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VIC Traffic Infringement Notices

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Raging Bull, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Greetings to all motorcycle riders from the Raging Bull. I believe this topic may well be of interest to the vast of majority of motorcycle riders, traffic camera infringement notices.

    Recently I received 2 of the above-mentioned sources of aggravation in the mail. Unbelievably, these infringements were sustained on the same stretch of road, separated by about 20 Kilometres. One penalty was for exceeding the posted limit by 4KPH whilst the second was a terrible excess of between 10 and 15 KPH.

    OK, I just know some of you will already be saying something like, "you d...head" or something even more derogatory. But before you psychologically dismiss me as a tool, let me just say that this is the first time I have been 'stung' in more than 10 years of consistent riding. The other issue was that normally I like to go hard as it were, everywhere, whereas in this particular day, just for a change I decided to just chill, take it real easy and enjoy the nice weather and for a change, some of the gently flowing scenery. I was riding my Ducati 1098S, very gently, a couple of gears lower than usual to help the machine move smoothly, as apposed to hunting, farting and grunting in higher gear. The weather was clear and sunny, the traffic was very light; this was midweek, early afternoon when most people were working, the perfect combination for enjoying a cruise. The bottom line here is that the 2 so-called 'safety cameras' were placed in locations that were, on reflection, in situations that were conducive for maximizing government revenue and yet, in positions whereby the relevant sections of highway were straight as an arrow and certainly rated highly in overall safety margins.

    I am not complaining per se about the actual penalties, because I was just not observant enough on the day, and because of that issue alone, I probably deserve what I received. The issue however goes a little further because, I am more than certain that a police officer on mobile patrol would not even look sideways at someone who may be travelling at the heinous rate of 4KPH over the posted limit. That same officer might just possibly pull you over and have a chat for doing the 10 -15KPH over the posted limit, and then, with some humble pie conversation, admitting liability and talking shit about the wonders of a Ducati, there is a high probability the said officer might use his discretionary powers and issue you with a warning at best or maybe a reduction in penalty worst.

    Think about it. When you ride your machine on a highway that is relatively free of traffic, and you are travelling at approximately the speed limit, in other words, there are no immediate physical references such at other vehicles around you, then there is a more than even chance you are not going to be looking down at your speedo for an opinion of your velocity. Infact, looking down at any time at your instruments is not only foolhardy on a motorcycle, but also unbelievably dangerous. Most of your movements on a motorcycle are intuitive and referenced by things around you and the sound, feel of your machine.

    After all this, all I want to say here is that mobile speed cameras are nothing other than revenue raising machines for the government and do absolutely nothing whatsoever to change driver/rider behaviour. I certainly will not be changing my modus operandi so traffic camera office...."FOXTROT UNIFORM CHARLIE KILO YANKEE OSCAR UNIFORM!

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  2. You know what pisses me off about speed cameras, people slow down for them even if they are not speeding, and the goons spot them, slow down and then speed off once past them......To me they are like ATM's, like ATM's reduce the number of bank tellers, speed cameras satisfy the governments need with less police......
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  3. So you get an official warning for the first one due to your good record then try and get out of the second on the grounds that if you had been promptly informed you had infringed the first time you wouldn't have on the second?
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  4. #4 Raging Bull, Jul 11, 2015
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    Yes my friend, that is indeed what happened. I did get a warning on the first but the second one remains as a 3 point demerit. Trust me on this however; all this did was to piss me off immensely, it did nothing to change my rider habits in any way, shape or form. The bottom line is that I will continue to do whatever I feel like that accords with my own personality and my own ethos. Clearly, based on at least the past 10 years of penalty free motorcycle riding, it appears, for me personally anyway, that when I go faster, I am much more cognisant of my total environment, and as such I remained penalty free. Conversely, when I consciously attempt to stay within the guidelines, I get penalized. You know what follows, don't you!

    In short, again: FOXTROT UNIFORM CHARLIE KILO the wankers/traffic camera office together with the bullshit legislators who consistently lie to their constituents.

    That is SPOT ON Pompy. But that is commonsense, something our so-called legislators find difficult to grasp.
  5. Yup well the camera's don't normally pick you and your stable up 'cos you're going faster than the camera can click you see.... :)
  6. He he ha ha, and loving it 8-|
  7. I passed a mobile camera car on the long 2 lane straight on Warringah Rd next to Manly Golf Course a week or so back.I was doing 70 in a 60 zone.
    They must have just set up as I dont see any flash and nothing has come in the mail.Tiny signs on tripods about 300mm high and plain white small size indistinct 4 wheel drive. Absolutely bloody PATHETIC.Thank God my crazy speed didn't kill or maim anyone that day.Thats me and the other dozen vehicles doing exactly the same speed.
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    so.. about $30 a year to ride and drive at whatever speed you feel like (time and place permitting)? not bad really :D
    if they had that as an option when you renew your licence, I'd pay the $30 :)

    and therein lies the problem for many drivers/riders... complacency.. (and I'm not aiming this at you :) )

    it's a big issue that many people feel "safe" when going about the speed limit, and become complacent and don't pay attention to their surroundings, yet a few km/hr more and they start paying attention? they should be paying attention all the time...

