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[Tracktalk/Spoiler] Gran Premio d´Italia Alice - Mugello

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by _joel_, May 30, 2008.

  1. Same as last time guys!
    we'll keep the track talk in here, so we dont ruin it for those who dont see the race etc. live.

    well, we have the red hot favorite (for mine) Rossi, talking turkey with yamaha, with all bets wagering that he will renew his contract. he is always a strong performer at mugello, and this is where his fan base is.
    However, will it rain? the main sites are suggesting hopkins may just be able to rise to the occasion if it is a wet track, with stunning times in free practice. In fact BOTH kwakas are showing good form in the wet, with westy even looking the goods. as much as i am a honda man, i would love to see team green nab a podium or three in 08.
    but i reckon that's where our boy on the spewzuki is more likely to show his prowess...though lets discount his first free practice times for now :LOL: .
    Things havent looked good for casey since jerez, really, and if his stats for the day so far are anything to go by, this weekend isnt going to help his shit-uphill-with-a-stick battle for the 08 championship. i guess i was too quick off the mark, earlier this year, with my comments that he was going to create another doohanesque era. now all we see is sulking in the pits with the helmet on, and the same excuses valentino used last season when he was just riding shit. (that was just for you loz ;) :LOL: )

    Now, all this talk so far and no mention of the HUGE steel-nutted spaniard, better known for his circus skills in practice, and placing firmly on the podium with busted up legs & shit. he currently sits 5ish seconds behind the pace, but we all know that on race day, this little bastard turns up to race. Podium, or crash-out for him, i reckon.

    but, if i had to put the house on it;

    1st - Rossi
    2nd - Lorenzo
    3rd - Pedrosa

    because as i said at the beginning of the season, pedrosa would go well with consistent 2nd & 3rds, rossi is appearing to be the real deal again this year, and how can anyone not include that talented, crazy young prick on the other fiat yamaha?!

    your thoughts?

    [edits] my bloody "L" and "P" keys are being d1ckheads, fixed what i could see :rofl:
  2. Anyone see Nakano's shunt on MotoGP.com?

    The bike bounces and flips about 4 times across the gravel trap before landing on top of the barrier and absolutely demolishing itself. :shock:

    Shinja gets up, covered head to toe in mud... :facepalm:
  3. Thanx joel. Hey, if Rossi re-signs with Yamaha, I win my bet with "factory". A bottle of Grange. Woo hoo.
  4. heh, i bet factory doesnt show his mug around here, if rossi sticks with the 'ha :LOL:

    so, the official forecast for Mugello is rain on saturday (like now) when QP is on, followed by an overcast - but bugger all chance of rain - day, for sunday.

    sounds like the perfect alibi for the Malboro Ducati camp, their tyre choice excuse is probably already top of the list for their non-performance.
    QP is about to get underway, and dont be shocked if Rossi places <5th for the start. The man (forgetting his faithful BFF Uccio) simply is dominating the field this year, and on bridgestones too. he passes like a true gentleman (unlike his monstrous-testicled team mate) and has no problems moving his way to the front in few laps. if you look at the placings to date, he is pretty much the only bridgestone rider to be at the pointy end, on race day, with these shoes on. 07 saw them being the shit, 08 sees michelin dominating the top 10 week in, week out. we can only use the ol' "bridgestones never do well at this track" so many times before we confess that rossi is finding another peak in his illustrious career. the only question that springs to my mind is, wotif he, too, was shod with the frog-rubber? the mind boggles.
    My bets havent changed, doesnt look like the kwakas will get benefit from the wet-weather advantage that FP1 demonstrated, nor will our boy on the Rizla Suzuki.

    Casey, Casey, Casey.....Stacey.
    Time to man up sunshine and show us that you werent a one-hit wonder.
    ferret-looking or not, we NEED an aussie up there, and you were the man to do it last year. stop plucking the hairs from your chest and ride that ducrappy like you stole it. the country is relying on you.

    Dani is the only horse in the field that may prove me wrong; consistency specialist. but being a honda boy, you would exect nothing less.

    Hurry up Mugello, if I get myself any more excited about this race, i'm going to need more than a box of kleenex.

    More after QP :cool:
  5. what the hell happened to westy???
    almost 3 sec of the pace, good to see stoner up there

    anyone notice rossi's helmet?
  6. the weather i tells ya!
    just finished watching qualifying, and it was fairly dry.

    yeah, i agree in principle, but he has to be able to plug away at that pace for more than one lap. I have my reservations, as he is in no way mentally race-fit IMO.

    In other news, honda, via Tadayuki Okada, is giving the spanking new pneumatic valve engine a run. these engine switches mid-season always end in tears. mark my words.
  7. How can you not?? :LOL:
  8. Why would I not? A bet's a bet.

    He'll be lucky to see the season out.
  9. heh, i got you!
  10. ????? Got me what?
  11. your attention :)
  12. If it happens, joel, you should be here for the cork pulling moment.
  13. ok here we go.
    Rossi will win!
  14. Hope so.
  15. that helmet cracks me up..classic.. :LOL:
  16. For some reason I think that's one Rossi helmet we won't see in stores. Just too weird... the sales volumes would be too low to make it worthwhile for AGV. :p

    I spotted his Mugello '07 love heart one in Peter Stevens last weekend. Now that was a special victory, and a great helmet.

    The '06 Mugello victory and helmet were awesome too, covered in drawings of 70's icons - Enzo Ferrari, Steve McQueen, Jim Morrison, and pretty girls. Never seen it in Aus, although I've seen it for sale on the Internet. If I could have any Rossi rep, it would be that one. :)
  17. How ghey is Greg Rust ! on the Ch10 telecast !
    Like how many times does he have to mention his boyfriend Brad Pitt is in the crowd !!!
  18. ROSSI 46
    hat trick.
  19. hard to knock rossi now, he will be hard to pass in the run for the championship. he rode a solid, professional ride.
    ducati seems to have ironed out a few problems, and we may well see casey up in the top 3 before long.
    Pedrosa, was as solid as ever. he will be the one to nudge rossi if they can magically integrate the pneumatic valve engine, all he needs is more to speed. though, i reckon he struggled with his tyres by the end of the race.

    i laughed my guts out when jorge crashed out! it's like i predicted it or something :LOL: he was making good ground and basically just f*cked up. a big yamahAHAHAHAHA! to him.

    vermeulen didnt excite, but toesland sure showed he is serious about this MotoGP stuff. keep your eyes on him.

    Melandri was doing ok too, until he was run off track. have malboro ducati found something that the alice team havent? interesting.

    how good was the 2fiddy's though?!?!
    someone should suggest to hector that going flat stick on the straight, is not the best place to attempt a rolling stoppie.
  20. Hector's incident in the 250's made me jump literally, that came from nowhere.
    I don't really believe he locked up the front wheel for nothing, something must have happened.