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Tracy from Casino NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tracybrookes, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. recently back into road riding,45 yr old male riding 95 yzf600r,been trying to sign up to netrider for ages,has let me at last,just working out again how uncomfortable these older bikes were for touring.anyhow hi!

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  2. Hi and welcome to NR. We have just gone through a big site upgrade and are still working on the last of the niggly faults so sorry if you couldn't register. Takes a while to get bike fit again I find, if you have been off it for a while, so you may settle in to it on a longer tour.
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  3. thanks for the welcome,im loving road riding again and looking for blokes to ride with,sure they are about.
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  4. Welcome along and good luck with getting back out there.
    Went through Casino a couple of times last week while I was on a tour in those parts. Stopped for lunch beside the post office. Lovely part of the world and you have some great countryside around you.
    Did an interesting road between Kyogle and Murwillumbah!
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  5. there are good roads down south too,too many roads not enough time,yes ive ridden all the close roads now,i want to do the Oxley soon,but the planets must align first im afraid,home base is normally at Drake,so i have the Bruxner on my doorstep as well although its getting a little bumpy.gotta socialise more and find new friends that ride again.
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  6. Really enjoyed the run on the Oxley Highway.
    So much so that we did Walcha to Port Macquarie in the afternoon and then reversed that the folowing morning.
    Bloody lovely!

    We did Bruxner also later in the week. Ballina to Tenterfield
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  7. Fin Mental (and others), what is the road like between Casino to Murwillumbah via Kyogle?

    I'm looking to do a ride from Melbourne up to Coolangatta soon and the road looks really great on the map.
  8. Hey Krackers60Krackers60

    Casino to Kyogle is good road.
    Kyogle to Murwillumbah is a little interesting... twisty, narrow, country road... a bit rough in parts.
    An example of a bad patch...

    If you are tired or short on time, I wouldn't recommend.
    However, if you take it easy, I reckon you will enjoy the road and some lovely views.
    It's not a long section anyway from A to B... maybe hour and half.

    I got stuck behind a truck for a while so that certainly kept the pace down. Got free from him just coming in to Uki.
    Reckon if that happens to you, just have a stop at a lookout and take out your sandwiches.
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  9. welcome to NR from someone who knows your neck of the woods exceptionally well - grew up in Casino, spent holidays at Lennox Head - the roads all round are pretty good for riding. Enjoy

    goodness - just realised that this thread was started a while ago - the Casino bit got my attention - rather like shiny things:p
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  10. welcome aboard :]
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  11. Welcome to NR!
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  12. Welcome...
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  13. Fin, thanks very much for the quick and informative response. I won't be in a hurry, just looking to enjoy the ride on a different road.

    Being new here I'm still learning how to get around the site.

    Question in the wrong place - how do I tag someone to get their attention? Haven't been able to find out. Cheers.
  14. Krackers60Krackers60 you type in the @symbol and then the name of the person you which to tag - a drop down list will come up and you click on the person.
  15. Thank you Peony.
  16. You mean PeonyPeony
    He he
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