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Trade In or Private Sale?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by B3NKobe, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Im going to be upgrading soon from my Kawasaki ZZR-250 to a Honda CBR 600, Suzuki GSXR 750 or Kawasaki Ninja 600. (Still yet to decide as I like them all haha)

    Just wondering am I better of trading in my ZZR towards my next bike at a dealership? or sell my bike private?

    Will the dealership give me a good trade-in if im purchasing a new bike?

    I brought my ZZR250 brand new in 2007 & iv done 25,000km.

    Cheers Ben
  2. how much you lookin at gettin?
  3. No. The dealership will try to make money on the new bike it sells you, and the one you are trading in. Furthermore, you can generally haggle harder with a dealer on the new bike if you aren't relying on them giving you a good price for the old bike.

    However, you have to consider the hassle of selling your ZZR-250 by yourself, and the fact that you may be waiting a while before you find a buyer, which will delay your purchase of the new bike if you are relying on the cash proceeds.

    Have a look on bikesales.com.au and guestimate what you can get for your bike, factoring in that most of the bikes on the second hand market will be bartered down $200-300. Then when you go to the dealer and start talking figures, you will know exactly how much they are pitching under the value of your old bike, and you can assess whether the difference is worth your effort.

    Good luck mate!
  4. when i was first looking for a bike, the honda dealer owner said they try to make $1500 on traded in bikes.

    id try go private, advertise it here etc... as said, it could take a while to sell privately.
  5. So really it comes down to how quickly I want a new bike,

    I can try sell it privatly on Bike Sales, Trading Post, etc and wait a while to try get a figure im willing to accept or trade it in and just get a little bit.

    I might try advertise it for a month or so and see how I go, and then if nothing just trade it in and get what I get.

    Iv looked at ZZR-250's on Bike Sales & a 2007 ZZR-250 with around 25,000km RWC & 5 months rego im looking around $4800 which isnt too bad considering its insured with AAMI at agreed market value of $7100.
  6. Pretty much agree with what's been posted above. The only reason to trade a bike into a dealer in convenience as you will generally get less money than trade in.

    I have sold my last 3 bikes privately instead of trading in for that reason but I have to tell you each time it's be a painful experience.

    Time wasters just wanting to look at the bike (but aren't looking to buy), people who say they'll buy and then don't, people who really mean to buy it (but can't get finance), people who want to inspect the bike only on the Saturday afternoon that you have something planned for (and then don't turn up).

    Then there's the whole test ride problem, do you let them? Refuse them? Both have problems, if you let them the bike is at risk. If you don't let them then lots of potential buyers will simply walk away and look for another bike.

    But normally you can get more money this way.
  7. sell i private... it may take longer, but there is nothing better than going into a dealer & paying CASH. :wink:
    you have more power :!:
  8. Spring for your Netrider membership and advertise it here. :wink:
    Plenty of NR bikes change hands. I have bought two.
  9. imo sell it privately. You won't get much at all for a 250 from a dealer.

    When I was buying, I probably looked at about 15 bikes before I bought one. So expect lots of people to look before you sell.

    Expect people to offer a grand less. Thats how you start negotiating.

    You will be selling mostly to people with limited/no experience. So its up to you whether you want to offer test rides. I'd probably not offer it to someone on restrictions, but they may well have a friend with them on their full license.
  10. selling your bike privately will generally get you alot more money because the dealer will try screw you both ways (your trade in and your new bike purchase) cause they obviously need to make profit...
  11. As said by all the above ... definitely sell privately! ... i'd only go trade-in if your lazy, in a rush, or have heaps of money to spare!

    SirSly (aka azure)
  12. Now, I'm not advocating insurance fraud, no way I would never do that, but maybe you need to have a little accident :wink:


    But seriously don't do that. :p