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Trade in or Fix up

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by donneie, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Im a newb poster but have been using you guys as an info database for ages now. Anyway heres the issue i have had a motorbike for 8 months now (VTR 250 2002) its being great, good pick up, fine bike overall i was happy, really happy it had 64,000 when i bought it.($3200) i got it serviced as it was noisey (valve clearances) also got a heap of other stuff done $800 overall and was told the timing chains needed changing soon (Pricey $1300 max quote, including guidance things), this is inline with other quotes i got. the fork seals are gone $150 i reckon and then today the chain came off the old motorbike heads in work reckon i need a new chain and possibly front sprocket. (i dont know $250) and to top it all rego is gone in Feb.

    To fix the bike will mean i have pumped $2400 (plus rego) into the bike since i got it. I was told timing chains would need to be done 3500 kms ago so its time to decide. Either I fix the bike or swop to another LAMS bike, i dont want another LAMS bike but i dont have a choice i have to trade in the VTR. If im swopping i want more power so its the cb400 i reckon, i hate the look of the gs500 and will test ride the sv650s at the weekend to try all options but the cb400 is the front runner right now.

    So the question is do i fix the vtr for $2000+ ride it till lams is up then sell for a 600cc hornet or buy the cb400 and ride it for a year and then trade again. i dont want to be changing bikes every few months like this as im aware ill lose money but i dont feel like i have an option. im at a loss & i generally make the most expensive choice in these situations so some sage advice would be very welcome
  2. theyre jacking you, take it elsewhere.
  3. Time for a meeting with Pete from E2W.
  4. Fix up the bike you've got if you are happy with it, it will be cheaper than getting another LAMS bike.
    If your mechanic is over charging you or you feel the price is high, take it somewhere else and get a quote.
  5. What sort of riding do you do? CB400 is a great allrounder and you might be happy to stick with it beyond your restrictions. I'm in no hurry to upgrade. I do a lot of commuting, a bit of riding in the hills and occasional touring. Sell the VTR. Buy a second hand CB400 and even if you do later upgrade I can't see you being much out of pocket.
  6. Ypu are going to get nothing on a trade for that. You might as well fix it, try a backyard mechanic as the jobs arent hard just labour intensive.
  7. sorry to be that guy, but *swapping
  8. Thanks guys this is good input "panza83" i have taken it to two guys one a backyard and one proper dude. the backyard quoted 800 but when i then asked him to stamp my book or give me a written list of what he did for me on a previous service (something for my files you know) he told me " when your selling the bike get the buyer to ring me and ill tell him what i did, thats the best solution!".... dodgy as f**k. so i got the hell away from him even though his work was good i have to say.

    Another proper mechanic shop said that chains and tracking things are whats the big money ( i checked that out he wasnt lying) and that you might get away with just doing the chains but you wont know untill you take the engine apart. He also mentioned that when you change stuff on a high km 250cc like mine the likelyhood is you will put more pressure on the older parts of the engine and your in danger of a top end problem and so forth down the line, he reccommended buying a new engine ( i would like to hear you opinions on that). So i was on ebay last night (drunk :) and there is an engine (here) with less miles on it for my vtr 45000kms for $550 max, so i could get a few more bits that "went missing" when it came out of peter stephans the last time & combine this with with the dials from the old bike and fit it all with a mate of mine thats a very good with bikes (havent wanted to use him to date hes a mate not my personal mechanic but a straight engine swop would be quicker i reckon).

    I dont know if the engine is any good or if its a good idea buying an engine unseen, these engines are pretty buttetproof i hear and the miles are lowish is there any questions i should ask this guy, or things i should do before i go ahead. Im leaning towards fixing it i reckon as much as it pains me to spend more money on it.

    I agree on the trade in point i will get 800-1000 (thats one quote i got lower again as the rego is out ) against a 2009 cb400 for $8000 but to be honest, would i sell it privately? i have a few work mates selling proper man bikes for months now and they arent even getting phone calls. I mean its the summer. I thought their phones would be hopping but they got two calls then nothing so they dropped the price and went again and they still havent sold. So they are all going to trade in & its the same for all four of them. I reckon its getting harder to sell bikes privately thats what im hearing anyway and this makes my want to trade cos if i do it up and cant sell it and have to trade he will still give me nothing for it.

    i travel 6000 kms a year since i moved before i moved it was double that its all cbd commuting i have been on one grand trip to the great ocean road and it was epic iam planning a trip to mansfield when i get the bike fixed up. i really like the cb400 its such a mean looking classic look especially in all black. what colours yours out of interest?...you selling it? :). i reckon i could easily live with it once off my Ls as i dont need or want crazy power just a good 0-100kms/hr would be great.... i really want your bike though, i just dont want to spend the money. how long have you had it and do you know how reselling them is?


    who is pete from e2w?

    long reply i know but i do appreciate the help and dont wana not reply to any of you guys. either way a decision will have to be made tomorrow night when the auction for the engine ends on ebay.
  9. Mate I've had my CB for a while now. Just done my 6000km service. I don't think you'll be disappointed with it. They are awesome all rounders. I hear when you say you dont wanna spend so much cash on another lams bike, but remember, if you don't spend the money on quality then You're always gonna be stuck with dodgy equipment. CB's are bullet proof, great looking little guns, and yes, they are expensive, but you get what you pay for. Quality is never cheap. Hope that helps.

    I reckon get rid of the old one. Too many headaches. Get a CB. You won't regret it
  10. Sorry mate, I should have given more info:

    E2W = http://www.everythingtwowheels.com.au/

    Pete is a very straight up guy, if you want an honest and reasonable quote as well as some honest feed back on the bike, go see him.

    I'm not saying you'll like what he says, but I am yet to hear bad feedback.

    Pretty much 100% on here will agree with me.
  11. haha mine's yellow, you may not be so interested. I do actually get a lot of comments about how good it looks, but they've all been from the ladies, LOL. Needless to say, my next bike will hopefully also be yellow, or some other chick magnet colour if I can work out what that is.

    Not for sale at this point. Quite happy to keep it until I definitely find something better. Thinking about Street triple and Ducati naked 848 and new smaller Brutale. All would have more hp but probably some other compromises - economy, insurance costs, pillion comfort, lack of ABS, lack of storage space, ride height, tank size etc. etc.

    Yeah they will do 180 if you want. Easy to ride. Perfect commuter.

    Not that many for sale second hand when I bought mine - I've had it a 18 months now. I think there's more to be found now but I'm guessing they are pretty popular and would be easy to sell. I bought for$7.5K and think I would get around $7K now @ 30 000km. Dealer hinted at a trade in price of $6K+ if I upgraded.