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Trading Post Newspaper gone....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by grange, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. THE Trading Post - the classifieds bible that had a star billing in The Castle - will no longer appear in print after more than 40 years in newspaper form.
    The Australian reports Telstra's Sensis directories division, which bought The Trading Post in 2004, has decided to close the newspaper operations to focus on the tradingpost.com.au website.

    The Trading Post will continue to be printed as a weekly for the next month, with the final editions to be published on October 29.

    It is understood the decision will result in almost 280 positions being made redundant at the end of October.

    Tradingpost.com.au has experienced a 30 per cent increase in advertising volume in the past two years, with print adverts continuing to decline.

    According to the latest figures, the newspaper averages 469,000 readers a week and the website 1.8 million unique browers a month.

    Sensis paid $636 million for the Trading Post group of 22 print publications and five websites in March 2004, trumping Fairfax Media, but the business was soon struggling under the onslaught of online competition.

  2. There are still many people who don't use the internet to buy and sell stuff and want to do it the old fashioned way.
    Typical Telstra.
  3. someone's going to say it, might as well be me

    tell 'em they're dreamin'

    typical contemptuous Telstra
  4. **** 'em.

    They deserve to fold and go bust.

    Dirty shonky pricks
  5. It really is a sad day............

    "dad.... a guys selling a...... phonebox"
  6. "Jousting sticks?"

    The online trading post is utter shite; I guess this will be a boon for other paper-based sellers such as The Age and motor mags...
  7. Local papers will pick up the print classifieds business. They're probably stoked.

    It's not a stupid move by Sensis. A shame for people who don't use the net, but a compariticely cheaper, dynamic, easily up-date-able way to reach more people?

    :arrow: It's hard to argue with that.
  8. I wonder if that will mean they'll do something about fixing up their appalling web based service? The search function is bad enough, but they need to get redundant ads cleaned out ASAP, not months after the item is sold. And get rid of some of the shonky sellers (not as bad as ebay in that regard, though).
    It's a shame. Wasted many happy hours chasing 'bargains' and nailed a few, too.
  9. What's a pulpit?

    If it ain't making a buck and the vast majority of people are using the web, I don't see why they should bother.

    Plus, the fact that they can finally ditch the print side means they might be able to start offering something vaguely decent online.
  10. Well said Titus - lets hope they make their online services relevent and useful. It's next to useless at the moment...
  11. I blame that stupid paper for my shitty back.

    I used to stack it on pallets ready to be taken on to the back of trucks.

    Those were some shitty days.
  12. there was always a few cheaper things that you cant find on ebay. You would occasionally be browsing and something would catch your eye that you weren't really looking for..........

    +1 for their online site being pathetic
  13. What the f*** am I going to do now if I want to buy a hardly used mattress or Shitzu Maltese cross puppy now if my internet is down?????????? :shock:
  14. A lot of people seem to be habitual buyers looking for a bargain, even if they don't actually need anything. At least this will mean less paper.

    And maybe some will finally be forced to interact with workmates in the lunchroom instead of burying their head in the paper.
  15. I have found that at times it is more interesting to just browse the trading post paper, than go to the online sites of trading post, ebay, e.t.c., and have to think of what you wish to search for....
  16. When are they going to get rid of Telstra, Its crap.
  17. I feel sorry for the people that are going to lose their jobs. Hopefully there will be something for them. I think many of them will be phone operators who take calls from non web users.

    I use to like the Trading Post many many years ago. I have not used it for the past 10-15 years.
  18. The website's bloated and slooooooooow so buggered if I'll bother with it. Same as anything that's been touched by Sensis, they just destroy decent websites.

    RIP paper Trading Post, I'll miss you.
  19. They had a good run.
    Technology eventually catches up with with most of us,
  20. That would explain why I rang them yesterday to place an ad and was told it would be $40! This is for an item which we are selling for $100. Not worthwhile.