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Traffic light sequences - how to get straight green

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OC1, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. In another thread someone was mentioning Flemington Rd between the Tulla and the City. Did you know that doing 83km/hr (it's a 60 zone) results in straight greens all the way to the city! I did this for years from 98 to 02 - and tried it last night - still works!

    A similar trick works on many other major roads - I think they call this "traffic management" as is designed to slow down cars (by traffic light sequencing) should you drive over 60km/hr.

    I case of Flemington Rd, it's to encourage you to use the tollroad.....

    However I found out long ago that this also means, at 76 to 84km/hr, you can get all green depending on the road. Barkers Rd Hawthorn is another one - as is Mont Albert Rd (watch out for the new speed/red cameras).

    Nepean Hwy - yet another. It's not luck - same speed at around the same time of day (usually outside of peak hour) and you get green, green green!

    Travel at the speed limit however at it's red, green, green, red, red etc.

    There is also the trick of using high-beam when approaching a red at night to trigger it to green - anyone tested that one out - many people say there are light sensors in the pole tops but they look pretty opaque to me?
  2. not that you encourage traveling over the limit ;)
  3. Naaah - stopped doing it ages ago, but it seems to encourage speeding for those that know the tricks.

    I got caught 2 years ago doing the Burwood Hwy run (green from Knox to Toorak Rd) - learnt about the speed trap near Elgar Rd the expensive way....

    I now only do the ones that require say 65 in a 60 zone.
  4. Or you could be famous. People like the Dalai Lama can get 'green-light-treatment' from the traffic management dudes, where they manually setup a green-light course for VIPs from the airport to the city.

    Be nice, wouldn't it? :p
  5. You're joking...... next thing the're be a secret Vicroads manual that details how to always get green light!
  6. If you do 41km/h do you still get red lights, I would also write to VicRoads and ask why this light sequence is in place.
  7. I've noticed exactly the same thing on other roads. Albert rd in Preston will give you green lights all the way through if you travel at exactly 60 km/h, and there are other roads that will only give you mostly green if you travel at a certain amount over the speed limit.
  8. Hmm, dandenong road coming into the city... Stay 10k over the limit used to gove me green lights all the way...

    But now there's "traffic safety cameras" at a few of the major intersections ie. Orrong Rd - so green-light hunting just got a lot more expensive...
  9. This brings up a question I've never been able to get a straight answer for.

    Do we have the little IR sensors on the traffic lights like in the States?

    In the US they use little IR sensors on the lights that respond to an IR strobe on emergancy vehicles to give them priority at the lights. A mate of mine in Michigan has got one he homebrewed for his Triton that works well...actually VERY well. You won't always get a completely clear run but it's rare that you ever have to actually stop.

    To give you an idea, we got from the airport in Detroit to his house in Gaylord (yes, really, it's a town) without him putting a foot down.
  10. This is for NSW.

    Mate of mine was in the government VIP protection unit.

    It's not a strobe anymore.

    It's a radio frequency.

    It also gets registered that a change happened back at the base, and any traffic cameras in the area get checked to see who it was.

    Unfortunately when you buy the "ex escort cars" at auction they remove all that stuff. Including the mobile phone jammer that's in the bumper.

    Granted you get a bullet proof car though (which my mate had for a while. Heavy as hell volvo. Great car though).

  11. Is a bulletproof volvo really the best thing to be letting volvo drivers out on the road with???? :p

    Could you imagine the trail of destruction?
  12. Yeah the Dandy road one from memory was 10km/hr over the limit - the speed/red light camera is pretty easy to slow down for - maybe it's now 15km/hr???