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Trading in a bike for a car?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by havok9, May 15, 2014.

  1. Well the time has come where practicality has to take precedence over enjoyment and it looks like it's time to swap two wheels for four.

    Has anyone had any experience trading in a bike towards a car? Did you get gouged more than normal, or is it a similar gouging to trading in a car?
    I know I'd get plenty more selling privately but the transition needs to happen at the same time, and I'm really only interested in change-over price.

    The place I bought it from (new) sells both bikes and cars, so I am hoping that it would be a semi-regular occurance for them... but if I end up elsewhere do car dealerships generally take bikes as trade in?
  2. "Trading in a bike for a car" ? Sentences like that make mono-popping baby Jesus cry. :cry:

    As long as the dealership deals in both bikes and cars then I cannot see any other reason as to why you couldn't trade a bike in for a car, except for making baby Jesus cry. ;) I don't expect car-only dealerships to accept bikes as trade in. Call around and ask though.

    Expect to get absolutely shafted though.
    The two cars currently in use at my abode have been ones that were purchased off of family/friends at the trade-in price that they were offered. The insurance companies we use have both quoted those vehicles at a value close to nearly double of that trade in value. It's somewhere between 1.5x - 2x depending on the vehicle.
    I'd advise trying to sell it privately before opting in to trade it in. Is there any reason why you couldn't sell the bike and then go car shopping the next day?

    Anyway, best of luck in whatever option you choose!
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  3. I say sell the bike and then go buy a car with the $ in your hand
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  4. I say, keep the bike and get finance to buy the car. As long as the repayments are manageable, I don't see why you can't have both. You can always sell the bike later and then put the money towards the car.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys I appreciate it, but that's really not what I'm asking. I've looked at all my options believe me.
    I'm really just asking if anyone else has done this, and if so how, did it go?
  6. Yes and you got answer refer post #2