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Traded in the blade 1000 for a zx6r ninja

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sayonade2K, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Hi all, just put a deposit on a brand new 08 zx6r ninja. Trading in my cbr1000r. Had a brief ride and the smaller bike is just so chuckable. Getting my hands on it this Thursday and will post a brief review on it soon after. Just wondering if anyone already owns one and has any thoughts on it?

  2. hi sayonade. how u going.

    i own a 2007 zx6r. bought it brand new, i didnt really think u could find better value for money on the kawasakis. besides it fit me well and i was brought up on a 250, so it was a natural progression.

    ok. on the pro sides.

    1. i think it looks great, the headlights turn me on.
    2. it not a skinny bike, but its light and after 6 months or so, i have found that it feels like a toy, and like you said, very comfortable, "chuckable".
    3. for me, the power upgrade, well, it spanks the 250, more than enough. in straight line, i dont really see the benefit of being about to go much faster on a 1000, it just gets u into trouble more on the roads.
    4. very ridable bike, twistys, can lane split relatively easy and my riding position has adjusted, i can tolerate 5-6 hour cruises.

    ok...on the cons.

    1. my head steam bearings are fcuked atm. givin me death wobbles at 85kmph.
    2. little bolt holding the side faring, under the seat keeps coming out.
    3. the tank, is a little narrow, which is awesome when doing knee down and tight cornering, however, its a little tiresome locking your knees in and sitting back from the tank. the support of the 636 or a 1000 for good riding position on general straights/slight turns is just not there.
    4. im not sure if this is a generic thing with sports bikes, but sitting in the general upright positon, for general day riding, you cannot see the speedo. you have to sort of duck down to find out your exact speed.
    finally 5. its not that big of a problem, ive adjust but the clutch is a bit heavy. and i dont mean the actual clutch, i mean the lever, its just got a tense spring mechanism on it. ive adjusted it a lttle bit, but at the start its not unusual for me to stall, or come close. at high revs, its beautiful it snaps the gears in smoothly and at the right time, but low speed riding, u have to be be mindful to keep a smooth change in low gears, both up and down.

    in conclusion, if it werent for the headlights, which is purely asthetic, i would have gone for the 636. couple extra ponies and more comfortable solid riding position. but i could find one, so the zx6r it was.

    hope that helps. feel free to ask more.

  3. Congratz Sayonade. What colour did you get?

    Is there that much difference in the riding position of the 636 and 08 model?
  4. Hi papermate
    Just picked up the ninja today. And its sitting in my driveway lookin sexy as in pure black.

    My first thoughts:

    In terms of power, its got nothing like a 1000 which ive gotten used to with the blade, but the weight is just so much lighter, the extra power isnt needed. Ive been told if youre not gonna rev a 1 litre past 10000, theres no point having it and that was the case with the blade, on normal roads theres just no point unless either youre ghost rider, want a speeding fine, or wanna die.

    First of all, Im 175cm and weigh 65 kg's. The ride position is very upright and i agree with you on how hard it is to view the speed when normal city cruising.
    While talkin about the cluster, the gear info is pretty useless as its so small, id rather the gsxr gear info which is a nice big 1 or 2 or 3 etc etc.
    But hey, anything beats the dog ugly cluster of the dated blades one.

    Its only asthetic review for now, havent realli ridden it in, but will post again once ive given it the beans this weekend.
  5. WTF happened?
    did you lose a testicle?? or did you start hormone replacement therapy?

    kidding mate, where's the pics? :cool:
  6. Haha no, no hormone treatment or the like. I just really felt the 600 was a better bike as I'm a relatively smaller framed person.
    The blade was more of an in between bike as I got it cheap at peter stevens and didnt have a mode of transport at the time.
    Pics will be up tonight, they on my phone atm.
  7. A fresh pic. heehee


  8. Seks! Looks great :)
  9. dude - is that bike actually leaning up against the wall??? The mirror looks like it's pressing the render???
  10. Very sexy indeed! Gotta love black pegs! :cool:
  11. So how much are zx6's new usually? Looked on the site but didnt see anything...

    How much are they going for on run out sale?

    I'm leaning towards the CBR600rr. It weighs 15kg odd less but has 7hp less. But since I've been on a kwaka for a while now, I still like them..

    Reckon I would get either...
  12. better dropping it into a wall than all the way down :p

    but seriously, theres some contact there, it's definately touching....

  13. The 08 zx6 is a very nice bike.

    Congrats........let the good times roll :)
  14. I read a review that the reason for the 07/08 zx6r being the heaviest supersport is due to its exhaust. Apparently a full titanium system can shave 10kg's off :shock: Very worthwhile investment.
  15. Nah, not touching, i made sure of it. Was a 5 cent piece away from the wall.

    Got it new from the new kwaka/peter stevens dealer in city.
    $14k straight rideaway.
  16. interesting red forks
    never knew they come with that