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Tractor help needed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Brian26146, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Are there any diesel tractor mechanics out there?

    I have a David Brown (67 model 880) that has sprung a fuel leak in the pump. The leak is at the stop lever. Looks like the shaft seal has gone. Probably because of the new fuel.

    Looks like the pump has to come out and have the seals renewed but because of its age it may be difficult.

    Can anyone help?
  2. The '67 David Brown diesels were manufactured under licence and are interchangable with models from a number of other manufacturers.

    There is an excellent FAQ here
  3. Yeah have been told that before but finding them is a prob.

    And yeah, hahahahahaha :LOL: with link. Already seen that. Unfortunately it doesn't help with the other tractor. :p
  4. Hey brian,
    its not a difficult job but it is fiddly an messy , if you dont like fuel dripping down to your elbows while your removing the old pump seals.
    but getting the pump off can be fun if nothing wants to play, the thing with tractors is, nothing is easy after 20odd years off farm work.

    if you get stuck pm me and when im back in melb in a few weeks and i'll see what i can do for yah,
    A: i am a diesel mech and
    B: I've worked on tractors for most of the past 18 years ( westernport tractors ) haven't picked up a hand tool to work on one for about 6 years though, but its like a bike ........ you never forget lol
  5. My god I love the internet !!!! I there anything it can't do ??

    PS just to keep on topic, brian I don't know anything about the David Brown, but will ask around for you. (My bro is a diesel guru.)
  6. And egiste is a farm boy computer nerd. :p :LOL:

    If you try to insult me back egiste, I already have an answer.
    http://www.canb.auug.org.au/~stmcdona/sounds/ripoff.wav :p :LOL:
  7. STFU Marty don't even think of replyin in this thread! :p :p :p :p
  8. No need to reply to the thread Massey boi, everyone is already thinking it
  9. Mate, you are a saviour.

    I am handy witht he spanner but this I canot deal with.

    I have the bonnet off and cleaned it all up. Just don't know what to do next. Not game to undo any nuts in case there is a spring inside or something. Injector pumps are a mystery to me, and I have a diesel car as well (Stupid)

    Where do I get seals for these things? Would CaseIH still stock them?

    I'll try Warragul on MOnday and ask.

    If you want to come down to have a go at it, I will not regard it as free. Just let me know when you have the time to spare.

  10. Are the 990 models later? Mine is '67 model 3 cylinder but I don't know what HP. Someone said about 35hp. It is the implematic model.

    They are very good machines though.

    Thanks. I had a look. Interesting stuff there. Will get VTRBob to look at it before I have a tinkle and stuff it up. :p
  11. Have a chat to Dale , maybe he'd lend you the harley to plough ya fields :grin: :grin:
  12. Shouldnt be any spring in behind the seal. See if you can get any numbers of the seal and contact the local brg supplier. Otherwise remove the seal and take it to them. Just remember one thing, if you arent sure dont do it, fuel pumps cost a fortune to repair!!
  13. As soon as the harley uses diesel I will. :LOL: :LOL:

    Yes Yes, I know, it smokes like it does now but that is not the issue. :p :p
  14. You're not wrong there.

    My HiAce pump shat all the seals when the new fuel started a few years ago and it cost me $1400+ to get it fixed. Needed inner and outer seals.

    This pump is an upright and the stop lever and throttle levers are on a box section on the side of the pump. I can see two nuts to undo but they have a wire seal on them. I can't see a gasket on the side so I am confused.

    Looks like I have to remove the stop and throttle levers, undo the two nuts and the side might come off. Trouble is what will I find?

    I think I'll go find a lion or tiger to wrestle to get up some courage first. :p
  15. take a pic of it and email it to me.. ill have a look otherwise let it be for vtr..
  16. Have sent them off to you. Had a prob is reason for the delay.

  17. Ha HA

    At Last I got game and pulled the side cover off the injector pump.

    Pulled the offending shaft out.

    Contacted a Warragul Injection Service. They have all the parts. Yippeee.

    Race down there. The bloke sells me the kit and even removes the offending O rings and replaces them. He inspects the shaft and says it is OK.

    Race home and refit all the parts.

    Bleed the injector pump. Hit starter key. Fire in the hole. The negine fires and run smooth. Beauty.

    Look at the pump. AAAAHHHHHH :mad: fuel pissing out everywhere past the main gasket. OK, Stop the engine.

    Loosen the two holding bolts and wiggle it all about and tighten the inside stud first, the the outer one. One last nip on the inner and SNAP :evil: :evil: goes the outer one. Stud sheared off flush with the nut. F^%&!!!!!! :evil:

    Back to Warragul. :cry: Two new studs and nuts. Bloke checks cover for flatnes. It had a slight warp not much.

    Tomorrow, refit the lot. This time with gasket cement. I'll fix the bastard!!!

    Now, anyone need work on their bikes? Ham fisted bugger with own spanners looking for work. Any interest?? :twisted:
  18. Have a chat to Rob Walker at Gippsland Fleet Maintenace in Morwell If I was at work I'd include a number but they are in the book and have cut their teeth on english and US diesels. PM me if you want the number.
  19. Ta mate, I think I know his place.

    Hopefully I will fix it. Am going to use locktit 515 on the gasket and let it cure abit. Should work OK then.

    ta again