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traction control - daunting story

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by abvc, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. The article was made on the 06. sounds like Rossi had been eyeing on Stoner since then :grin:

    VALENTINO ROSSI: (Seven time World Champion and now going for his sixth 500/MotoGP title in a row. Vale answered only the first question before being swept off to another TV engagement.)

    “I miss the 500 still. The electronics is so important now and this makes the rider less important. I would like that the rider controlled more the motorcycle but maybe with so powerful bikes now it would not be possible to ride these bikes without the electronics. For sure it is easier to ride them. When I came from 250 to 500 the power was so quick. I had to learn to control the 500 throttle and to slide. It was more fun, more exciting. I don’t know what can be done to give control back to the rider, but I see that the young rider from 250 now can go fast from the first races. In Qatar when Stoner begins to have tire trouble, I can catch and pass him, but only when the tires are sliding. With new tires and all the electronics I cannot catch him. These bikes are very fast and very good, but it is true that, compared to the 500, they are boring.â€

  2. Here Come the excuses.
    "Oh stoner isn't so good it's just the bike."

    Now Rossi can start writing his own exchuse book to go along side Giberrnous (sp) one.

    Shutup ya whinging little git, get on your bike and try to beat the Aussie!
  3. They still slide in the wet...where was valentino in the wet races?
  4. Like it or not, everything in Rossi's statement is probably true.

    Comparing the 06 4-strokes to the 500's is a bit pointless though, if the 500's were still around today they would arguably still use a lot of the currently emplpoyed electronic devices.

    Stoner is certainly good on the Duc, but it's the Bridgestones that have turned this season upside down for a lot of the riders.

    I wonder what Michelin can do next year...
  5. Tall poppy......? :?

    Its good to see another bloke up on the podium hogging it for a while...
  6. Stoner was again riding with Ducati's new fairing, first seen on Monday, but lowered his race pace by a further 0.326secs to break both the new 800cc and olds 990cc official lap records. The 21-year-old's nearest rival was again Rizla Suzuki's John Hopkins, second to Stoner in the grand prix, who lapped 0.476secs slower than his fellow Bridgestone rider on Tuesday.

    "I'm pretty happy," admitted Casey, now 60 points clear of
    Valentino Rossi with six rounds remaining. "Today we made a further step forward on bike set-up, similar to what we did in the post-race tests at Catalunya. I'm also happy with the new fairing because conditions were a bit windy this afternoon but I could still lap fast at a very good rhythm. I think these two days have been really positive for us."

    By contrast, Rossi was only eleventh fastest on day two, 1.4secs slower than Stoner, while the second factory Ducati of Loris Capirossi was one place behind on the day two timesheets.

    "Today we did a few laps [22], focusing on tyre tests and set-up tests," stated the Italian, desperate for at least one victory from his final six rides on a Ducati. "We also tried two Bridgestone 16 rears which aren't bad but need more work in order to be well balanced with the front, in order to be as competitive as the 16.5-inch rear. It has nevertheless been a positive day and now I look forward to racing at Misano next week."

    So is stoner just a passenger and Ducati making an even better bike ?
  7. True champions are magnanimous in victory, and gracious in defeat.
  8. yep. spot on Paul. How is Garfield?
  9. Garfield.

    He's fine, thanks Roger :) :LOL:.
  10. Good news. Technology be damned. We now have a lifetime international ban from cats
  11. personally these technology needs to go away, next we are gonna have engineers race/war instead of racers
  12. I dont read it as Rossi having a whinge, I think he's proven his champion status on many occasions.

    I think he doesn't want MotoGP heading down the same road as F1, where the driver is almost just ballast. It should be about the rider, not the technology poured into the bike to control it. Traction should be controlled by the right wrist only.
  13. Your living in a deluded magical fantasy land if you think the engineers wouldn't have applied traction/wheelie/launch control to the old 500 cc two strokes.

    The technology is now as important as good tires, a good rider, a good chassis or a good engine.

    Where do you strip the technology back to?

    No fuel injection? Back to flat sided carbs I say!!
    No radial tires? Cool, back to old-school cross ply tires.
    No radial mounted mono block calipers? Heave on the old drum shoes.
  14. well the topic is about traction control :LOL: certainly not FI vs carb, or radial vs flintstone's wood tyre

    however doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't open to other opinion
  15. You make an eloquent post Mr VTRElMarco...But the march on technology is greater with the 4 strokes than the 2 strokes, even if only for the ease with which FI can be applied to this engine configuration. The real danger is that two things happen.

    1. The biggest team with the best budget wins. Whilst this often holds true, when technology is stable, teams spend less on inventing gizmos and can work on other areas.

    2. The bikes become so predictable, so processional that overtaking becomes impossible and rare.

    It's a fine balance to draw between a level playing field and something so mind numbingly boring that only die hard fans watch it.

    For the life of me I simply cannot understand why F1 is so popular, there seems to be more newsprint about the politics of teams than actual racing. Even some of the F1 nuts were complaining about the weekends race.

    I envy not the rule makers, with a set of rules they can make or break an entire sport (and therefore fortunes).
  16. I know what you're saying Cejay, while I think F1 cars are magic from an engineering/technology perspetive, as a race car they are dead boring. They're so advanced that racing has gone out the window.

    Super GT (formerly JGTC) in Japan has a pretty good idea i reckon. Ban on all electronic driver aids like ABS, traction and stability control, and success ballast placed on cars based on race wins, qualifying and lap speed. This hasn't stopped technological advances in the field as they are probably the most advanced GT cars in the world.
  17. I'm waiting for the real F1 to come back, but I'm afraid it won't happen. If you leave them alone the cars end up unable to be driven close together and so the pole man wins. if you restrict them too much its the same as indy.

    The team with the most money doesn't always win, while they were around Ligier had the biggest budget in F1 and Toyota aren't short of a few quid either.

    As I'm only recently back on 2 wheels i don't know alot about the motogp case but I wonder if they've done the same to Rossi as they did to Schumacher ie that 2004 F1 rule banning Germans in Red Cars...
  18. There was talk about a zero drag rear wing for F1, it's a bizarre looking thing. Like the current wing with a big scoop out of the middle. Looking at the air pressure graphs

    If you have a look at the budgets, the results are pretty much in the same order as the budgets, here's an older example

    Team 2002 2001 2000
    Ferrari 302.4 284.4 239.6
    McLaren 287.8 274.6 224.8
    Renault 255.8 181.0 92.3
    Toyota 238.4 - -
    BAR 235.4 194.5 191.0
    Williams 230.0 193.0 143.1
    Jaguar 211.8 177.4 168.2
    Jordan 190.0 172.9 103.6
    Sauber 104.4 82.7 71.8
    Minardi 83.5 47.0 55.2
    Arrows 50.0 73.7 43.5
  19. I still maintain that if it is all the bike, and not stoner, where is his team mate?
  20. Of course it's Stoner, he is simply awesome. He and the bike and the tyres have gelled perfectly. But the racing, even for the minor positions has not been as good as we have seen it previously. As someone who loves Motogp for the racing, I am concerned that my Sunday night fix will become dull and boring.