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Trade-in Price

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hobo-jo, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. I've got a Suzuki SV650S (year 2000) blue, with 12000km's on the clock. I am looking at the possibility of trading it in over the next few weekends for another bike. Redbook trade-in guide says around $3000-3600 (seems very low), but seems traders are selling them around the $6000-8000 mark. Would a 100% markup seem fair.

    Any guesses as what I should get for the SV650 as a trade-in value? Considering it's very low kms and great condition? Would $4500 or so be unreasonable?

    Will it make it harder to haggle on new bike prices considering I am coming in with the trade-in?

    Will I get better trade-in dollars by going to a Suzuki dealer as opposed to any other dealer?

    Any help appreciated!
  2. Why not sell it privately??
  3. Depends on the bike you're buying and the margin in it. I'd imagine a Hayabusa has more mark up than say the 650 Strom that has high volume and is already very sharply priced.

    You need to check out as many dealers as you can. They wont give you a trade in price over the phone. So you need to get a best price no trade in and then price with trade in. Work out what you think your's is worth (rough guide, bike sales less 10%). If your's is how you say, then you might get a good trade in, but you should always get more via private sale. But the hard part is finding a buyer. Revken is selling his SV on this Forum, also from SA and has been for sale for a while, and looks an immaculate bike.

    I'm a fan of private sales, sold three bikes in nine months to people I know, so very lucky. The dealers have to make their money somehow, and also offer a warranty on many bikes, so there will be some mark up.

    Don't think there'd be much difference between dealers, as mentioned above, depends more on the bike you're buying.
  4. Please help us by telling us your location (WTF isn't that a mandatory field?)
  5. Dunno about fair, but it doesn't seem unlikely. Don't have direct bike experience but 100% markup on car trade-ins certainly isn't unknown.
  6. Depends also on what the dealer has in stock (you'll get sweet f.a. for yours if he's got 2 similar ones already that he can't sell). Don't worry about getting "best cash price" over the phone or any of that crap, it has no relation to what price you pay when trading in.

    Just ring all your local dealers, tell them what you got, what you want, and ask them if they're interested in doing a deal.

    If they say yes, say that you're going to spend a day visiting them all and whoever charges you the least to upgrade will win.
    Then just ride the bike to your pick of the shops, get a FIRM RIDE-AWAY CHANGEOVER price valid for 24 hours, and then go back and buy from whoever gives you good service and near-best or best price.
  7. Sell private and walk in with cash. You will then have some power.

    I agree. Has been suggested more than once. :roll:
  8. I've been looking at sv650 and sv650s prices alot lately so I can give you an idea..

    You can get an 2005 model under 15000kms with aftermarket pipe in awesome condition for 7500ish by buying privately. Thats what I'm going to be doing hopefully..

    A 2000 model with low kms, with a pipe? 5500 sounds about right for someone to buy from you privately.

    Dealers would try to sell it for 6500 (marked price), and would offer you around 4 for it.

    They're sweet bikes, I just wish they kept the old design and gave it FI.

    Good luck.
  9. No, should make it easier.
  10. Thanks for the tips guys, have updated my profile.

    Traded it in for a v-strom 650. I put $6k on top for the v-strom on road with the first service thrown in. So I guess that puts the trade in value I got at around $4-5k.
  11. Sounds like you got a good deal - have to be close to, or just over $5K trade in then.

    Congrats and enjoy
  12. Trade-in is $5k so you didnt get ripped.

    Show us what you got when you can. :)