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Tradie backed over my bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ~DadAgain~, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Got a nasty call from our front desk at work today:

    "errrr - got a gentleman in reception who says he's just knocked over your bike"

    Turns out he saw an 'empty' space and backed into it in his Hilux ute, only realising the problem when he hear the gut wrenching crunch.

    At least he 'fessed up and gave me all his insurance details - but I am kind of bummed.

    I took the bike to a dealership (as requested by my insurer) at lunchtime and they suggest that it'll *probably* be written off. There's extensive damage to front/left fairing and mirror, clutch lever snapped, gear changer screwed up so that it clicks down and stays down making it impossible to downshift multiple times without flicking the lever up a bit first and the whole thing just doesnt quite feel right any more.

    If it is written off then I guess all is well and good and I get to go bike shopping (I had well and truly outgrown the ZZR250 anyway). Its been a faithful steed, guided me nicely through the traffic for the last 18 months and seen my riding skills grow enormously.

    ...test rode a ZX-6 while the ZZR was being looked at.. YUMMY!\\:D/

    How long is my insurer going to take before I see a nice fat cheque? Who knows....
  2. Hey at least he fessed up...
    Sounds like upgrade time to me \\:D/
  3. +1. Fate possibly?
  4. Your insurer? you mean His insurer?
  5. Glad he did the right thing, bummer about your bike, but upgrades are a wonderful thing
  6. You are really very lucky. Would have probably been worth his while just to drive off. It's not like anybody would bother taking his rego in today's apathetic society.

    Having said that all that, I had a friend who's 250 was written off after he got the requisite experience on it, and he was extremely happy when he got the cheque from the insurer, ironic as it may be.

    Bike shopping is fun! Be sure to test ride as many bikes as possible - rarely do you have the chance to walk into a dealership and not have to make up a BS story in order to get handed the keys for something. ;)
  7. That's terribly unlucky.... but its nice to hear there are still a few honest people around.
  8. I wouldn't be too hard on the tradie in this case, anyone can make a mistake, no one was hurt and he did the right thing and came forward.

    That's about all you can ask of anyone and more than you'd get from most.
  9. No Dad Again can let his insurance company earn thier premium and do all the work to sort it out with the tradies insurance company.

    Less chance of being stuffed around if it's company to company argueing rather than your average Joe doing battle with them.
  10. I see, but obviously he doesnt have to pay the excess right, he just calls up and says this is what happened and it will all be sorted? Sorry, im an insurance noob, never had to make a claim yet so im not sure how these things work.
  11. In a similar situation I had to pay my excess up front if I wanted my repair started but I got it back in a refund from the insurance company or I could have waited (which would have delayed the repairs).

    If the other party had not paid up for whatever reason and I'd paid upfront then even though I'd been in the right I wouldn't have gotten it back.
  12. So lucky the dude 'fessed up.

    That's why I leave my bike in the middle at the front of car-parks.
  13. erk!! Those big ute thingys have a huge blind spot behind the tray and down low and when you're in a hurry it would be so easy to plough a bike (or a person :shock:) into the ground.

    Thankfully he was both honest and insured.

    Happy shopping :LOL:.
  14. As others have said, rather lucky it happened to be someone with some moral value (or fear of being caught doing a runner).
  15. Having backed over my bike in full view of our receptionist and a number of smokers - in a building hwere he's supposed to be working for the next couple of months on a big commercial renovation, it'd be a pretty bold move to do a runner!

    Still he's been very reasonable about everything so I have no complaints at this stage.

    I spoke to *my* insurer and verified that they will fix me up (after assessor has looked at a repair quote and seen the bike) and recover all costs from his insurer - and assuming their is no dispute over liability I will not be out of pocket at all nor have any 'black marks' on my insurance record.

    So now I wait....

    Wait for TeamMoto to get back to me with a big expensive quote for the damage they looked at yesterday.
    Wait for the assessor to come and look and verify whatever needs to be verified
    Wait (hopefully) for a big fat cheque.

    I'm now starting to think - I *love* the look of a plain black bike, but is riding a black bike wearing black boots, black draggins, a black jacket, black gloves etc etc just a little bit too silly? Should I get a mean green kwaka machine?
  16. A lot of insurers will ask you to "source" a bike and then pay the shop direct.
    This can be quicker.
  17. Wish someone would back over my bike.

    I need an upgrade.

  18. You could be riding in fluoro yellow textiles on a hot pink touring bike and people still wouldn't see you for the simple fact they don't look for that which can't harm them.

    Buy whatever you damn well want, practice defensive riding (you're invisible, remember), and if it still concerns you, buy a hi-vis over-jacket for the commuter runs.

    Personally, I think Kawasaki green is a bit more individualistic than black, which has become far more popular over the last decade, especially with cars. But each to their own.

    fekkinell, start parking behind Volvos. ;)

  19. Doubt they would do that for an older bike. only when its a new replacement.

    And to the nwebie with insurance, His insurance company would pay him out then recover costs from the duche who backed over his bike, or his insurance company. That way your payed out quicker, and they now deposit it right in to your bank account so it can happen within a day after they decide to pay you out.
  20. UPDATE:
    Quote received from repairers:
    "Cost of parts exceeds $4500"
    "TOTAL: $5495"
    "Uneconomical repair"

    For a bike at *best* valued at $4500 its pretty much a dead-cert to be a write-off!

    Next stop - insurance assesor......=D>