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Trade-in for a Yamaha Bolt?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Nug-Nugget, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    This might be a massive mistake but I'm pretty tempted by the Yamaha Bolt. I love my Street Triple but at the moment I don't really have the energy for it. It's only fun when you ride it fast and in the 5 months I've owned it I haven't been on one proper ride through twisties. It has only been used for the commute to work, up and down the motorway. I still have chicken strips... This feels like such a waste of this kind of bike. On the ride to work I'm usually half asleep and dealing with a lot of traffic, and on the ride home I'm too tired from my 12hr shift. It seems a lazier, more relaxed, torque oriented bike would suit me better.

    None of my friends own bikes so it looks more and more likely that I won't be going on many if any joy rides. Most of the time when I give the striple a hit it's because I know that's what it's built to do rather than because I feel like it. I rode my friend's HD 883 Iron and I loved it, apart from the brakes and the vibes. But I think what I liked most about it was you didn't have to thrash it to have fun on it.

    I will try to tee up a test ride on the Bolt soon. Does anyone here own one and made a similar move?
  2. Well, that is certainly a diametric change.
  3. Could always downgrade to the SV650, cheap as chips. I do own one though, so maybe don't listen to me..
  4. Hi mate . If you want to change it's your money but the obvious question is why aren't you riding the current bike anywhere other than to work ? Surely there must be people you can ride with in Sydney from the forum - that's half the point of it , Netrider : connecting riders !
    Just because your existing friends don't ride isn't any reason for you not to ride on your own is it ?
    I'm not having a go at you , just spit - balling some ideas .
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  5. Have to agree with GoldNine, but then again 12 hour shifts probably lead to riding time being out of sync with most of ours. Nevertheless, if you want to come down and give the triple a thrash around the Southern Highlands, I'd be happy to,ride with you..
  6. ^^ yes this is true but he can't be on his own in that regard either . I don't know how old OP is , whether he's married , kids etc to consider but I work 7 days a week , I've done graveyard shift work , done triple rotating shifts (eg week of nights , followed by day shift week followed by afternoon shift week then start over again) which I can categorically confirm really messes you up , so it can be done .
    But as I said not having a go at OP .
  7. Hey thanks for the offer hornet, and I appreciate forum members get together for rides. But you're right, being a shift worker I do work odd hours of the day and odd days of the week so it is a bit hard to make it for group rides. But it's more that I rarely get in the mood to ride like a hoon, maybe I'm getting old. Short shifting the striple just feels wrong and isn't very enjoyable.

    jezdawg, the SV650 doesn't really appeal to me sorry.
  8. Don't worry mate, I never thought you were having a go. I'm 30, not married but I may as well be. Even if I do make it to a group ride I think I'm getting to the stage where I want something lazy and comfortable so I can take in the sights rather than attack the corners. But in saying that I don't want a slouch either and do love having power when I need it. Yamaha's statement about the Bolt being perfect for unwinding after a hard days work really appealed to me. But I can be pretty indecisive about what I want which is why this might be a massive mistake...
  9. Well , in that case , only thing to do is try one . I can relate , I went through a period a while back where I felt that way too .
  10. Have a ride of one. The position will be different. You may love it, in which case follow your heart. Or you may think it sucks.
  11. Get something you *can* thrash and have fun. I've owned an APril;ia RS125, CBR125R and an '89 CBR250R - all good thrashable bikes even within the speed limit, the RS125 and CBR250R very much so!

    If you're thinking of the Bolt (a well designed and thought out bike) then definitely take one for a test ride.

    Cheers - boingk
  12. I like bolt though ...and if you feel like it why not give it a try.
  13. a bolt !--your nuts.
  14. My first bike was a cruiser, but after having a break for a few years my first bike back was a GS500. At first, the change was strange, not having forward/mid foot controls, being "over" the handlebars. But after a few weeks, I was sweet, and I enjoyed riding it.

    After several months though, I found it tiring to ride every day. My fitness isnt 100% and the GS500 is fairly upright, but after being tired from a days work, riding home made me more tired. So I traded it in and got the VT750S.

    I wouldn't call the VT750S a well designed bike at all, I've got a few gripes with it. The things that bother me the most is probably the,uncomfortable seat, the vibes in the bars and the shitty brakes. Although the GS500 was so much better designed than the VT750S, I don't feel as tired riding the cruiser. So overall, it was a win.

    I haven't ridden the Bolt or a Striple, but they both look like nice bikes. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the switch.
  15. I'll test ride one next week if I have time. There are issues you won't be able to see during a test ride though.

    You say you went through a period, does that mean you got over it and went back to more enthusiastic riding? I'm scared of making the wrong decision. I just got the Striple after dreaming of one for years. And it is a bloody awesome bike when you ride it right, but at the moment it just doesn't seem to suit what I use it for.

    Mate, there is no way I'd EVER go back to a 250 :LOL:
  16. Maybe you need two bikes? Something slower and steadier for your commute and general riding (perhaps the Bolt, or a secondhand medium/large metric cruiser or something a little offbeat like a Moto Guzzi or BMW boxer) and keep the Street Triple for special occasions.
  17. I wish I had the money and space for that.
  18. Yeah that's pretty much it . I used to run with a bunch of very quick guy's but the group dissolved about 5ish yrs ago for a variety of reasons and I ended up slowing down a fair bit . Wasn't going to get rid of the 9r but was seriously thinking of buying a cruiser for a while there . Then things got tight money - wise (car industry) so that idea went out the window . Last couple of months been amping my pace back up again and getting back into it , really re-focussing on my riding .
  19. I'm worried I'll get over this cruiser phase after I buy the bolt...
  20. As @middo said , you might love it or you might hate it - only one way to find out . uploadfromtaptalk1386675735604.
    From the Yamaha stand at the GP this year .