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traffic lights again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twistngo, May 13, 2008.

  1. Had a whinge to vicroads about the traffic lights near where I live.
    Got the following response

    I dont know which Elgar Road approach you are concerned with however I will presume it is the north approach as this would have a lower right turn demand. On the north approach the right turn lane detector loop is set one car length back from the stop line such that it takes a minimum of two vehicles to trigger the right turn arrow.

    I assume you were the only person in the queue and thus you were not detected. this arrangement stops the right turn comming up every cycle thus reducing the impact of a low demand on the operation of the site.

    If you are a regular user of this right turn and you wish to be detected I suggest you sit one car back unless there are more than one vehicle wishing to turn right.

  2. tell them to pull their heads, in motorcyclists are road users to, and as such you pay your tax levys on your registeration, and that the response is not acceptable, how does having the detector one car back make any difference to how ofter the light changes, if there is a motor vechile waiting, why should it have to wait until someone else pullls up wanting to turn as well

    what a load of bollocks
  3. but that doesnt work anyway, detectors will pick up a vehicle passing over it not just parked on top of it for a certain time

    so you pass over it to get to the lights anyway

    here is a tip, if it is nighttime flash your hight beams as you approach the junction, it should trigger the lights as well
  4. Just go buy some neodymium magnets and stick them to the bottom of the bike. if they don't make a change in the magnetic field nothing will!
  5. wtf does that really work.... I thought the only sensors were in the ground.
  6. Yeah, and be slammed by a car that fails to see you sitting at such a position. :roll: These a-holes need reaming
  7. I am all for the 1 car spot back
    if you are worried about a car turning right going to ram you, tap your brakes, and move forward... its not a common right hand turn so there shouldn't be many cars wanting to turn right

    When you approach an intersection, check out where the sensors are and sit your bike on them
  8. Works every time for me. Weight of the bike won't trigger the sensor as i Pass over it, but if I stop ontop of it the combined weight of my bike and my fat arse do the job.
  9. Not sure of the setup here in crappy Canberra but I always tend to brake a little(much) harder over the sensors and that works. Simply rolling over them and stopping always seems to cause issues down here.......
  10. ha ha flashing lights, no it might seem to work but no, they work on a metalic loop set up, it picks up metal objects
  11. Doesn't work off weight it detects the metal in your bike using an induction loop.
  12. but using your fat arse to make the metal of your bike closer (drop on the suspension) to the groung (or braking heavily for the same effect) might???
  13. Someone mentioned elsewhere to stop the bike over the sensor, pull the clutch and press the starter (while the engine is running) and the EM pulse should be big enough to trigger the cycle.
  14. thats fine if you know where the sensor is. at the intersection I wrote to them about it's not apparent where it is! stopping a car length in front is too far away!
  15. Yep, The loops change inductance based on the presence of a large metal object, i.e. your bike or car. Pulsing lights etc just add to the electrical disturbance of that loop and may improve its triggering. As others have said it is not based on weight. Inductive Road Loop

    The critical thing from twistngo's original post is that the detector loop is set back one cars length and so it may not detect you as you cross over it to the front position. There is generally a delay in pickup to prevent false triggering. Pro-pilot's point is a good one that sitting one length back from the line is a dangerous thing if Ma and Pa Cage driver are not paying attention.

    I think it is a pretty wimpy response. Usually a second loop will be installed in the front position and although you may not get the same priority if there is only one vehicle it should change eventually. In the case where two vehicles are waiting a higher priority is given and it should change earlier.
  16. Kind of a bugga that. 'Spose you have to drive thru the intersection, u-turn and do a leftie.

    I'm sure some traffic light sensors and sequences are done by disgruntled employees. My pet peev is the 3 second green arrow every 5 minutes.
  17. Actually sitting back from the line can be a good thing. Same as leaving a car space or two between you and the car in front in stopped traffic. There's a reason they tell you to sit at the "ready position" all the time and it is so you can see Ma and Pa Cager coming and be ready to scoot forward and avoid a rear ender when the cager locks up.

    The other useful thing I've found when no-one is stopped behind me but cars are in my lane and approaching, is to tap the brake on and off a few times and thus flash the brake light. Same principle as the taillight moderators but works whenever you need it.
  18. the joy of a dirt bike, and workin late nights, I have to stop the bike, stand down, walk over, press the pedestrian lights and wait...
    several corners will not work regardless, have started to walk the bike as a pedestrian and then hop on and ride home, kinda sad when I noticed there are triggers being installed for push bikes... but the good old motor bike misses out..
    could be worse...