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VIC Traffic Camera Commissioner resigns

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Heli, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. A thorn in the side of Victorian motorcycling has announced his resignation as of this Friday, 5th February 2016.

    Gordon Lewis has consistently failed to abide by his terms of reference by attacking motorcycling throughout his term in office. He will not be missed.

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  2. Good riddance
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  3. HeeHeeHeeHeeHeeHeeHeeHeeHee!!!! :woot::woot::woot::joyful::joyful::joyful::sneaky::sneaky::sneaky::finger::finger::finger:
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  4. good. but sometimes it's better the devil you know....
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  5. Whilst I thought that originally, the absolute breakdown of communication with Lewis has existed for his term in office despite all attempts to create a common ground. His original report to Parliament which quoted stats which were attributed to a report which proved not to exist created him embarrassment, and like all good political animals he chose to attack the messenger rather than admit his error.
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  6. Yes, possibly. There were two things wrong with this appointment. The first was that it was from the very beginning a spin campaign set up to convince the public that it was about fairness when in reality it was used as a public relations exercise for the privatised enforcement industry. The second is that the individual was apparently content to recite the provider line, and appeared to have a particular and prejudiced view of some roads users.
    It'll be interesting to see how this government approaches it. They may decide that it hasn't worked and not replace him at all. Having a Commissioner at all implies that the system cannot be trusted to deliver fairness.
    Not expecting a knight in shining armour.
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  7. Good riddance.
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  8. You don't get those jobs unless you're willing to toe the party line. Maybe that's why he "resigned", or his conscience got to him.

    I've never heard of this guy, what did he do, or didn't do?
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  9. Lets see which political sycophant no longer up for the main game but still wants to add to his pension fund gets the gig
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  10. If the RSCC office is truly meant to provide independent scrutiny of the camera system, they should put an anti camera proponent in the job... yeh, like that is going to happen.
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  11. IMO it can't be independent while it's part of (or resourced by) the DoJ.
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  12. #12 cjvfr, Feb 2, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2016

    The major modern proponent of front number plates for bikes. Despite previous reports by Vicroads, International best practices etc he continuously had it stuck in his fudgy old brain that rampant avoidance of speed cameras was being perpetrated by motorcyclists. He would take numberplate misread statistics and lump them all in as no front numberplate fails to read. As Heli said he was not a friend to motorcyclists. I agree with the above Good Riddance.

    The one achievement he had was to but check metering in for speed cameras so most highway cameras have road loop checks and they need to agree for a ticket to be issued. After the debacles of point to point cameras with un synchonised clocks used in calculation, lack of periodic calibration tests on fixed radar installations etc he really had no choice but to enforce a more professional approach to the rather cowboy manner the systems had been setup.
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  13. Interestingly the term of office is for not more than three years, yet the reports today are that he 'resigned' which implies that he was given a choice? And furthermore the appointment is 'held on a part-time basis'!

    There is currently no representative from the motorcycling world on the Commissioner's Reference Group: this needs fixing by any new Commissioner.

    Under the reports to Parliament requirement:

    (3) In a report under this section, the Commissioner must not make a finding or comment adverse to a person or body unless the person or body has been given an opportunity of being heard in the matter and the defence of the person or body is fairly set out in the report.

    Does anyone know of an instance where Lewis complied with this during his annual attack on motorbikes?

    Then there are the four so-called 'Values' listed at the front of each report to Parliament......... :banghead:
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  14. No Cookies | Herald Sun

    FORMER County Court judge Gordon Lewis is quitting his role as Victoria’s first independent road safety camera commissioner.

    He has told the State Government he wants to retire at the age of 81 and will finish up as speed and red light camera watchdog this week.

    A replacement for Mr Lewis has not yet been announced.

    Mr Lewis’s recommendations during his four years in the job resulted in motorists being refunded millions of dollars in wrongly paid fines.

    “All the errors my office identified were human ones, I have yet to find a case of a malfunctioning traffic camera,” he told the Herald Sun today.

