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Traditional streetfighter- Rebuilding a stacked sportsbike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mahoney, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Hey, so, I'm pondering the practicalities of this as a project.

    I really dig the ethos of the original streetfighter concept, taking a binned sportsbike and ripping off all the fairings and plastics, maybe a new dark paintjob and maybe leaving a few dings, but being left with a stripped down racer with a minimal of weight and a maximum of riding fun.

    I love riding the hills, doing long k's and riding in all practical weather. I also have 11 months left on restrictions, so I dont mind a long term project.

    I keep seeing these stacked gixxers pop up on ebay, this is a good example of what I'm looking at:

    Scratched up GSXR1000

    I'm not thinking any massive mods here, stripping fairings, new headlights and indicators, and strip and paint tank, mudguards and fairings. Back on the road, naked and no bling.

    Has anyone been down this road before? How hard is it to re-register something like this?
    I'm not that fussed about spending a bit of cash, I don't want to spend 10k on a naked sportsbike but I think I might get this project done on about 5 or 6k and end up with something unique and fun.

    Also, has anyone tried to totally low-ball the wreckers? I'd pay 3.5k for something I was mostly going to remove stuff from, but would there be any chance of picking up this for more like $2000? Is there a lot of demand for these bikes?


  2. I think a basic consideration (since you like long rides) would be whether the bike you intend to modify is going to be comfortable, or at least easily modified to become comfortable. - I wonder if a Gixxer 1000 is going to fit that bill?
  3. talk to Blocka he did something similar
  4. Comfortable? Did you read the details; it's got a custom top triple clamp and Helibars.

    It highlights the iniquitous state of insurance in this country; that bike should NOT have been written off in the first place.

    As for your original question, buy it and restore it to how it SHOULD be and ride it; why make a crashed bike look even worse?
  5. Check out streetfighters.com.au for help and inspiration. I think it is a great idea. I plan on building one myself when I have somewhere to work on it.
  6. If you decide you need a customised seat, may I recommend that you go see Kev at VCM? - He is the man when it comes to that sort of work.

  7. Absolutley, if that was my bike and I stacked it, I would have bought it back from the insurance company straight up. Their loss, potentially my win.

    As for looks, there's roughly 30 million gixxers in Australia (give or take a few) and apart from blingo, exhausts and the odd sticker, they all look the bloody same. No one needs reminding what a gsxr looks like.

    If I could buy an off the shelf naked sportsbike with USD forks, twin discs and an aggressive riding position for under 10 grand, I would.

  8. Give the Gixxer man (Michael) a call and talk to him about what you want to do.
    From comments made by other netriders and the bird at vicreg, you will not get a modified bike past a Viv. I may be wrong, check it out first tho
  9. Have heard similar to above. To pass a viv in vic it needs to be restored to its pre-acccident condition.

    You'd be much better off picking up an uninsured pranged bike (they crop up on ebay pretty regularly) and avoiding to whole viv reaming.
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  10. You CERTAINLY won't get it passed in NSW.
  11. Do it, there is a naked gixxer at my work occasionally. I didn't know what the hell it was for a few days. I'll try to post a photo.
  12. Yes. A $1.40 on a naked, is quite a bit harder on a rider than a faired bike.
    Also, the gixxer engine was designed for running high revs, where their power is delivered. You would need to change engine mapping to put the power lower in the revs, and increase torque. You can fit different sprockets to help this, and makes it more useful.
    Having a naked that'll do 1.50 in first, is a bit silly
  13. It's only as silly has having a faired bike that will do 150 in first.

    Most states in Aus have changed their laws regarding repairing written off vehicles. The end result is is can;t be done. There are some exceptions (QLD I think you can sometimes re-register written off bikes) not sure about Vic, NSW it's no-go. That ebay Ad only lists accident damaged though, so it might not be on the written off register.

    I got this registered last year from a write-off in NSW, but it was written off before the new laws were in place (I had it in my garage for years) and it passed it's safety check (once I put a speedo back on it heh) just last week. So first thing is to check that out, if it's written off then it's not likely to ever be ridden again. If it wasn't written off by an insurer(or if Vic are using different rules then go for it!

    As for building and owning a streetfighter, I couldn't recommend it more. Mine isn't very serious, but there is always something to tinker with. You have to be fairly handy with a wrench and be willing to give it some time for maintenance and mods. Best part is you will never end up parking next to another bike like yours, and I think that's worth riding such an ugly bike :)
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  14. My naked does 130 in first. Only marginally less silly.

    What is really silly is fully-faired 250s that only do 130km/h top speed top-gear ;-)
  15. Tim, that looks awesome, and that's a great photo, the backlighting and the long exposure are great. Thanks for the advice too, I've also seen non-stacked gixxers come up for around the 6-7k mark as well, which would suit me fine. I guess the advantage of getting something in riding condition already is that I can get it on the road and work out what I want to do with it before I start.

    I can't be botherered battling red tape just to get a motorbike on the road, so I will look for something scratched but not written off. I also don't want to battle the law when I want to sell it, so what kind of "modifications" are no-nos in the eyes of the law?

    Part of the reason I want something with a more sports oriented riding position, is that it takes alot of effort to tuck in on a bike that's setup for an upright position.
    I really notice the difference in wind resistance and centre of gravity when I'm tucked in on the GS, but because it's basically an upright bike with a fairing, I have to squish myself into an un-natural feeling posture, and I get pretty stiff after a day in the hills.

  16. My bike is just cheap fun, and I have enough skill to keep it together so it works out. it only owes me $2k, I don't think I will ever bother selling it! I like it cause it's rough and ready. it performs well is unique and I don't care too much when things happen to it. If I drop it I just have to spray that part black again and no-one can tell :)

    Building a bike like that is about making a bike that's right for you, so they aren't the best things to sell. There isn't anything you really have to worry about with the legalities though, unless you start cutting up frames and swapping motors. If all you want is a tidy nice looking bike then go buy this one. if you really want to build and work on your own bike, either wait till you find an uninsured wreck you can get cheap or buy a bike that's already on the road and just tweak it over time.

    Don't worry too much about tucking in, street riding is about having fun, not contorting yourself for a few tenths a lap. plus, a streetfighter doesn't have anything to tuck behind :) Most fun on the street happens under 100kph anyway, there's not much wind to hide from.

  17. That ebay link? exactly what I'm talking about! I'd jump on that if it was in Vic and I didn't have so long to go on restrictions.

    While that's cool, I've done 5,500km in 4 months on my little GS500, and that ain't from riding in the streets!
    I find I really get knocked around when I'm over 80, and over nearer 100 or on a windy day I spend most of my time tucked down. This at least stops my upper body from becoming a sail for the wind to catch, is this totally irrelevant on a naked bike?
    I would have though even without a fairing there would at least be some beneft?
  18. I ran flat bars on an unfaired gpz900r for a long time. Good for long distance high speed runs. Never did much long distance stuff with a fairing, bikes I had seemed to buffet my helmet with the wind over the screen.
  19. By that statement, you don't understand superbikes...any of the thou's, are fundamentally designed for track riding, thus the first gear speeds. The fairings play a major role in keeping the rider secure at high speeds. Take them all off and at speed, the rider will be having a hard time at 1.50 upwards.

    Thus I suggested the engine and gearing mods to make it perform better as a street fighter, than just a thou with no fairings.

    You would still need a bikini fairing of sorts. I would anyway!
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