    your case may have just been bad luck/timing, but take this one as a reminder that there are (wallet) dangers regardless of the safety of your speed.. :D

    and yeah, Vicnannytoria sucks for sneaky enforcement

    it was also probably the best time for you to get busted (taking it easy), and is a testament to your normal riding style in terms of choice of time and place :)
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    The raging Bull cannot argue with your logic Oldcorolla ;) And yes, he is extremely selective as to when and where he performs, so to speak; "it has to do with the factors of commonsense and the awareness of the consequences of one's actions", he replies in the third person because he likes people to think he is a wanker.....Grinning now.
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  10. I had a similar experience about 15 years ago, driving a 1960's car from Vic to NSW with a crappy 1L engine and 2 speed auto... middle of nowhere, tried to get a runup at a hill (cos it wouldn't make it otherwise) and didn't realise there was camera sitting juuust before the 60-80 change... muthapuckers.... :D so I share your angst :)
  11. Not really perfect logic, but I get what you're saying! :finger:
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  12. Yeah Zim. It's sort of like the current gun laws, in a round-about sort of way. If you are a normally law abiding citizen who contravenes the rules by a poofteenth, you will get prosecuted to the full extent of the law. However, if you are a drug-f..ked armed robber with a shitload of violent priors, you just tell the adjudicator about your misspent childhood or the last time you were molested as a child and,hey f..king presto, another suspended sentence to continue f..king over the populace at your discretion. Yeah, I know, that's drawing a long bow, but that's actually what happens in our current society. You should take a seat in the in the body of some of our courts when you have a spare couple of days, listen and learn, you will be absolutely horrified to witness first hand the inconsistencies of our legal system, together with the leniency served up to recidivist criminal filth.

    Now, what was I just about to do? Oh yeah, a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc with a bagel of fried bacon....mmmmm.
  13. I got done doing 2, that's right, 2 F***ING KPH OVER.

    Suffice to say I was bloody pissed.
  14. Given an able bodied adult walks at around 4.5-5km/h, that's pitiful.
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    Your alleged speed was 2km/h over the limit but your detected speed was higher?**

    The detected speed is what was recorded on a speed measuring device. The alleged speed is a lesser speed and is what the police will allege in court was the speed of the vehicle. A 2-3 km/h deduction from the detected speed is to account for the margin of error allowed in the device.


    <edit> ** Should have been question mark instead of full stop

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  16. I got it removed in court, since my actual dectected speed was 62km/h, it was just a while lot of hassle for nothing.
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    Link: 1000's of drivers fined for speeding just a few kilometers over the limit

    Zac Murray was fined for doing the speed limit.

    A Queensland Police spokesman said an administrative error was to blame and there was no issue with the accuracy of the camera. It happened while the camera was being tested by the operator, and the notice sent out by mistake.

    The fine that amused Zac Murray Source: Supplied

    A TOWNSVILLE man has copped a $146 fine for driving 1km/h over the speed limit.

    Jake Cassidy, 21, was pulled over on December 23 and accused of clocking 61km/h in a 60km/h zone.

    Mr Cassidy was driving a company car on a delivery and is not convinced he was 1km/h over. The police officer did not use a speed gun to catch Mr Cassidy but measured the speed by driving behind him.

    Jake Cassidy was booked for going 1km/h above the speed limit. Picture: Evan Morgan

    "He told me I was speeding and I said I wasn't and it kind of went back and forth," he said.

    Mr Cassidy claimed that, during the argument, the officer told him the fine was a case of "revenue raising".

    Yesterday after being contacted by The Courier-Mail for comment, police said Mr Cassidy's fine was "being reviewed".

    Mr Cassidy then received a call from police telling him the fine had been cancelled and offering him an apology. Last night, police were unable to say what triggered the change but added officers would continue "scrutiny of all road users" to ensure safety of the public.

    "Kirwan police will continue to maintain vigilance towards road safety through the Christmas break and into the New Year," they said.

    "The circumstances around the issuing of this particular infringement notice have been reviewed and the decision to cancel the infringement has been approved by senior police."

    Mr Cassidy said he was going to attend the police station to question the fine before he received the call.

    "They just said the officer was in the wrong and they were cancelling the ticket," he said.

    He said the apology made "a little bit" of difference, but he questioned whether the fine would have been waived had they not been contacted by The Courier-Mail.

    Mr Cassidy said he had lost his licence for speeding in 2012 and said the incident forced him to rethink his attitude.

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  19. what's with the bent number plate? new fad?

    maybe the extra wind resistance from leaving the plate flat would have kept him at 60 instead of 61 :D
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  20. #20 Raging Bull, Jul 13, 2015
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    Yes Sir. You are merely telling me (don't know about others) what I already know and understand. Nevertheless, I stand by my view that these devices do nothing whatsoever to change rider/driver behaviour, other than causing the individual to be more observant regarding their spurious whereabouts. In practice, (I assume) you know as well as I do, that the greatest percentage of drivers/riders slow down when they see these cretinous machines and when the coast is clear in their minds, they resume their alleged anti social behaviour. I also remain committed to my view that the majority of police would not even consider pulling over a driver/rider due a detected speed of say 4 to 6 KPH over the posted limit, with the exception of course, if the said driver/rider chose to arrogantly overtake the police vehicle whilst so doing.

    The bottom line, based on many years of practical experience, not only as a motorcycle rider: traffic cameras raise revenue and do not change rider/driver behaviour. More police on the road can and do change rider/driver behaviour, with the additional advantage of being negotiable and discretionary in a commonsense manner whereby the mindless machines are totally non negotiable.

    Only a one word explanation for this policeman's overzealous behaviour: "DICKHEAD"

    And so says the Raging Bull
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