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Traffic Jeans (Draggin Jeans)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FormerUser3, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Just thought I would share an experiance I had at the MotoGP Expo.
    Draggin Jeans offered traffic jeans for $215 (normally $239) + you get free armour. I currently have a pair of Classic Regular size 34, so I purchase a pair of Traffic Jeans size 34, get them back to where we are staying and notice the seams have not been sewn correctly, thats cool I can take them back Sunday and change them over.
    I might just try them on, well I had just put on another 20kg according to the jean size, thats right I looked like warrick capper in jeans.
    So I take them back on Sunday to Draggin Jeans, oops I was then told that the sizing of these are not the same, you need a bigger size, so the next question is can i have a size 36, none in stock.

    So I have paid for the Traffic Jeans and hope to receive them within 3 weeks, and I haven't tried them on yet.

  2. Hey steve i got my traffics from the factory. I got the same size as my classics?? But the only thing i did pay top $$$ and no free armour.. :(
  3. erghhh, nothing more annoying than going somewhere that has every combination of cut, colour, and size available except what you need, i did that with helmets and a jacket last week.

    i've got the draggin traffic jeans and they're worth the wait, very comfy and not the 'spray-on' style ie their original line :wink:
  4. Interesting that you got the same size Paul, they told me I needed to go up a size due to the process the traffic traffic jeans go thru when made, such as pre washing etc.
  5. Steve, i deal with draggin all the time and I've ordered a set of traffic in for a customer - they certainly never told me i had to go up a size!
    I'll be ringing them today to find out
  6. Give them a call because that is what I was told by the owners wife at the MotoGP Expo, she said every person has gone up a size in these jeans.
    Let me know how you go...

  7. ummm... maybe that is the nicest way she can say your getting fat and lay of the coffee :LOL: :p :wink: j/k
  8. They look alright... can we still get them at the reduced price?
  9. i think they were only at the moto gp expo mate
  10. Ring them up and tell them you were at MotoGP and because it was so busy you didn't get a chance to hang around.
    As long as you quote the prices I am sure they will look after you, you were able to order them at motoGP with the same special deal if they didn't have them in stock.
  11. I was told in MCAS Sydney to go up a size as well in the Draggin Jeans cargo pants. They said they are a tighter fit so if you are a 34, but a 36. However, I tried them on and I am a size 36 (usually), and I bought a 36 which are a little bit loose.
  12. I've bought a pair last week and my usual size (8) did not fit very well. The legs were too tight. I went for a size 10 and they have to take the waist in a bit.
  13. XXsteve, i asked him today, he said most people don't have to change sizes in the pants, it's sometimes the um.. optimistic people about their size that seem to need it :D
    I didn't change sizes for my 5 pair , and no one i've sold any to have :)
  14. $160, $215, or $240 it doesn't matter they are still gunna make a guzzillion.
  15. Trust me, I am not optimistic about my size, I am a size 34 in Draggin Jeans and they are a bit loose, but the traffic jeans were way too tight in size 34. The funny thing is that I also wear Billabong Jeans and my size in them is size 32.

    So too say I need a size 36 Traffic Jean seems a bit odd, will see how things go when they arrive in the next couple of weeks.
  16. I'll give you a second opinion when the pair that are on back order arrive :D
  17. I have since put on my regular draggins and they probably are a little looser, but not to much difference. I would day that the traffics are way more comfy, denim not quite as thick.
  18. Well got my Traffic Jeans with a bonus set on armour, and the size 36 fits, a bit tight around the legs but I can handle that because I am guessing they may stretch a bit.
    But they really have the sizing wrong.