch and 2. as much metal as possible is over one of the sense wires.
  13. Yeah, they're huge, like 4 foot tall.
  14. grab an old speaker and attach it to the bottom of ur bike
  15. Useless info for me, almost all of townsvilles roads have been re-sealed and you cant see where they are any more.
  16. Your looking for a large metal box around 1-1.5m high and will have a sticker on it with a number and phone number to contact.

    Mind you you've got to be careful as some road side boxes contain mobile phone base stations and othe such things just to confuse things further.
  17. If you cant see them, they cant see you ;)
  18. I can set the lights off in the ACT on the CX500 (plenty of metal on that bike!), but not on any other bike I've taken over them, including the old MVX250 and my old man's KLR650.
  19. +1
    Works most of the time
  20. No.