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traffic light entertainment

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. I often see things happen at lights that are amusing. today was one of those days. seeing a hot mbike blast off from lights is and everyday occurrence. seeing people do wheelies is not every day, maybe once a month. today's wheelie was a bit different.

    1st gear, fast but not over the top
    2nd gear, fast but not over the top
    3rd gear (at about 80-100kph) he popped the front wheel so high I though he was a gonner, but he held it and then after about 100 meters, he lowered it with a thump, which im sure the front shocks loved.....

    I can just see the advert for this bike in future sale. 'great fast bike with near new front tyre'
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  2. With steering head bearings recently replaced.
  3. And new fork seals. It still looks cool when we do it though.
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    I've never been great at wheelies but have been learning to clutch the 'tard up over the past few weeks. Went out yesterday and spent about 3 hours cruising around practicing in industrial areas near my place. By the end of the day I was getting pretty consistent with it. A guy on a Harley pulled up next to me at the lights on $Redacted Road, I took off, popped it in second and rode it about 100m down the road with the front wheel in the air...

    Unashamedly, I felt like an absolute f!cking god 3:)
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  5. Your name wouldn't happen to be Richard by any chance? Richard Cranium
  6. If you are going to call people names do it with a smile or your posts will start dissapearing, get my drift ?
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  7. Sorry! I am an old fart and not a big user of forums or social media. Not real proficient and usually just manage the basics without the trimmings. I will be a little more subtle in the future. :)
  8. Good on ya mate, thanks.
  9. An old fart that hasn't grown up enough to stop resorting to name calling.
  10. On the subject of other things seen at intersections. Mainly in adjacent cars.
    • Women, mainly ;) touching up their makeup.
    • People eating bowls of cereal.
    • Reading the newspaper.
    • Lots of Mobile phone fiddling.
    • A woman with her head in the drivers lap, didn't see what was going on there. I am sure it was quite innocent. :whistle:
    • Grooming a miniature dog.
    • Drinking beer.
    Any others?
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    • coffee in one hand and smoke in the other
    • pulling bongs
    • large dogs on drivers lap with head out window
    • reading books or Kindles
    • taking photos with Ipads
  11. Phone wedged betweeen head and shoulder so posture somewhat resembled Stephen Hawking, diary or notebook held open on the steering wheel with one hand, (not holding the wheel, just the diary) and a pen in the other writing something in the diary while turning head n shoulders together (remember phone wedged on shoulder) so as to refer to other papers spread open on the passenger seat. All this at 90-100 on the Eastern Freeway during the morning rush.

    I stayed well away!
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  12. I once saw a guy driving down the M1 in a van playing the recorder (with both hands).
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  13. Just yesterday!


    Motorist nabbed driving with both feet on dashboard on freeway: police

    A motorist caught driving with both feet on the dashboard of his car on the Princes Freeway has been fined by police.

    Police said they stopped the man in his four-wheel drive at Avalon, west of Melbourne, around 5:00pm.

    Officers said the car had been on cruise control at the time.

    When he was pulled over the man told highway patrol members his legs were sore from working all day, police said.

    The 55-year-old Lovely Banks man was fined $221 for failing to have full control of his vehicle.

    A police media statement said "Geelong Highway Patrol members couldn't believe their eyes" when they spotted the man.