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Traded in scooter, got 2004 Honda VTR250!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by hongyi77, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. Got my bike licence over the weekend and was planning to go bike shopping this saturday but I just CANNOT WAIT to get a motorbike! So I got it today (Tuesday :p)
    Riding the scooter to work just ain't the same. Also, I wanted to keep practising what I have learnt so that I would not have unlearnt what I picked up from the Qride course (which was superb as usual!).

    This one has got LED taillights and indicators, and a stainless after-market exhaust (sounds awesome =D>) It has done 18,000 kms. These are stock photos from the ad.


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  2. Lol if you were talking about riding this instead of the scooter in the other thread mate I apologize

    Nice lookin bike !
  3. nice i bet it is a lot more fun then a bloody scooter
  4. #4 hongyi77, Jul 18, 2012
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    More fun at speed for sure and once I get more used to the bike, the slower stuff will be better too ^o^

  5. Very nice bike, Im sure you will get used to riding it in next to no time.
  6. Very nice!
  7. Nice, congrats! how much would this set you back if you were to buy it?
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    It was listed as $4990 but plus on roads worked out to be $5200. I got the one year warranty because there is no statutory warranty on used bikes in Queensland. It is the same as a factory warranty, about $600 for one year, you can get up to 3 years at higher cost of course.

    You can get ones with a lot more ks (50 - 80 thousand) and older models still in the 3500 mark, so I reckon spend a bit more and get a reliable good second hand one. It is in good nick this one.

  9. Remus can? Public bath house?
  10. Nice bike. Congrats!
  11. good choice :)
  12. Much better option than the scooter. Well done!
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