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Trade-in amount have you negotiated?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dryfter, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Hey all,
    I was wondering about trading in my current bike (approx 4.5 years old) on a new one.

    I wondered what sort of trade-in amounts people have managed to negotiate for their bikes, compared to the "recommended" amounts from redbook?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Trading in is always way less than redbook. They will give you as little as possible, it's not about being fair it's about making more cream when onselling.
    Sell it private. Be patient. Be more money for you and walk in with cash the you have the upper hand when negotiating a new bike.
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  3. Agree 100 percent with stookie. Take the price you have in mind and rebook and take one to one and a half k off and that's what they'll offer. Go private if you have the patience.
  4. Stookie is spot on, and if you want even a rough guess bike make/model/condition might be useful info to include.
  5. Redbook has private price guide as $9000-10700, but there are plenty of people trying to sell these for under $9000 on bikesales, and obviously not shifting them. Suspect they actually go for 7500-8000.

    Trade-in price guide is $6500-7700.

    So you're suggesting, what, best I could hope for is $5000? That'd sting.

    On the other hand, waiting for months and months in the hope of shifting a bike gets pretty annoying too..

    thanks for the advice though - I've always sold privately before, but am just wondering about the whole trade-in thing now. Sounds like it wouldn't be worthwhile though?
  6. what bike is it?
  7. 2007 Yamaha XJR1300
  8. Take it in and see what they offer.
    I sold my speed triple recently got offered $ 6200 trade but sold it for $10,000 with rwc. Took 2 months. For a$3800 gain.

    Bit of a crap time to sell just now.
    It's still crap weather.
    But if you don't get it advertised then you won't have people considering it.

    Somebody needs to specifically want your bike.
    It's not often a compromise.
  9. keep it, sell it for a realistic price..tell Peter Stevens there a BOC and to GFKD..there fkn rip off merchants !
  10. It depends upon how much of a hurry you are in, most bike shops offer trade in values that will seem very low compared to what you can get private sale for a bike but the advantage is they'll do it that day.

    If you're financing a bike then one option is simply to get a loan that allows you to make a lump sum payment, then you can have your new bike when you want it and sell your bike privately at your leisure.

    If your paying cash and have the entire amount then it's also simple.

    It's really only difficult when you've got cash for only the difference in value between the trade in and the new bike.

  11. Heh, the last bike I sold took about three months to shift, and in the end I sold it for the same amount I'd been offered as a trade-in! D'oh.
    (Except that time, I bought the other bike up-front and held onto the old one, thinking I'd get a better price privately.. but meant I was paying credit card interest on most of its value for three months. Ugh.)
  12. Tell us what you really think !
  13. OK, so I'm curious -apart from Peter Stevens, who else in Greater Melbourne sells new bikes and has a good range in store, and you'd recommend as not rip-off merchants? :)
  14. Some people dont like Peter Stevens, its your call really, idiots and twats are everywhere, god knows there are alot on here lol.

    Goto another store , shop around, but you limit your choice if they dont have the bike you want.
    Peter Stevens has the biggest range, generally the best prices in new bikes and if not they will budge.
    Loads of accessories and a huge workshop .
    Surely they must be doing something right......?

    The people that biatch about big companies, are they the people who do their grocery shop at the 7-eleven ? Lol

  15. Haven't been down to Melbourne for a while, but if i want a laugh Ill ask them for a trade in price, just sayin'

    Shop around, selling private will always get more, even thou more hassle
  16. I get a laugh from people commenting 3 years later....just sayin';-)
  17. my work here is done :wacky:
  18. Dealers look to make a profit on every bike : new and used. The offers of inflated trade in prices are a come on. Sell privately. You can drop prices substantially and still get more than selling to a dealer.
  19. When trading in a vehicle (any vehicle) I have never been concerned about what I get for the trade-in, what concerns me is how much I have to pay out of my hip pocket.
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  20. Rennsport is right. Research what other private sellers are asking and if in a hurry undercut their prices, people love a bargain and u will probably still get much more than trade in. Check a couple of dealers, it's free but be prepared to laugh and then you know what to aim for privately. It will only be slow if u r after max price privately. Then u can save on the new bike with cash.