    “Prior to my appointment it was common ground in debates that public confidence in road safety cameras was at an all-time low.

    “The motoring public will never love speed and red light cameras, but I hope they will have confidence in their efficiency.

    “Very few people now allege that cameras are malfunctioning as a result of the much greater transparency which surrounds the traffic camera system now.

    “The most hurtful thing that has been said to me in the past four years is when people have queried my independence.

    “Those who challenge my independence should know that the government has had to refund about $2.7 million to motorists on my recommendations arising from three specific incidents.

    “No one who has witnessed the blazing rows I have had with some senior officials would ever question my independence.”

    Almost 1000 motorists who inadvertently sped in an inadequately signed 40km/h zone near roadworks had their fines scrapped as a result of Mr Lewis’s investigation into the Keilor Park Road bridge site.

    Thousands more motorists had their red light camera fines withdrawn after Mr Lewis revealed the lights were incorrectly set and were not remaining on amber as long as they were supposed to.

    Hundreds of motorist got refunds after being wrongly fined by a camera on EastLink which should have been turned off for testing.

    One of the first things Mr Lewis did after being appointed was investigate widespread complaints about the accuracy of speed cameras on EastLink’s Wellington Road bridge.

    “I engaged independent traffic engineers to carry out tests on every camera on EastLink,” he said.

    “The publicity given to the result of that investigation that the cameras were all functioning efficiently seemed almost overnight to assuage the concerns of the motoring public and the number of complaints received annually fell from more than a hundred to one or two.

    “Any attack on the electronic efficiency of the whole fixed road safety camera system was bound to fail because in the case of speed, two utterly independent speed measuring systems had to correlate with 2km/h or an infringement would not be issued.

    “Similarly, in the unlikely event of dual failure, both the radar sensor beside the camera and the electronic sensors in the roadway would have to malfunction to exactly the same extent.

    “To accept that as likely requires an unyielding belief in aliens invading the planet.”

    Police Minister Wade Noonan today paid tribute to Mr Lewis and thanked him for his service to the community.

    “As Victoria’s first independent Road Safety Camera Commissioner, Mr Lewis has been a tireless public advocate for the transparency and accuracy of the state’s camera system,” Mr Wade told the Herald Sun.

    “Victorians now have access to more information than ever before on the operations, the accuracy and the safety benefits of the state’s speed and red light cameras.

    “He has been a key adviser on measures that may further improve public confidence and transparency in road safety cameras.”

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  15. Crikey .. he is 81??

    OMG what is the retirement age in Victoristan?
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  16. I was always taught that if you didn't have anything nice to say to someone, just tell them to fcuk off.
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  17. Gordon Lewis steps down as Victoria's road safety camera commissioner

    Outgoing road safety camera commissioner Gordon Lewis has had one final crack at those who believe speed cameras are little more than "revenue raisers" for the government.

    Mr Lewis is stepping down after almost five years in the role and joined Neil Mitchell for one last chat.

    Throughout the interview, Mr Lewis;

    • Defended 40 kilometre zones.
    • Told drivers not to trust cruise control.
    • Explained why he was stepping aside.
    He also had one final point to make to those questioning the purpose of speed cameras.

    "How can you have speed enforcement unless you have sanctions?" Mr Lewis questioned.

    "To those people who take great joy in telling me cameras are revenue raisers – I say "you're spot on, let's give you a few weeks imprisonment instead."

    "Nobody seems to show any enthusiasm for that?"

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  18. He is completely and utterly absorbed by the speed kills and speed enforcement road safety mantra and the sanctity of the speed camera system. The next person will be the same.
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  19. Good riddance...

    This is one Commissioner Gordon that Batman and Gotham City won't miss.

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  20. Judges are the very worst people to choose for that position. Their entire training is in rigid linear thinking based on former precedent and a strict set of rules. The position calls for someone who can think outside of the box. His final statements in the 3AW interview says it all, fines or imprisonment, an either or situation. The real situation is that there are alternatives and options if only a broader view was brought to bear.
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